Bus rider logic

Bus rider logic


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Busriders don't know anything except parrot boomer memes. V8s are literally the worst

its also slower than a corvette

it's shit

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If Honda can have a six cylinder super car Ford can too I guess. If cars were solely about more engine everyone would be driving vipers.

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It being "A V6" isn't the problem for me, its being "A inferior mazda engine in place of a superior american V8 ford easily has access to and themselves make".
Honda used their own engine not something derived from someone else though.

the thing is, ford didnt need to shoehorn the ecoboost engine into the GT to 'prove the viability' of their v6tts
they already had them in their workhorse f150s and taurus SHOs.
literally nobody was asking for a v6tt version of the gt.
it already had its formula for success on the board and ford scrapped it

>not putting in a Voodoo abd slapping twinscroll snails on each bank
wasted opportunity. Could have been an actual supercar.

>Homage to GT40
>Height 43.7 in

>nobody was asking.
you will never own one of these cars, and if you ever did have the money for one, you could also easily afford to swap an engine of your choice and have a unique dreamcar.

stop overreacting you child

What's all this talk about a Mazda engine? Is there proof of this?

>engine swapping a low-production-number supercar

>keeping the objectively shit engine instead of embarrassing the fucking retards at ford with the actual engine that belongs in the car

if it was any good to begin with it wouldn't need a swap

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>didnt refute literally anything i said

Wow man, you seem like a real intellectual! Where did you get your engineering degree?

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>OP driving a Miata, jacking off about a $400k car that sounds like a Honda that you can't buy because: Not in Ford's safespace
>Can't buy from the Ford safespaces because: They'll sue you for trying, even if you're John Cena
>"Adding 2 more cylinders and doing a 5.0L "eco"-boost wouldn't make it more powerful and desirable."
>Being this retarded

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>Being so much of a puppet that you need someone with "muh degreez" to make decisions
>"Jumping off a bridge should be fine, what are you a physicist? Watch and learn, bigot"

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>"What if we made it look extremely fucking stupid from the rear"

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"super"-car unironically looking like this

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You should look up the regulation of LM GTE.
If they went with their V8, it would of made less power you fuckwit.

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>being this buttmad ober a car you cant even own and basing your entire sense of self worth off of it
kek just give up and take the L on this one fordfags

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So it is ok to put a shit engine in a supercar because the buyers could just engine swap it? That's some stupid logic right there.

>V8s are literally the worst

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You are a complete retard, do you not know anything about the engine?

Post respectable V6 "Supercars"

>Jaguar XJ220
>Honda NSX(Gen 1)

That's it!

I understand why it has a TTV6, but they should have give the road car a V8

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>Honda NSX

Pick one and only one. What you posted is basically a Mid-Engined, two-door, two-seat Accord.

Nothing wrong with V6.
Even V6 diesels can sound sex.

To be fair diesels play by different rules mate. I'd take a Gas V8 or V10.
diesel, give me a yuge i6.

>What if I told you that the roadcar which is already different from muh racecar; doesn't have to have the fisherprice engine, you manlet?

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Are you sure about that?

I'm going to use that from now on

>you can't talk about a car unless you can afford it
So I guess everyone who designed and worked on the Ford GT and every car reviewer can't talk about it?

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>all those automatics
Disgusting. Fuck modern supercars.