Coupe is best

Putting brand preference aside - we can all agree the 2 door coupe is objectively the best type of car.
>inb4 “muh practicality”

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Muh practicality, not even joking.

i agree but autistas will tell you that 35 year old wagons with velour seats are better

5 door ESTATE is masterrace. Coupe is for show offs. Real men drive wagons

that thing looks like a miata

>2doors coupe/hatchback/sportsback/... for looks
>wagon for practicality
>vans for work
I honestly thing this makes the most sense.

I like how big cars ride. Just like a bigger plane or ship, it's a smoother ride. Will take a long wheelbase sedan, wagon, or SUV over a long coupe any day.

My current car is a 68 cougar, which is a coupe but has a stretched platform compared to Mustang, and rides a little better. But I'm probably going to get a crown Vic soon.


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It does tho. Rearend looks like then targamiata, especially the Chinese eye tailights


Yes, they both have red taillights

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It is known

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It's not enough to just be a 2 door, it has to be a 2 seater. A 2 door with 4 seats is garbage. The driver should be as close to the rear axle as possible.

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What are you even going to do with a coupe. Drive around wasting gas like a faggot, thinking Betty bBmbo is gonna give a shit about how fast you THINK your car is.

Guess what nigger. Betty Bimbo doesn't give a shit about your fart can exhaust. She thinks your ricer is unsafe and she doesn't like riding low to the ground. She hates your car, and she hates you. That's why when she ignores your texts she is busy sucking Chad's cock.

Chad of course, drives a truck,which projects masculinity, protection, and comfort.

>*acts like he doesn't see the resemblance*

All the lines are the same, the tailights are marginally different but overall more similar than not.

This guy gets it

>But much insurance

Fuck the poor

The F Type predates the targa Miata

>caring about what you drive

lol, to them it doesn't matter what you drive, as long as it represents status.

you fuckin idiot

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>Not realizing women prefer a higher seating position because it makes then feels safer
>Not realizing an increase of women in the workforce and increase of women managing finances is directly responsible for the proliferation of SUVs and crossovers.
>Not realizing women cheat on high status men with men who excite them and nourish them emotionally.

Keep beating off nigger.

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Yes two door coupes are objectively the best type of sports car.

God damn when BMW feels like it they sure can make beautiful cars.

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*they sure could

Case in point, even 4 door sedans and some SUVs (primarily arabmobiles) are being turned into wannabe coupes

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That thing is obscenely ugly and a complete nerd car with ZERO pussy-control. It is probably the DUMBEST car you can buy if you have a lot of money to spend.

You call yourself a driver, yet your car has 2 extra doors on it? Let me guess the kids are at soccer practice? Hahahaha

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pic not related

They are impractical

>get coupe with four seats, pic related
>drive like a maniac
>friends never ask me to drive them around
feels good man

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Seriously though, why should I not get a convertible if I have something for the winter?

This debate has been raging in my head for the last couple weeks as I'm thinking about getting a convertible. I can't think of a bad reason to keep one for the summer and one for the winter, other than people always going, "don't get a convertible," but never saying why.

Please someone talk me out of the convertible. Seriously. I need help.

Convertibles are gay, miata owners need not reply

More flexible
Less trunk space
Plus I shave my head so would get sunburned

I think some are gay, but others are, in fact, not gay.
I mean, heavier doesn't mean shit to me because I'm not racing it. Just like some good performance which, every time I've always been in a convertible version of a performance car, I've never been unsatisfied. Flexibility kinda the same. I don't feel I necessarily have any reason in my daily life to worry about flexibility. Less trunk space sure, I guess.

not a fan personally. longer doors make it more of a pain in the ass to get into and out of if you're in a packed parking lot. they're a waste of space and they usually have tiny trunks. I prefer sedans and hb's.

if I had more disposable income I'd get a 2dr, but for one main vehicle they're meh.

t. middle aged dad

> longer doors make it more of a pain in the ass to get into and out of if you're in a packed parking lot.
this is objectively true

>they're a waste of space
this is subjective

> they usually have tiny trunks
half truth. the openings are usually much smaller, however volume is still high capacity

> I prefer sedans and hb's.
to each their own

>if I had more disposable income I'd get a 2dr, but for one main vehicle they're meh.
logical statement in context to lifestyle

Sounds like an alright guy IMO.

t. coupe owner (only vehicle)

owned two sedans, an SUV and a pickup and now I own a coupe. coupe is by far the best. idk what i'd need to haul that couldn't be fixed to the roof racks

There is no such thing as a successful single car marriage.

Stacy gets her own damn oversized landbarge. Technically, it's your car, because you bought it for her. that way you get to keep the one you actually like.

Just like your wife gets her own vanity, she gets her own car. Imagine a marriage where husband and wife have to fight over razors and first aid supplies taking up space that could be used for five different shades of lipstick. It's the same as a marriage where either husband or wife can't enjoy the dignity of their $20,000 machine being to their taste, maybe better actually.

i think the “seats” (i.e. storage space) in the genesis are just for insurance and classification reasons. being 6ft and trying to sit back there, i literally had to hold my head against my shoulder, and i was touching the window. one big bump = probably end up fucking paralyzed. never again

>caring about seat count

it's cheaper to insure a miata than a civic in most places, because miatas are not claim magnets

but at the same time i’m sure it’s cheaper to insure a genesis than say a 2 seater Z, where the relative percentage of owners who are reckless brodudes vs responsible drivers are probably similar

Zs are statistically in the top 10 deadliest cars on the road.

as a manlet im glad my car makes you suffer