My neighbor recently passed away at the age of 85

My neighbor recently passed away at the age of 85.

He had several vehicles, one of which is a 1992 2 door GMC Yukon 350 / 4 speed. It has 48,000 original miles and is pretty spotless. A few minor imperfections but overall, really nice.

I talked to his son about buying it, and he got back to me today saying he'd let me have it for $11,000. And that he'd do all the fluids (trans, oil, coolant, brake, etc) and put on new tires and put in a new battery so it'd be ready to go. He works at a lube shop so he's able to do all that fairly cheap.

It's mostly original. The old guy used it as a weekend driver and has only ever done rear shocks (one was leaking apparently, just did both), an alternator and a/c compressor. All done in 2013.

I thought it sounded a bit high, but I looked on ebay completed listings and autotrader and it seems like worse condition ones are selling for more. I guess these are becoming somewhat collectable. Looks exactly like pic related.


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>26 Year old GM product

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This an old ass GM product, which means it's cheap.

okay honestly right now is a bad time to buy a car like that. every car is overvalued because of the bull market, and it shouldn't be too much longer until everyone tries to sell their cars for thousands cheaper

fuck no

if you want it, buy it. otherwise regret it. maybe barter with the son and get it down to 8 - 9k but youll do all the fluids etc. while pointing out its blemishes and flaws

8k and it's barely passable

I love two door full size SUVs espesially ones produced by GM, i myself have a 99' Tahoe, 350s are very strong in them as well. 11k does seem pricey though

smart son didn't let ya steal it.

But all things considerd if youre in the market for a brand new truck this is a great altenitive and if youre looking at a basic 2017 2door truck thats like a 40-50k budget

11k Hahaha
max 6000 MAX

He is asking for too much. Let it sit on the market for a month, and low ball him later. Have friend contact him with even shittier low balls. He will lower the price

Shave a zero off that price and you're all set.

Only you can know for yourself if its truly "worth it" to you.

But know this, it will be a cold day in hell before you ever find a similar specimen of this age and mileage. if what you said is true (48k original miles, bone stock, etc.) then this is a rare find.
if i had the available funds i would buy it for myself. of course i'd try to talk him down some, but just know, with this kind of low mileage, these are rare to find in original, un-fucked condition.

ignore these retards. GMC is the truck builder of the GM/Chevy family

This op.
$50k for a new SUV
or $10k for this, which, with only 48k miles, sounds like it is just broken in.

i'd try to talk him down some, but definitely grab it

OP here.

I just want a vehicle with the following:

>rust free body (live in Wisconsin so it's difficult to find)
>body on frame
>good parts aftermarket
>easy to fix
>somewhat sporty looking
>low miles

Seems like anything that fits this list starts at 10k.

Yeah, the 2 door is why I've been interested in it. They're more of a young guy truck and those old vortec 350s are bullet proof if you don't over rev them and keep the oil up. My father got 300,000 miles out of his.

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Hi OP's neighbor.

Hey OP. I live in Wisconsin too. Have you looked at Jeep Cherokees or preferably older Jeep Wranglers?

Also, I had been looking at trucks earlier and I saw tons of older ones for far less than $10k.

Based on this, sounds like its the perfect rig for you OP.
I would offer him $9k, but would be prepared to pay $10k.
If he didn't budge, i would still pay the $11k.

Do the previous owner and his son the honor of trying pay what he asks if you can. trying to jew people on shit is sleazy and low, especially if you have the money. and the value is there.

you will not find another Yukon of this age, mileage, condition for less without searching high and low across the country and getting lucky as balls

>GMC is the truck builder of the GM/Chevy family
What did he mean by this?

Goddamnit why do I have to love 2 door suvs

lol, i've never even set foot in the great state of cheese before

I've spent years shopping and searching for a rig just like this. they are damned near impossible to find in this age, condition, mileage, etc

op said the seller is doing all the fluids, new tires, battery. and it has a basically new alternator and AC pump in it. that's some money saved right there

I'd say fucking go for it OP

If you don't buy this, You *will" regret it for a long time.

$2000 at the absolute most, and that includes him sucking you off.

Finding an old XJ with an inline six would be neat but those are pretty hard to come by in decent shape.

I was also really leaning towards more of a full size truck with a V8 as I do some moving with a 20 foot trailer as a side job. It'd be nice to have something a bit heavier and with a bit more torque for it.

What in the ever loving FUCK is wrong with you people?




OP, my dad had a 1989 chevy 1500 with the same engine and trans, it was dead reliable and still sits in the drive way to this day.

But buddy, this is when they started putting plastic in everything, the plastic is deteriorated, the sterring wheel and column are some sticky mess. The steering column is loose.

The radio, wires, plastic tabs that hold it all together are very fragile. Disassemble anything and it will break. Radio picks up alternator whine due to degraded shielding.

Engine is dead reliable, but its stone age tier technology. 5.7 liters making 210 HP. Granted torque is over 300 ft/lbs but still, its ancient.

My 2000 explorer makes 215 HP out of 5.0 liters and thats pathetic.

Understand that while it is very low miles, that does not mean the last 26 years mean nothing. TWENTY SIX YEARS. Rubber gaskets, plastic parts, rubber tubes, all of that deteriorates. Fuel injectors get gummed up, parts in general will fail at any given time.

Case in point, my dad was driving his 1989 1500 and was merging onto the highway via a hard left turn ramp. The left front tire came off. The truck was kept mechanically perfect yet no one saw it coming. The part was 28 years old at the time, it just failed.

Buddy, the son that owns the truck now, "he knows what he got" and is trying to milk you since you are showing a real interest in it. Realistically, it will sell next day, but not in a million years fro $11k.

That is a $5000-6000 truck, provided he did all that work. You can only put so much lip stick on a pig.

Ha. Since you mention it his daughter has actually tried that in the past. No thanks though. She's 19 and I'm almost 24.

I'm just not comfortable with that.

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>She's 19 and I'm almost 24.
dude, there is nothing wrong with that

It's quasi-pedophilic, and it just feels gross.

That's not something I'd be ok with.

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This is assuming standard options and a 4 speed auto. Also assuming its MINT.

$5k is the absolute TOP. Trade in would be around $1500.

It really is beyond insulting that he would say "$11K" thats some boomer tier shit right there.

Complete idiot. $11k will get you a far better and much newer SUV. I got a 2007 liberty 4x4 with less than 90k miles in mint condition (save for a door that needs to be replaced) for $2100.

There is no diesel tax, there is no jeep wrangler tax here, $11k is absurd.

I would print out the KBB value black book value, carfax showing value and say "look, fair market value is $5k realistically and ill pay you that".

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Dude, are you serious? Also she has a really large instagram following. When she isn't here in Wisconsin, she's over visiting family in Russia.

How do you think people would judge me if they saw us together? I don't care to find out. It's wrong.

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Wow 5 year difference.

Fucking retard baka.

They do sell past that. Look at these two that sold this last week.

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Actual OP here. Please stop shitposting in my truck thread.

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>Also she has a really large instagram following.
Who gives a fuck
>When she isn't here in Wisconsin, she's over visiting family in Russia.
Again this doesn't fucking matter
>How do you think people would judge me if they saw us together?
Dude... what? How retarded can you be

hell my dad traded my old 99 tahoe for $1500 and a years worth of lawn maintenance, had 200k miles on it though

Dude i got sucked of by a 16 year old hot chick when i was 21, there are no problems with that!

Yeah whatever. If you want to abuse your positions of power by disrespecting young girls then that's on you.

If there's one thing I've learned, it's to never take advice from Veeky Forums. There are too many edgy idiots here.

I'm done for the day. You guys have really managed to ruin my weekend and piss me off.

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Yea it's the opposite with me , I'm married to someone that's 10 years older and gay. And yet no one gives a fuck. Amazing

>younger the better (18+ of course)
>(18+ of course)

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I see a lot of 4 doors with those miles for that price range. They're usually basket cases though.

Yeah, everything has a fair bit of age. But I'm surprised, the truck has been parked 3 months now and now a single drop underneath it. He let me go through, drive it around the block and not a single rattle. I ran through all the electronics and absolutely everything worked. I suspect I'll find a couple things wrong as I started driving it, but it seems to have held up really well. Even the dreaded plastic radiator doesn't leak.

Before you drop 5 figures on that thing, you need to be dead sure this is what you want.

As the miles go up, the value will drop drastically.

KBB does not reflect all market variables like "collectability" or "desirability" or in this case, somewhat rare in this condition/mileage

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OP, if it was "garage kept" most of its life. the deterioration of things like rubber/plastic etc., is significantly reduced

How is there any collectability on this?

Its an old late 80's early 90's SUV.

Literally nothing special. Reliable, sure but its not like its a classic car.

>Honda driver
Damn is he a Trap though?
Because then it's not gay, you know right?

Wrong, rubber seals in the engine and elsewhere in the drive train will deteriorate all the same.

No way its sitting in a garage right now.

I think most of the collect-ability comes from the fact that 2 door SUVs don't really exist anymore. Paired with the fact there are few body on frame, V8 options that aren't full size trucks.

It's been garage kept it's whole life. My neighbor has a 4 1/2 car garage in his backyard. He has a 1956 t-bird, 1985 Cutlass and 1976 Le Mans in there as well. He had a rusty 2005 Silverado he used as a daily out front.

It's also a two owner truck. According to the paperwork he left behind, he bought it from another guy in 1995 and had 6,800 miles.

>30 year old pile of rust with a Toyota badge

>Being this mad

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To be fair, clean 2 door low mile Yukons and blazers do cost north of 10k.

I would say offer 9k

>How is there any collectability on this?
it is a certain kind of vehicle. and they don't make them any more.
that's it.

people like different types of cars.
there are large car collector clubs made up of people that buy and restore 60s, 70s & 80s stations wagons to keep and use as daily drivers.
this is how these things are sought after and bought up where the are in this kind of condition.
just because you personally don't like it or understand it, doesn't mean there aren't thousands of people who would happily pay $10k for it

>How is there any collectability on this?

fuck why was there ever any "collectability" on something as useless as Beanie Babies??

shit use your brain for once

>a legal-age adult
>in any way pedophilic
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OP here. Just made a deal.

Agreed to $10,000 and he's going to do all the fluids, a new battery and give me some extra parts that were in the back of it; a set of Ceramic brake pads, 2nd set of floor mats and an aftermarket Pioneer stereo and mounting plate.

He's going to take it to his work on Monday and have it set up for me and I'll pay him and get the truck in the evening. I hope I don't regret this.

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I am a fan of the platform, top but man, I would be hard pressed to pay more than 6-8k assuming when he said 4 speed it is a manual (even though I know it's a 700r4) and a 4wd

God damn son that boy just made $10k for less than $500 worth of work.

Course he bent over backwards for you.

Anyway, enjoy it and if it were me, id at least put on some performance exhaust headers and exhaust. Hopefully that would free up some power.

Gg I laughed audibly

>flashbacks of cheap plastic everything snapping
>flashbacks of electrical problems

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Exactly, that thing better be fucking show car quality to warrant 10 fucking thousand.

He's throwing in $1500 worth of stuff on top of the vehicle;

>cooper tires $750
>red top battery $200
>all fluids $350 (materials and shop rate, could do it myself for $150)
>pads $50
>3 floor mats $50
>new in box pioneer radio $150

And he's selling one of the vehicles his family inherited and splitting the funds several ways across his brothers and sisters.

I'm thinking I may do headers and dual exhaust in the future. I don't know. Kind of neat having it bone stock.

It's a lot of money for an old truck but it should have a ton of life left in it for the value.

I think these are starting to appreciate, if you keep it in good shape you may be able to sell it down the road for nearly as much as you paid

>He works at a lube shop so he's able to do all that fairly cheap.
Those great, reliable, non-scamming lube shops? Where Jerry McJob fresh outta high school is changing your oil and stripping your drain plug? He could tell you alot and do half of it. Take it off his hands for a much lower amount as-is. And remembers its a fuckin GM. That build quality hasn't had a chance to see high miles and age itself out in the form of rattles and pieces falling off. Its not worth 11k, imo.

Depending on your area, older vehicles are sometimes harder to insure. In fact my rates for my early 90s nip shitboxes have gone up, because the claim is that they are unsafe compared to newer cars of today. They aren't new car pricey, but my insurance cept up a tiny bit because of their age.

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>$11k for a 92 Yukon
That guy is retarded. Even with 48k miles, that thing is worth about five to seven grand at best.

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