>Absolutely beautiful weather outside
>Take the backroads, don't really have any specific place I want to go to
>Windows and roof rolled down, Lazerhawk at a quite high volume
>Feel like the king of the road
>There is a qt hitchhiking in the middle of nowhere
>Feel the sudden urge to be cool as hell so I pullover
>She asks if I go to certain city
>Not really but I comply anyway
>I ask if it's OK if I drive fast
>"yeah I love fast driving lol"
>Floor it
>I try to make small talk but fail miserably
>After like 10 or 15 km of beautiful winding road she asks me if I could drive slowly and more carefully
>She sounds extremely shaken
>After a while of absolutely quiet drive we arrive to the city and she asks me to pull over and bolts out of the car
>Doesn't even say thanks
Shit ruined my whole day

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Women don't actually like fast driving

Then they shouldn't fucking lie about it

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They are women user, they don't know what they want.

>not stopping 30 yards down the road from her
>not flooring it as soon as she gets close to your car
You are no fun senpai

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I swear to god that's exactly what I'm going to do to every hitchhiking roastie from now on

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>one of my normie friends comes to my house during his time off work
>brings from friends from school
>I had told him about my retard buggy
>showed up in his chad friends in a 95 f150 swb and had a stacey with them
>didn't expect a whole gang of normies
>make terrible first impression with them thinking they were into cars
>stopped talking about cars when the chad said 'yeah you should totally put a rollcage in it'
>we finally get in the car
>Elvis Itsuki Presley in the passenger seat
>chad and stacey crammed in the back seat like a dragon dildo in my ass
>there was no way for them to get into the backseat other than sliding over the trunk through the rear window
>I think chad got broken glass in his ass
>back out of the driveway and then shit gets gay
>we finally found some gravel to slide on and stacey is visibly uncomfortable with this
>really try to ignore her because roasties are not that important
>Elvis Itsuki Presley tries making small talk about how I used to go to school with chad and stacey, didn't recognize either of them
>havent been in school since 4th grade how the fuck was I supposed to know them
>getting the vibe I they were all bothered at how I turned out
>dont even know these people but they're depressing me
>take them back to their truck and they leave
>they said they'd hangout again sometime
>none of them ever speaked to me again

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>>I ask if it's OK if I drive fast

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Next time call police and report her of suspicious activity

>he's listening to memehawk

>retard who keeps posting his disgusting shell turns out to be an actual retard IRL

i may be a retard but atleast I have something to keep me busy

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its true

>buy a car
>start getting texts from local qt
>I become her designated driver
>she asks me to come to her place
>we chit chat
>I flirt
>'ooh no, user, I don't like you, I just like your car'
>tell her to invest in a bus pass and never speak to her again

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I agree, that was a bit autistic on my part
That shit wouldn't fly around here.
is down the hall and to the right sir

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The whole point is it that it wouldn't be okay, retard

I call and report prostitutes in hotel rooms minutes after I leave the parking lot

Wow you're a sad sack of shit.

Stay mad beta

Mate call me normie all you want but I don't pay for prostitution. Also you're not alpha, you're just an edgy creep.
>hand over money to hoe for a lazy uninterested sex
>report hoe when walking out
>"nuthin personel, I'm just so alpha"

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Ffuck you

I hate you fcuk off

>hand over money to hoe for a lazy uninterested sex
>report hoe when walking out
>"nuthin personel, I'm just so alpha"
>hoe tells police she was raped
>gives description, takes rape kit, police collect dna evidence
>"just so alpha" gets their shit packed in jail, registered as a sex offender, and has rest of life ruined what would actually happen if the faggot wasn't a massive LARPer.

Thats not true

kek, he got you good faggots didn't he?

could you stop being creepy and start talking about hitch hikers or evil women?

None of this actually happened.

I wish I was making this up kiddo...
But then again this is Veeky Forums and the internet so you are allowed to think whatever you want.

Until police go through her phone and find out she is a real prostitute and that she has the money I gave her but I felt guilty afterwards so I reported her

Also implying police would find out. Nigga I've done this 3 times so far and got 2 of them kicked out of the hotel

Stop embarrassing yourself, you already got obliterated.

Yeah, sure.