Do you even /blackice/

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no I use cali scents bc im not a feg

mr & mrs is true patrician tier

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Reminds me of the cologne my alcoholic stepfather would use.
New car scent is nostalgic for me anyway

i use new car smell in my new car

fyi Black Ice smells a lot like Drakkar Noir with hints of Cool Water but smells exactly like Aspen


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Black Ice smells exactly like a nissan that got weed smoked in it

dragcar noir

>Not opening the whole thing at once

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sorry i dont wanna crash,if i did le freshness will make me hit a guardrail

>not having the a smelly asian hanging from your rear view mirror.
Its like you want to be a fag

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I stick a fully opened one in my trunk every two weeks. It's very goddamn fresh.

Get on my level nerd

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do you?

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Vanilla is master race

yes everyday

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>I stick a fully opened one in my ass every two weeks. It's very goddamn fresh.


mfw i wear drakkar

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