Why is it so hard to find a WS6 Trans Am in a not awful condition?

Why is it so hard to find a WS6 Trans Am in a not awful condition?

I just really want one as a daily/project car to have fun with

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White trash and niggers were the exclusive owners?

Yah but I still really want one though cause something about it just sits right with me

They're still kinda popular

If I were to get a WS6 trans am any time soon what would you guys recommend on working on first?

Suspension and brakes?

Coz unibody cars are literally made to last like 150k miles and go to the junkyard.

Because they’ve all been driving as hard as possible for 100k miles

Boomers hoarding them more like it, they were $30,000 cars 15 years ago.

Yes, both suck hard on these cars. Konis + Strano/UMI Springs or Coilovers (KW, Viking, UMI, QA1), Corvette or CTSV brakes, adjustable panhard rod/watts link, and swaybars (biggest possible) makes them handle and stop well.

My almost boomer dad has had one in the garage since like 2001. Has under 2000 miles on it. It's a WS6 with Ram Air, T tops. Looks nice.

Oh my god tell him to sell it to mmmmmeeeeeeeee

Museum quality I know what i have
$80,000 no tire kickers

God, why must I suffer like as a young adult?
If only I knew 10 years ago I would love this car as much as I do now

>LS1 Catfish are no lower than 10k CAD for a meh condition
>LT1 Catfish are no lower than 5-7k
>V6 Catfish are no lower than 3k
I wanted cheap muscle, wtf boomers

How is that not cheap?

WS6 cars are ridiculous price wise now. There's really nothing great changed about them if you're looking for a project in my opinion. Chances are you'll end up replacing the slightly better WS6 suspension anyway and with a $90-100 lid you already have the intake benefit.

The main thing you're really missing is just the hood and badging. I bought my 50k mile 99 TA for $7000. I did heads/cam/intake then decided to rice it and put a trufiber ram air hood ($600hood, painted for $300, known to be best fitting aftermarket hood and closest to OEM ram air), and put a slightly different WS6 badge on the rear instead under the WS6 it just says Trans Am with a hawk logo. I thought it looked neat.

If you're looking for a car to mod and not so much for the collector value I'd say these days you're better off just finding a regular formula or TA and putting the hood or whatever on it if you want it.

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Because they were all under 3-5k ten years ago, and you could find a decent V6 for 500$

that's such a fucking waste

>all those curves
>those shitty standard door handles that were on every other GM product at the time

Fuckin GM, man.

I never noticed those until now, you're right. Why didn't they at least make them more like the c5's?

Wheels tyres suspension and brakes

Then LS1/ls3 swap

the ws6 has an ls1

owned a 98 TA auto and ended up hating it
>shitty small interior
>fuck those headlights
>windows and cupholders are a joke
>no room for anything
wanted one since i was a kid because durrr looks fast but god what a shitty car over all except ls1
It was my only car which was stupid on my part

this is why I try to stay away anymore.
I impulse buy them because I still think they look great. Then you realize how shitty the interior is. then you realize how shitty the engine bay is to do anything in.
I actually like the pop up headlights just not when they go bad.

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They're either going for cheaps in shit condition, or they mint but get a boomer tax. It's frustrating as shit, I want one so badly.

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>>fuck those headlights
fuggin this, I didn't know pop up lights could mess up in so many different ways until I got a bird
>only one will come up
>neither will come up
>motor will continue running for 5 more seconds even though the light is down
>sometimes they pop up when unlocking the car, sometimes they dont
good thing you can put them up or down manually

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oh and sometimes when I flipped them up and down right after another it would go spastic and stutter in a center position for a while

shit was horrible

gud car otherwise, really enjoyed it

DESU It's not even boomers much anymore.
Nowadays its the 80's/90's kids who now have good money and saw those when they were young and always wanted them and couldnt afford them.
Basically the new boomer tax

so it's young people enabling boomers

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I don't get it.
Boomers don't even hardly like these cars. The only cars past the late 70's boomers buy and drive prices up on are corvettes and new challengers.

My friend in highschool had one of these
Worst car I've ever driven

>shit condition
I wouldn't pay those prices pham

I remember back in high school spotting one of these for sale in a parking lot for cheap. My mom suggested I ask my father to take a look at it as it would make a cool first car. I immediately went home and played CoD MW2 instead. God dammit, why was 16y/o me such a faggot?

woulda been worse if you had bought it

considering I own 4 "old" "muscle" cars with all their prices combined being around half of the price of an LS1 4th gen it's pretty expensive

Look man if you honestly think a ls1 4th gen is expensive you might just be poor. 10k is nothing. A 350 HP/350 lb-ft ls1 trans am or camaro is a bargain for 10k. They are pretty much the cheapest way to go fast. If you really have 4 cars that together cost half of a 4th gen F body those cars can't be that nice. You're saying you have 4 cars that together are half the value of a notoriously cheap car. I mean fuck man.

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10k? lol

Cheapest way to go fast is definitely a 4.8/5.3 in a foxbody,sn95/new edge or turd gen or some other cheap shell with a cheap turbo kit like ON3. Mustang chassis better since you're starting with a good rear end.

A 10k bargain is a c5 vette, not a clunky fbody.
If you buy a fbody for 10k its because you want it because it's and fbody not because you're trying to go fast on a budget.

Stop acting like 10k isn't a lot of money. I'll wager I make more money than you and 10k is still a good chunk of change for a toy.

because they are usually owned by spics and niggers that trash them

I don't make an astronomical amount of money and 10k just doesn't seem like that much to me. 10k will get you a shitty C5 or a rock solid clean ass WS6 or SS. All 3 are fantastic cars for the money but 4th gens def still go for around 10k if it's the top trim in great condition.

whats behind the little thunderbird thinger on the front bumper?

The bonnet is fucking ugly