I want a sporty car so I can go bing bing wahoo!

>I want a sporty car so I can go bing bing wahoo!

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wow, that was awful OP. head back to /v/.

/v/ here, we don't want this shit either

Get used to it. We're reaching a whole new level of loser autists LARPing as what they imagine "responsible adult men" to be like.

First it was the v8s, since anything else is for little kiddy ricer mobiles (the car movies told me to). Now we're going to hate anything that isn't a family sedan.

it's no vroom vroom racecars

I'm used to Veeky Forums shit, but /v/ shit is miles worse IMO

>We're reaching a whole new level of loser autists LARPing as what they imagine "responsible adult men" to be like.
tfw NEETs whose primary hobbies invariably include video games and anime start trying to tell you what REAL MEN should act like

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sorry kiddo I drive a minivan

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don't go to /pol/ then

>let me tell you what the ideal white man is and why you are shit if you do not fit this description
>t. 1/4 cherokee single video game addict


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pretty obvious that these people hate themselves; and because they can't change, project those insecurities on to others who they assume are like them.

/pol/ is just trolls trolling trolls, any idiot can see that. I regularly play multiple roles. I'll be the 1488 hxc Christian in one thread and the 32 yo virgin that drinks and plays video games in the next.

>if you don't want your country fill with brown turd worlders you must hate yourself.

>if you think video games are for kids you want managed immigration

>Family sedan
Sedans are the worst body style. Every mom has either a crossover or minivan.

This just shows you what NOT to buy.

>wahhhhh! People have opinions that are critical of my lifestyle.
People on Veeky Forums get salty that I drive like a dick on mountain roads, but I still post here.

I've grown to like both of them, especially Mazdas. Must be an age thing.

>sedans are the worst body style
Is this real life?
>imblying the two are exclusive

When it comes to a family vehicle they are. Wagons, crossovers, and minivans are all more practical with children.

Sorry, I didn't realise you were talking about a shitbox to transport little turds.

i'm actually a queer radfem and i think videogames are kids

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>videogames are kids
I'm afraid I can't help you with that, poofter

I want a comfy wagon with enough power to pass and be fun in the twisty bits.

Europe is full of dad rods. About every manufacturer makes a little bit faster wagon. ST Mondeo, S4 Avant, 335is touring and so on.

By definition a family sedan is for a family, and when it comes to kid hauling crossovers, SUVs, and minivans are all more capable in this role. Wagons as well, but they merged into crossovers as family needs have changed.

The largest market for sedans now are businesses, younger people without children, or older people with grown children. Judging by the numbers, childless young people seem to prefer hatchbacks.

It´s funny to watch young(and older) families, when they get a one child and are like our GMC Savanna 3500 is not roomy enough for us, aaarrrggghh.
I´m a bit older and when I was young, dad had a Mk1. Ford Escort and it fit: mom, dad, sister, me and enough stuff to have a 2 month summer vacation in the summer cottage just fine.

pic. not the one dad had

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I was driven around in a Nissan Micra full to the brim with merchandise for their shops. People don't seem to understand that children are small.
>pic related
It was the same color and coupe style

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I was glad when it looked like the hatch meme was dead but this resurgence it's as bad as ever. I especially hate people trying to make "hot hatches" ESPECIALLY when they don't offer a sedan equivalent, fucking Ford you fucking faggots.
Crash course for anyone who doesn't understand vehicle dynamics. Hatch backs are fucking trash from a performance standpoint. They have more drag and weight, which makes them slower than their sedan equivalents, and that weight is in worst place for it, raising the center of gravity. It doesn't help that almost no one really understands how to design a hatchback, so they usually end up looking like shit and having worse visibility.

>not trolling on hard mode roleplaying a Black Panthers fanatic