Some asshole did a hit and run on my friend's Elantra but it's not too bad dent wise...

Some asshole did a hit and run on my friend's Elantra but it's not too bad dent wise. Unfortunately my friend is a bit low on cash and can't Uber or Lyft while that's there. Any ideas how to pop out the dent good enough, maybe a bit of filler and paint it cheaply but decently?

I was thinking of the old tricks and those dent removal tools that are cheap, but might be hard with this particular angle.

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New $40 trunk lid from local junkyard.
$15 in $1 spraypaint black.
Paint the whole car.

You won't get that dent out with a puller and filler won't really be a permanent fix on those angles. Blending paint on that trunklid would look like garbage. Best to just try to find a trunklid that matches (the only DIY option that will last). Need a very skilled body tech to make a repair of the original skin look any good and those are expensive.

Checked Row52 and they don't have one nearby, car-part has them for friggin' 450 in the wrong color.

Also I lol'd but that probably won't work.

I figured but had to ask. It's fine as it is, although rust is showing up thanks to rain and bare metal like that. Just that Uber and Lyft won't allow her to drive with that damage present.

Does he have insurance? Just file a claim. Insurance companies pay for a rental.

I'll double check in the morning, she just went to bed a few minutes ago. I believe she does, but it may be a high deductible she's gotta pay if she didn't mention going with them.

Can you access the bare metal from inside the boot? Get a rubber mallet and try knocking it out, then get some black nail polish and clean up the cracked paint. Might work, might not but maybe worth a try?

Don't help the dumb bitch, if she chooses to whore her car out as some kind of cut price taxi service she can pay for her own repairs. It's the cost of doing business in the transport industry, don't make it your own problem.

How is she a dumb bitch if someone else fucked her shit up? Don’t you ever help your friends out? Do you have friends? I’m a shit person and even I have/help friends. You seem really bitter. Also it seems shit that Uber won’t let her drive because of something so minor, doesn’t Uber have public liability insurance to cover drivers if their car are damaged when logged in?

I’ll throw that suggestion out as well next time I talk to her.

Bitter old taxi driver?

Also it is shit, I’ll look into but I think the driver has to provide insurance with Uber and Lyft just like how it is with normal drivers.

Also it was a hit and run off the clock iirc, but if customers saw this and complained it could lead to her getting deactivated.

No my friends are all truck mechanics, as am I. What I'm getting at is that your friend has priced their service to under cut the existing business model of a light passenger service. If she can't afford running repairs to her car (a commercial vehicle) she needs to review her pricing and adjust it to suit, otherwise she has no place in the industry.

it doesn't seem that bad, he definitively can continue driving Uber with it, as long the trunk close properly.

Yeah but it's garbage and the deducible is like $1000.

>can't Uber or Lyft while that's there
That's fucking stupid. Did she tell them that her car was damaged? If not it doesn't fucking matter. It's just a tiny dent

>your friend has priced their service to under cut the existing business model of a light passenger service.

>oh no boooohooo won't someone think of the taxis services and their monopolies??
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Not sure on that one to be honest. But I’ve never seen an Uber or Lyft car around here with similar damage (and I doubt all the drivers report incidents) so there’s probably a way they’d know or reason why.

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