What car is this Veeky Forums?

what car is this Veeky Forums?

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Its the body kit for a Fiero.

It's my summer car!

>put it together
>there's an extra valve spring

$3k Civic

VW Golf Mk2

Some kind of weird dodge stratus

That’s not a car, it’s just a bunch of parts!

You didn't drinkle enough peer and piss

>Season 3 of James May's The Reassembler

I wish

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Me too :

toureg. NEXT

Slightly more assembled.

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want to say rabbit but could be a horizon i guess.

Front grill is all wrong for Horizon or Omni.


Tis a spring of pussies for sure

Some shitty Euro cuckbox

not a 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk.

Is that a Roush?

I remember this picture. It was from the Eyewitness Books on cars. VW golf if I remember correctly.