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>weather's shit until Tuesday
>can't go for a ride with a mate Tuesday because he has work

God damn it.

Toast helms

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I'm having a midlife crisis. Thinking about buying a motorcycle because I can't afford a "midlife crisis car."
Looking at a Honda Rebel, because:
- small
- light
- cheap
- "cafe racer" style that I like

Any reason I shouldn't?

Ninja "Motherfucking" 250.

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>going slow

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That's not much of a midlife crisis bike, it's about the most boring motorcycle you could buy desu

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I was going 40mph on a 35mph road.
The Ford F150 fucker was less than a car length behind me, swerved into the turn lane to overtake me, and violently cut me off. Then he just sped down the road at probably 65mph and ran a red light.

>next 2 days calling for rain
>decide to ride hard af today to make up for it
>back country farm roads zero cops except a rare sheriff once a blue moon
>carving up twisties
>hittin 120mph on the straights
>small 1 gas station town population 200 coming up
>drops from 55-40-30mph all within visual range (like football field size)
>just let the engine do the braking
>see sheriff sitting right at 30mpg sign
>still doing 45’ish
>cop just shakes his head, fires up the roof but doesn’t pull me over


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I just want to cruise, not go 150mph.
Basically I want the Miata of motorcycles.

They're slow as shit if it's a 250.

Low displacement cruisers are pointless desu.

Ninja 250 fits the bill.

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>the Chad truck driver vs the virgin motorcyclist

>cruising vehicle
What did he mean by this?

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New shadow pics tomorrow, visiting a few ghost towns is on the weekend agenda.

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This. It's not fast by any means, but it's not slow either, and it's literally a "liter supersport" when compared to a Honda Rebel.

Top down cruisin

Can /dbt/ comment on police versus bikers? Specifically Texas 5-0? Do they generally tolerate speeding as long as its not wreckless?

Like sometimes in 40mph zones I look down and I'm doing 50+ but its not like I'm racing through traffic, just 50mph on my own. Or I give it a little juice and I'm somehow at 80+ on a 60mph frontage road.

So, I just started work at Harley Davidson in the Parts section and I don’t shit about bike. Can anybody point me in the direction of what the fuck I actually need to learn?

Youre fine. You know the same as anyone else at harley

>I just want to cruise
>Basically I want the Miata of motorcycles.

I'm confused

Just look up in the catalog(s) the part the customers want, then look up to see if you have any of the parts in stock. If you don't have any in stock then order them in.

Simple as that.
You don't need bike knowledge to be working in the parts section.

Whew, that’s a relief, I worried I might actually have to learn something.

>condoning criminal behavior

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>hey dude I need that thing
>that thing there on brakes
>that snaps on the other thing
>it's probably silver or black
>I want that


>midlife crisis
I blew $10k on mine, what set you off?

personal blog entry below
>follow the how to adult gud path
>school, gf, career, wife, mortgage, etc
>8 years in wife decides to whore it up
>no kids so didn’t financially get cucked by the court
>pay off car loan
>buy bike
>more guns
>just dropped $4k on some white phosphor night vision that I’ll use for 5 mins stargazing probably and toss them in the closet

i didn’t realize how much money you actually waste on women with nothing to show for it. if it flies, floats or fucks it’s cheaper to rent

Ninja 250 look pretty beta and ugly while the vf500 looks pretty bad ass and alpha.

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No shit.

It's a 500cc V4, not a 250cc p-twin.
They're worlds apart that can't even compare.

I mean the ninja 250 looks like ass too but come on now
that looks bad ass and alpha?
what the fuck is wrong with you

Then don't get a fucking cruiser you tool bag

Looks wimpy compared to the 750 desu.

>I mean the ninja 250 looks like ass
Take that back, you son of a bitch.

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talking aesthetics
compared to ninja 250 its pretty bad ass and alpha.

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Both look like ass, puny, and weak compared to the 1000 desu

looks like fat weeb ass

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>talking aesthetics
Still though, they're just too far apart to be compared.

That's like comparing a Ducati 999's aesthetics to some shitty 50cc Chinese cruiser's looks.

It would look like 2x better without the flame decals and maybe a different "Ninja" font.

isn't it the same frame?

still looks better than shitty ninja 250/500

so? something that never existed, ok.

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it's just retarded how kawasaki calls every bike ninja
they are really dumb with their names
why don't they just rename themselves Ninja Motorcycles?
[spoiler]but still miles ahead of honda[/spoiler]

At least be fair...

Interceptor VTR250 > Ninja 250r

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Whats a good car for hauling bikes? It will be mostly dirt bikes. Need something fuel efficient and dont really care about having all the bells and whistles.

>why don't they just rename themselves Ninja Motorcycles?
That would be an interesting marketing move that might prove to be fruitful in the long run.
Could sort of be like Star Motorcycles.

what ever happened to vtranon?

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looks like a big toy
>inb4 thats what bikes are

He died from an erection that wouldn't go away.

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Sold my bike guys ..
Haven't bought a new bike yet.


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Like how Suzuki named their pigfat bike “Hayabusa” or peregrine falcon in burgertongue.

Or how Honda named the “bulldyke’s bike of choice” a Rebel.

>tfw we'll never get pastel 80's/90's paint jobs ever again

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he was pretty gay.

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One of these with a 502.

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Is the Grom the knew Ruckus? Everyone who rides one seems to be a dickhead. I didn't even know they existed until a gang of them popped up in my town. They wear skinny jeans and hang out in the Cyclegear parking lot.

>wife whoring it out

Curious how that happened. Secured life too boring for her?

Small displacement v-twins are pure sex.

If she breathes she's a thot.

I like that they are dumb. I don’t like smartass people. It’s why I ride a motorcycle.

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Thinking about getting either of these, never have owned a bike but I figured these would be good beginners. Anyone have any input?

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bigger = better

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ruckus is for stance fags.

The ruckus is a scooter not a motorcycle if you actually want to learn how to ride a bike.

one's a scooter and one's a bike
you're asking in a bike thread
what do you think we're gonna say?

Fuck those scooters.

Get a Ninja "T H E B E A S T" 250.

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Im getting my first bike sunday pretty excited. I wont be able to plate it because WA is gay but it should be wicked fun offroad

the main goal is to get out on two wheels instead of four and see how like it

The Ruckus has a tiny babby engine and would be useless anywhere outside of a dense urban area with a speed limit over 35.

>gets a job
>doesn't want to be the very best like no one ever was

If you are set on a cruiser I would spend a little more and look at an Indian Scout or HD Iron 883. They have more character than the Rebel and look nicer imo.

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I see our resident Polaris ahills have finally arrived

what bike?

Convince me why I should get a cruiser.

Ninja 250.

You shouldn't.

You'll get a beautiful girlfriend (male) when you ride one.

tl;dr version
her friend was going thru a “divorce” so they turned party girl mode and mine followed

after a few months of whoring it up the gf went back to her husband and the cuck took her back, mine tried the same and said see you in court

you don't care about performance, want to make unnecessary noise and love chrome

CRF 250L

Chad Z125, Virgin Grom

I literally can't


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You want to be comfy and like the style

red pill me on belt drives

Talk me out of buying a 2006 Ninja 250

>low displacement bike
you become the gf

Just get a 650ptwin

ok, i'll bite

first bike, you ask around and ask people what you should get, here's good advice:
go around the goddamn shops and see what bike you like, you fucking faggot

second bike, you're still not sure what you'd want as a second bike, so you ask around
see advice column 1 above

third bike or beyond: why the fuck are you asking

Low maintenance. More power loss to the rear wheel

Also silent. And gay.

bad for whoolies

80s ninja 250 aesthetics > 90s ninja 250 aesthetics

forgot pic

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Ktm xc-f450. Haha i probably shouldve said that in my post. It comes with basically a spare everything

Considering replacing my car with a bike because cheaper/easier parking and shit. Few questions though. Would it be a bad idea to park it on the street outside my house? How hard are bikes to steal that way? It's not a 'bad' area per se, but it's a busy road and there have been car thefts. If that is a bad idea, how hard would it be to get it out of my gate if I have a slight incline of a few metres? I'd rather not turn it on until I'm outside but not sure if that's possible.

How's the fuel economy? I could only see myself riding about 10-50km per week. What about insurance? Less than a car at least?

Is it a bad idea to ride 200km highway stretches on a bike? I could see myself being sucked under a truck or coming off because of a bump on my country's shitty roads.

Talk me out of cumming

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it means slow the fuck down or he'll pull you over next time

You'll feel like shit afterword

Buy a shitbike and you wont have to worry about it. Don't part your new ducati out front without wrapping it up and making it look like a piece of shit.

Works for me. I was going to go as cheap as possible provided it works and doesn't make me look like an asian soyboy.