First Stage

Be honest, Veeky Forums. How many of you were inspired by this series to get into cars? What are your thoughts about the series as a whole? Are there actual street racers here even though it's """illegal"""?

I'm almost done First Stage and it makes me feel like I missed out on the whole scene altogether. The comradery, the breadth of knowledge that's shared between racers.. It looks really fun and I'm kind of jealous that you guys can experience this daily. While I never got the fascination with drifting or going fast, mainly because I haven't been in a car with a capable driver who can actually perform these moves, it does make me want to watch a street race before I die.

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Where are you? Go to some local car meets and talk to people. You'll always find lots of vapebois and rivers, but there's lots of cool people too usually. Also, it's 2018. I'm sure you can find out what people's favourite driving roads are in your city. Where I live there's a mountain that people attack every night in the summer. No wheel to wheel racing really, just trying to go as fast as you can.

Initial d is a romanticized version of street racing.
The reality of it isn't so glamorous.
Still fun though, you just have to be careful who you associate with and you have to know the route and if/when the police is around.

Don't be a retarded weeb. Get into real cars and people and don't romanticize some old ass cartoon.

That sounds awesome. Nowhere near mountains or anything cool like that. Closest thing is a stock car track and a drag racing strip. I guess I'll have to wait considering winter is in full effect where I live and the only cars that I see sliding around are blue WRXs and STIs
Although this asian guy that I work with has a BMW M3 with moonrunes on both doors.. Guess I'll ask him about my local racing scene.

What's not glamorous about racing? Reading up about the nip racing scene in particular made it look like it was a hell of a time, user. What's the racing scene like where you live?

Go ahead and talk to him. Find other car people and at the very least you'll have like minded people to talk with. And you'd be surprised, sometimes weird roads exist in weird places. Check google maps, drive around at night. You might find some fun. Near my house there's was a set of like two random turns and a hill with a radar speed sensor that would tell you to slow down. Me and my buds would make a game of who could carry the most speed over the hill.

What's glamorous about driving cheap shitboxes on a mountain? Nothing.

Like everyone said it's definitely romanticized, but it's still super fun.
It did kind of bother me that Takumi never changes his tires.

Take a driving class at the closest road course/racetrack, they will put you behind the wheel of something basic but capable with a driving instructor riding shotgun giving tips and instruction on how to drive fast. It's a ton of fun, and makes you a better driver.

Most street racing is cancer, lots of terrible driving and police. Crashes too.

Go to a big automotive event like Hot Import Nights to experience that "parking lot meet" feel and conversation, without the police up your ass.

I definitely will go have a talk with him. He looks like a racer but maybe he just likes stickers. I'll find out. You're also lucky to have had that so close to home, sure does sound like fun.
I'll make sure to do that come spring/summer. Unfortunate news about current street racing being cancer though. I wonder why? The closest HIN event to me is in Toronto, so maybe I'll run into some Veeky Forumstists there?
>still can't believe some people here cum on slaps... wew

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Street racing has ALWAYS been a colossal cancer on car culture.

Can you elaborate as to why?

It's illegal. Just paints car guys as criminals. Makes laws harder for everyone into cars, the racing itself brings out criminal activity. Street racing is fag shit.

>t. 55yo Porsche elitist

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That is probably the most retarded insult ever.
>You have more money and taste than me haha
Nice classic ricer though.

I'm glad this is a thing

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I was inspired to get into initial d by getting an AE86 first. First stage was pretty fun, but it got formulaic later. Never finished the series.

I was into cars way before I had heard of Initial D. I’ve been into cars since I was 3 or 4 years old, most likely because my mom was always driving cool cars like IROC Z Camaros, RX7’s, 280ZX turbos and CRX’s. Anyway, Initial D was a fun, stupid cartoon in the first two seasons, and it definitely inspired me to look for a 4AGE powered FX16 (I already had a 4AC powered FX), and I wasn’t disappointed after I swapped the auto for a manual. Plus, the mountain driving in the show inspired me to start doing mountain driving back when I lived in SoCal.

Me and my friends will rewatch season 2 and 2 for old times sake every now and then

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>>You have more money and taste than me haha
Nice way to formulate "you're an old jaded fuck who didn't get to enjoy cars at the best time so now you harbor a superiority complex".

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Initial D got me into cars. I'd like an AE86 but getting them in my country is difficult and DD'ing it as far as I drive with salty roads isn't gonna last long.
I dont street race (obviously since even german family sedans and hatches here would wreck me). But driving bretty fast over mountain passes when the traffic is low and conditions are good is amazing.

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The only time street racing was cool was if you were a nip in the 80s and 90s. Street racing in the U.S. is never and will never be this cool. Cops in Japan turned a blind eye to the racers so long as they stayed away from normal traffic, there are no cops in the states that cool. It's an entirely different culture.

If you want to see what the nip togue scene is like now look up DriftHunterAlbo on youtube.

>it's only cool if it's in Japan
I'm not even American but you're a fucking faggot.

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Where I live is nothing like initial d, you just drive around in the mountains til you find somebody or somebody finds you and everybody is able to tell due to mods they can get an idea if you're gonna be down and they usually ride your ass and flash their brights and then you honk three times and it's pretty much on until you leave the mountains. Have had a few people pullover to gas stations and talk/make friends or some even follow me to my garage but it's pretty chill, not a big scene just some racer's out there lookin for fun. City over is cancer tho. Bunch of losers who fetishize jdm cars and if you own anything thats not jdm ur gay. So I stay in my area and avoid those fags. Raced there once and destroyed a boosted rsx and the dude wanted to fight.

So people with money can't enjoy cars. Only poor people who do bottom tier fag shit.


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Getting into cars inspired me to watch ID. First car was a 240sx back in 2001. In those days you had to be a super-weeb to know about dagumi and dorifuto, still have my Hong Kong bootleg DVDs of seasons 1&2.

I ended up later living in Japan for a little while, and all of my cars since have continued to be small, fun and able to haul shit (more s13s, a focus, gc8 2door, a fiesta St), and my commute to and from work always has at least one twisty section of road. I do it for the daily pleasure though, no Street racing.

>strawmanning this hard
You can enjoy them, but claiming everyone different than you to be "cancer" tells a lot more about you than about them.

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Street racing is a cancer to actual car guys. Guess you teeny boppers like it since you get btfo at the track.

I liked cars for 20 years before I got around to watching Initial D. It's okay.

Do you actually own an expensive track car or are you just another LARPer? Now that I think about it no one who was into cars enough to have a track car ever badmouthed street racing IRL. What's your track car?

Never said I owned one, that was this retard Street racing is retard tier racing for mongoloids, my point stands no matter what I drive.

>the racing itself brings out criminal activity
I don't think the racing itself should be the illegal activity (especially when it's a well coordinated event with safety being a top priority, regardless of location) but I do agree that crime and racing *seem* to be synonymous, given the historical fact that without the prohibition of alcohol NASCAR wouldn't be a thing like it is today

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Your point doesn't stand anyhow. Do you own at least own a car? Just like there's no point in trying to explain the beauty of cars to a convinced car hater, there's no point in me arguing if you're a busrider LARPer.

Street racing has nothing to do with the beauty of cars. Man you are pretentious all because you watched a cartoon. yes I have a car.

>retards keeps arguing dumb shit
>ask him what car he drives
Well I feel somehow dumb for not thinking of it earlier.

Shitposter confirmed. Stay on /a/ since you only have experience with cartoons.

You're a faggot who doesn't go to track and refuses to tell what car you drive for some reason. And how convenient for you retard to strawman "not being an uppity bitch about street racing has to be about cartoons". In my city there are tons of street races at night, on top of numerous official racing events, everything doesn't have to be about Initial D just because you're a retarded weeb.

Projection: The post.

Also your retarded "you give us a bad name" mindset is downright pathetic. Like in every other regulated activity you're part of the cancer who look for culprits among their own ranks instead of just acknowledging the actual causes.

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No arguments: the post.
You chose to project me as some Initial D maniac whose idea of street racing was entirely based on it. You got proved wrong, so you cry at me for projecting? Fuck off.

You haven't proved anything, expect that you got a hard on for street racing. I will continue to make fun of your scat fetish that ruins the reputation of car guys and actively makes it harder for us.

>You haven't proved anything, expect that you got a hard on for street racing independently of Initial D
>you haven't proved anything, except you have

No you really haven't lol. Street racers a retarded.

>I will continue to make fun of your scat fetish
>poop xD
You can keep embarrassing yourself and acting all salty.
>that ruins the reputation of car guys and actively makes it harder for us.
>the reputation of car guys
>us car guys amirite
Keep going.

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It's k, you don't like cars and don't care. People who do don't like you cancerous fucks.

Keep hiding behind imaginary group hiveminds. Also here's the return of the "you're not enthusiasts because I said so!" snowflake.

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K, you're still cancer. Nice projection tho, you don't even think your're an enthusiast and I agree with you.

>K, you're still cancer.
It's almost funny how you're unable to bring in any argument and hide behind "waahh you're cancer becuzi said so"
>you don't even think your're an enthusiast and I agree with you.
No you don't get to decide snowflake. I'm an enthusiast and probably have liked cars for way longer than you.

You are cancer no matter how much you don't want to be labeled as such. Been said multiple times why but you're braindead and can't read. Usually only Australians are this dumb, damn y'all starting early in the morning now.

Your butthurt and retardation don't make up for arguments. New laws still appear, mainly to reduce either mortality, pollution or traffic. Banning more and more cars from city centers, reducing highway speed limits, tightening smog laws etc. Go ahead and claim these are all because the big mean racers you little faggot.

>Your butthurt and retardation
>proceeds to sperg out

Sure. that applies to me lol. Bunch of irrelevant shit you brought up too. Hopefully they ban all cars from the road that aren't automated.

>Hopefully they ban all cars from the road that aren't automated.
Gotcha. In the end you actually were a sad little troll who wanted someone to bite. What an enthusiast you are.

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Who cares about driving on the road other than retarded street racers that murder people all the itme? Take it to the track kiddo.

Not a troll just because you don't like it.

>Who cares about driving on the road
Surely not busriders like you.

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Nice projection. Go hit a tree and die before you actually kill someone worth a shit.

I have been into cars for as long as I can remember, but I only watched Initial D fully in 2013/2014. I knew of it's existence before that though but had never bothered to watch it.

>i swear you're projecting and I totally own a car!
>disregard i'm wishing all normal cars would be banned

Sorry I'm not some pathetic street racer, I don't care about the street.

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Go ahead and post you track beast then.

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>you don't street race so you must have a race car


>I don't care about the street
>Who cares about driving on the road
>Hopefully they ban all cars from the road that aren't automated
You don't get to rant so much about "muh track" if you don't actually go to the track.

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>You need a race car to go on the track

I could've took my old moped to the local track if I wanted. Methinks I was right on my assumption that you don't know much.

>>You need a race car to go on the track
No, but you need a car that can pass inspections at the track. Which I doubt you own your retarded rants. Your "track beast" doesn't have to be particularly fast, but it needs to exist.

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this dude who refuses to post his car sure is autistic

Read MFGhost.

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It's like you just keep enforcing the fact that you're just a retarded kid. I don't think you've ever been to a track if you're even old enough to drive.

In stage one taking would even know what a screwdriver is.

How convenient for you to use a pic I used as an example of a slow track car to double down on the deflection, isn't it? Incredible how a single question leaves you devastated.

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Amazing how you can rant this long and make 0 points but act retarded over everything. lol you are a fail

When you'll own a car you'll understand. Now I'll stop giving you these replies you seem to crave, I already gave you too much attention after which was already the checkmate.

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Can you have any real arguments? Nope, just LOL EPIC BUSRIDER MEME. lol poor kid. Follow your own advice.

I was into cars before I even found Initial D, then again I'm also 30.
When I did start watching initial D I already had a white 91 FC so I was fucking hyped.

>1/4 mile is higher skill than driving a windy road.
Literally not true.

Nice! Do you still have it? post pics, user! If anything, First Stage has made me appreciate cars and driving technique more than ever. I just looked at cars in a very simplistic way before the show. It also makes me want to get a """fast""" car (not necessarily one from the series but something not too cheap either like I usually buy). Embarrassing, I know but the show (while very cheesy and dated) had a way of explaining driving in a way that I've never thought possible.. What kind of books would I search for if I wanted to know more about vehicles? driving techniques? does anybody ITT have recommendations?
>I may even look into local auto tech classes just so I can really understand what the fuck is happening underneath the hood
>A guy I know works at an auto body shop and he makes a killing so it's worth a try, no?
I just finished the series today despite hearing about it years ago. Figured 'why not', downloaded FS, and I was hooked.

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lol don't lie only degenerates actually street race in america. everyone else takes it to the track.

the slow pace of manga is frustrating

I sold it 13 years ago, Any pics I had of it were on my razor v3 which I also haven't had in about that long.

Was just a bone stock GXL 2+2.

Was it a fun ride at least? Pictures seem to make it look so.
>although it's somewhat hard to find a stock one

Yeah it was pretty fun, handling was decent for the age of the car and they do get sideways pretty easily. Although in terms of overall handling I prefer my rx8 over my old FC.