Fwd is bad

>fwd is bad

umm,sweaty, i dont think so

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good for piece of shit economy cars because it is cheap and gets good mpgs. not good for much other than that except maybe some very specific cases in wrc

If you're sweaty take a shower.

>people shit on the safest, most practical drivetrain because they want to go bing bing wahoo with their cars

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Most people who shit on FWD are awful drivers who couldn't reach the limits of a fucking Twingo.

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>they know about my swamp ass

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>Is on a car enthusiasts board
>cares about safety
>doesn't wanna go bing bing wahoo

>not going bing bing wahoo with your car any chance you get

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Dude, we can smell it through the internet.

*understeers into a tree*

FWD for enthusiast is only good for a car that capitalizes on its one advantage: weight.
If it isnt light fwd its a shit car

>bing bing wahoo

is this a meme

A forced meme fresh in from reddit

>oversteers off a cliff
its all up to the driver not being a fuckwit, fuckwit.

If you're unable to recover FF understeer, you don't deserve your license

It's more fun to recover oversteer though

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2 of the 4 cars needed to be RWD swapped to be relevant.
The third needed to have AWD an the last isn't even relevant.

>AX gti
such a cool little forgotten thing. everyone beats their meat to 205 gti, but i'd love to own this ax

this is bullshit, rwd is infinitely more intuitive and safer. it's only not safe if you're completely retarded, any driver who's even remotely interested in driving would be safer in rwd. i owned both fwd and rwd, and fwds are fucking terrifying, especially those small lightweight hot hatches with their violent reactions to lift off and stuff

what mods does this civic have?

Converted to MR layout

>and fwds are fucking terrifying, especially those small lightweight hot hatches with their violent reactions to lift off and stuff
so you don't know how to drive

Is 905 kg good for a hatch?

if i can't drive and yet i'm safer in rwd, that only proves my point

pretty standard for a pre-2000 city hatch

He's right. Light hatches tend to just snap if you make a single mistake, I have and FD and had a little Clio 172:

>driving FD
>it's wet
>come into a corner a bit too hot
>back starts to ease round
>ease off the throttle and countersteer as back regains grip

>same corner
>in my Clio
>going a bit quick
>lift just a tiny bit
>snap oversteer and spin into a sign
>car written off

I shouldn't have lifted, but the Clio showed me zero mercy and just gave up grip and span.

you wouldn't be a good judge of that, if you don't know how to drive. in any case, that wasn't the point i was making - i was simply pointing out that if you find lift off oversteer in a light hatch terrifying, then you do not know how to drive.

FWD is plenty good, but only if it's lighter than a miata

post more hot French cars

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yeah, there's barely any weight over the rear axle of the clio. of course it would snap out like that. you did the fwd equivalent of burying the gas mid corner in a quick rwd car, doesn't make one inherently more dangerous. just get on the gas and you would straighten up, if you were going way too quick for that then you were being retarded in the first place

I was definitely being retarded.

If I hadn't have lifted in the first place it probably would have been ok. It was a wet, off camber, fast bend and I was travelling about 60mph. I've saved lift oversteer before but there was no powering out of this one, car went 90 degrees before I could even think about a steering input.

Its bad if you want to have fun.
Its good if you see cars as tools only.

>various Type Rs
>Clio 182
>Fiesta ST
>205 GTi
Mate, fwd can be very fun

We obviously have different ideas about what fun is

Yes. Busriders don't know anything about cars so they have to resort to videogame memes

You honestly have to be delusional if you think those cars aren't objectively fun
>muh drifting
it's incredibly easy to oversteer proper hot hatches

Will to oversteer golf R


You certainly can, I wouldn't class a Golf R as a traditional hot hatch though

fwd is like training wheel, it's stable and safe but no fun

WOW FWD is amazing!
>have to remove K member to swap trans

>it's stable and safe but no fun
drive a clio 182 or an EK9 Type R
the lift off on those is insane and definitely not 'safe but no fun'
a lightweight fwd car scrambling round corners like a mad terrier is great fun

losing grip on an FF car is ten times as scary as an FR, where the throttle saves you if you know what you're doing

>Oversteering is drifting
The delusion of these FWD soyboys is amazing

>not pvc drifting
get good

The only reason anyone on this board would try to defend FWD is because they fanboy shitty japanese cars.

americans are an embarrassment to car culture

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Just step on the gas retard

>t. never driven a car

I didn't claim oversteer=drifting
I will accept that RWD is generally better but to claim fwd can't be fun is just stupid

AX GTI is a 1.4 petrol, same as 205 XS. 205 GTI was a 1.9 or 1.6 and had something like 50% more power. Also AX Sport is the "hot" version of AX, equivalet of the 205 Rallye.
Another thing is that the 205 was THE most winning car of the Group B-era.
So there are reasons for the meat beating.

In the end, both of the are fun cars, "go-fast" 205s and AXs.

I´m so glad that I got to drive a 205 GTI 1.9 when they were still fresh cars. It was so good.

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*hits the tree even faster*

sure, i'm beating to 205 as well. it's just that ax gti is pretty cool car, yet it got completely forgotten and it's impossible to find one now (unlike 106 or saxo). when i was looking for my first car, i wanted to get something similar, there were some 106 offers, some saxos, even couple ruined 205 1.1, but no sporty ax whatsoever.

also, not same engine. 205 xs was tu3jp 75hp, ax gti had tuned up version that got 100hp (not bad with less than 800kg of mass). i had a car with tu3jp and one of tuning options was getting intake and stuff from this tuned up version (or from 106 rallye, it was also similar engine)

Yeah, AX is cool. Was it the GT that was the same as XS then? I´m working from memory and it has been two decades.

A lot, still fwd.

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sorry i'm a 15 year old who watches automotive vloggers and i think the only way to have fun in a car is by drifting