How successful would a RWD CR-X be in today's market?

How successful would a RWD CR-X be in today's market?

>That would be the perfect vehicle.

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i'd be so over that shit

Not very because it would only appeal to a small group of buyers.
Enthusiasts are the market minority, accept it.

Nissan beat them to it.

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just get a mk2 supra or a z31, retard

yeah but it's shit

so is the CRX

but the crx had goat mpg

1.75x the weight.
.5x the fuel economy

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crx > e90

get a CR-Z and swap it with a VTAK YO

And making it RWD would reduce that.

not by much

Yeah actually it would.

drop it, man

It would be a flop. Enthusiasts are a small minority of new car buyers, while moms buy the vast majority of new cars. This is why crossovers are a thing, because they're good to have if you have young children.

driveshaft = less power, more weight

it would handle worse, have worse mileage and less power
literally why?

>not awd
kys my man

no fun for you

My point exactly.

>Let's take a car that was famous for being light, nimble and very economical and make heavier, slower and less fuel efficient.

just get an 80's RWD liftback why bother constructing a hodgepodge which will just drain your wallet and willpower

muh RWD geo metro

>crv/wagovan drivetrain
>turbo b18

We have very different ideas.

Yeah, my idea is that the CRX was a good car because it was fun to drive and cheap to operate and your idea is that you desperately want an Impreza WRX.

I've noticed that Z31s are creeping up in value.

what about an aw11? or an sw20?
They're also lego-cars like honda, and they're rwd and very economical with mods or an engine swap.

it would lose its 40 mpg, which is a huge part of its appeal.


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It would be a something that would sit on the dealer floor and be discontinued after 2 years. Dealers would have give huge discounts just to move them.

rwdfags are cancer. Would be less popular than the original.

Dumb to add weight and a less efficient drivetrain in an economy car.

The real magic was that it weighed nothing because it was a paper thin tin can death trap, even if Honda made an equivalent car today it would weigh a minimum of 2500 lbs

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Pretty much this.

99% of people wouldn't care about it considering the trend away from three door cars and into crossovers.

Look how well the CR-Z did.

>Look how well the CR-Z did.
crz was nothing like the crx

>If I can't ruin an economy by trying to make it into a sports car, how about I ruin a sports car by trying to make it into an economy car instead?

The CR-Z was absolutely the logical extension of the CRX. It had as similar driving dynamics as you can get with modern safety, was lighter than a Civic despite the hybrid system, and adjusted for inflation, it was the same price as a CRX Si.

It was a glorious time of unencumbered shit boxes.

I get how the younger kids on Veeky Forums can't comprehend a fun FWD car because they only know pigfat current models.
90s deathtrap hatchbacks where so much livelier and fun to drive AND got ridiculous empeegees to boot.

A mid engine rear wheel drive CRX mite b cool, but I wouldn't do it to mine since it would probably fuck up the handling

There's some guy on the CRX forums who's mounting a J35 transverse in the rear and turboing it though

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>omg! Why did they put this big lump down the centre of the car?! I'm buying a blue swift instead

BMW 1-Series?
M Coupe Clown shoe?

>not making it MR

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Too short of a wheelbase

Nippon boat magic.

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It would be shit because of that short wheelbase, every time you turn a corner it’s welcome to the spin show

looks sick

Is ze truth

BA wheels, name on them?


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Just get a Miata

volk rays

this is straight wrong, it was ass in all ways. the suspension was ass compared even to the 90 crx, the engine was meh and had almost zero upgrade potential, the transmission was garbage the interior was like flying a fucking space ship from the 80's.

the entire design concept was garbage and had zero redeeming qualities that neither enthusiasts nor soccer moms would like.

But I have to feel special and different :

A mid-engine car has the intake, well, in the middle where it's harder for water to get to. It's arguably safer to do that than it is with a standard sedan or what have you.


>space ship from the 80s
i know you meant that to sound like an insult but it sounds awesome.