Why doesn't anyone like the GTR?

Why doesn't anyone like the GTR?

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Idk i think just because it is by a consumer grade car company

I like it

Lots of people like GTRs, but this is Veeky Forums where its cool to hate popular things.

Better question is why does Veeky Forums hate nissan so much?

Because it took the skyline GTR's place in the lineup

Because its base price increased by 40% within a little more than 5 years.

Not everyone is a popular YouTuber

Because it weighs almost 4000 pounds

Who gives a shit?

Because it's popular previous generations featured inline 6s, and the v6 they put in these sound even more bland then the RB.

Because it lost a lot of the heart of soul of previous GTRs.

R32/Stagea Autech best GTRs.

Dude everyone loves the Gtr, the GTR is selling so well Nissan will continue making it for decades to come

S class with a body kit

I like the 911 more for being lighter, but I wouldn't complain about a gtr.

butthurt GM cucks

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and it'll still beat whatever the hell it is that you drive

Too clinical, not enough personality.

Because there transmissions are shit, ecu is shit, try to be cool, actual cool shit is expensive as fuck

I just dont really like modern cars in general

R34 is better.

Looks like a G37 with a bodykit.
V6 which kinda sounds like a G37.
Boring to drive unless you're going flat out at a track.
Can't drift or do burnouts.

Stopped reading right there.

looks disgusting and has no soul

>muh no soul
inb4 muh electronics

If it came with a manual transmission, I would own one right now.

Pigfat, V6, no stick, made by the FCA of Japan

I never liked or disliked it. It's an impressive feat but not that interesting to me. I do see them on a regular basis so it being more of a nicer normal car to me might have something to do with that.

I really liked them since they came out in 2007(!)
>4 seats, usable trunk
>all year daily drivable
>used ones are about the same as a 997 or 991 Carrera 2
>no manual is alright because it suits the turbo/awd combo
>also FAST

I wanted to get a 911 in summer, but I need to test drive the GTR as well

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i like gtr, but i think i would rather own 911. gtr is more of technology showcase and less of a cool car, meanwhile small and relatively light rwd car sounds way more fun to drive

What? Have you ever seen Formula Drift? It's full of GT-Rs

Pre-2017 face lift GTR's aren't daily friendly. Yes you can do it. But a 911 does it much better.

In slow moving city traffic the GTR is horrible. Seriously horrible. It jerks, and rattles, and lurches, and is just generally one of the harshest cars I've driven around a city.

Fantastic everywhere else though. But yeah, if you seriously want to daily. Get a 911.

If track guys are to be, it takes little skill to drive it, and the whole point of track days is to hone your skills.

>yeah just buy a gtr for 100k+ and turn it into rwd

It's a fat, ugly computer on wheels. It also looks absolutely nothing like the GTRs of the past.

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It's a great car but filled with a fanbase that worships it like a god killing machine that has zero faults.

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Ancient/outdated, overpriced, too common, pigfat, V6, no manual, too big and not enough cool factor for the high tier class it's priced in. The thing only performs because of the sheer amount of electronics involved in the handling, but that doesn't make it worth it

Also this pic

it's a decade old

maximum taste

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>implying it would have had a place with no r35

just about everyone that isnt part of this contrarian shithole likes it

I think of it like playing a simcade racing game vs a full on simulator. You can be fast but you don’t have to have the skill

I assume it is because it only comes in automatic. Veeky Forums hates any tech not found on their 3k manual civic.

Because too many fanboys love it, dare I say worship it.

Veeky Forums can't afford it.

Gigantic 90's Nissan fanboy here. Modern Nissan is absolutely garbage. Nissan's two best cars not in their luxury Infiniti division are both ancient designs in desperate need of new models (gtr & z car)

Nissan ignored that Japan blew up financially in the late 80's and continued making over engineered unprofitable performance cars untill they too blew up financially in 1998, after which they we're partially bought by Renault. Now everything they make is directed exclusively by accountants (nismo now means very profitable appearance package instead of zero profit performance enhancements).

I'm still angry the new gtr wasn't designed as a performance trim of the g35/37 platform.

Nissan is dead. I'm a Ford fan now because they make tons of performance trim cars much in the same spirit as 80/90s Nissan did.

that isn't how driving works, even in video games.
if you don't know how a car works on the road you will lose at both.


Maybe like 5% of Veeky Forums could afford a used 2010 R35. Getting a brand new one is almost unobtainable for most of Veeky Forums.

kind of ugly - I like the concept better

and the fan boys got even worse than in the past
the modified versions are cool tho

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The concept is fugly as all hell

how so ?
the interior is a little ahead of the curve

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cuz driving Dynamics are supposedly skewed to understeer and that doesn't sound very fun

Headlights are too narrow
Greenhouse doesn't match body lines
Taillights look out of place
Bad proportions on rear end
It looks like a gussied-up 350Z/G35 and that's not a good thing


i don't hate it, but i don't share the hype. it's pretty cool car and i'd love to drive one, but there are many other (less computerized) cars below its price range i would rather have. to be honest, i think i would rather have cheap ancient rx-7 fd than gt-r (not to mention 911), awd and sophisticated technology doesn't really appeal to me.

then again, maybe i'm just not good enough of a driver to appreciate all of the power. maybe if i'd ever drive one, i would never want to go back

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>first nsx, semi-opened pop-ups, exhausted face
>all of the other nsx, closed pop ups of shame and disappointment
kek, gtr looks like autistic guy around people who have to take care of him on some kind of party

False. I daily a 2014 GTR Black Edition and its incredible. Any DBA GTR (2012+) is a great daily and much much better to daily drive than a 911

>boring to drive

I have a hard time believing this. Lots of road noise and harsh ride quality have been big criticisms of the GTR up until the 2017 model.

Jesus, nu-Veeky Forums is such a mess.
Two years ago everyone loved the GT-R here.

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The Maxima is neat.

Maybe it’s my fault

not a skyline.

V6? More like PEE-6 because it's fuckin GAY

check my 6

Butthurt american here, because it's nothing like the r34. The r34 was the ultimate of forbidden fruit as far as cars go for us and this seems like a shitty compromise. It's just a souped up 350z/infiniti g35 type of thing.
I like it for what it is though.

funny how challengers,camaros and mustangs can be bought anwhere between 20-100G
yet the entry level GTR is 55g +

Make an affordable fucking car cause ida totally bought one over what i did buy for 30G

jfc your right

it pisses me off how FAT cars have gotten

its a car meant to be a working man's hero but it costs 80,000 fucking dollars

It's automatic only, and the Camaro SS 1LE is just as good for a lot less money.

>I couldn't mod it myself even if I could afford it

it's really not that cool. And for some reason they dropped the skyline name to inifiniti and the gtr r35 looks just like them. Waste of an opportunity desu.

It's not out of reach for most DINK's. Plenty of woking men roll around in $80k benz's.

>computer on wheels
somehow a bad thing

plenty of em dont fucking own it either.

>somehow a bad thing

Some people don't like a computer shifting for them. Soyboys like you wouldn't understand

Kids love it

True. The vast majority are leased, Which is smart on a car like that.

People that like to turn occasionally. Power to weight doesn't matter mid corner.

>Implying the GTR can't turn

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pigfat 4000lbs, v6, slower than corvette, etc
it's simply a disengaging boring car.

Heavier low sitting cars corner better than heavy high sitting cars or light low cars.

Literal unironic brainlet. Try and explain how weight HELPS cornering.

-glorious hambeast..
-more driver assists than a nasa space shuttle
-wheres the man pedal
-looks like a 350z had a baby with an altima
-because it makes my car slow af

keeps you anchored dumbass

no manual


i asked the same thing about the veyron til i remembered the complete VEYRON MANIA that followed its release. same with the gtr. we're tired of hearing about it


blame this guy

the cvt isn't terrible if you're driving and don't know shit about cars, but it is bad if you're riding along and you're sorta auto-savvy because you're just listening to to engine drone and drone and drone