Keeping your car stocked

>keeping your car stocked

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Fuck you OP, I do what I want.

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>Not putting 20 inch wheels in your fridge
>Not turbocharging your cupboard

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What if I want a snack?
fuck you

>implying my car is not perfect stock

Can I get uhh mango?

Now, if you starve to death
You'll just have yourself to blame
So eat it. Just eat it

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>Modifying your car

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not modding your car but actually not modding it at all

dipping at your lives

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but the caliber was utter trash..

>thing everyone considers fine

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all that shit went to a food bank

>voiding your warranty

its 2018 and people WILLINGLY do this.

>having a warranty
shitbox life

yeah, back in 2004-2006, cars were significantly more reliable, and had a lot less flaws from the factory.
The era has passed. Good luck with that new car of yours. it'd be a shame if a wire came loose up in the dashboard somewhere.

My warranty ran out 3 years ago.

>Not keeping emergency carrots in the glove box for when you're out hooning and need a snack

buy modded car
>no low end torque thanks to airbox delete and replace with K&N filter
>body kit melting on the exhaust
>suspension is uncomfortable
>"I need attention because I was neglected as a child" exhaust

>tfw used car is stock except for tasteful exhaust mods
based feel