What is the most disgusting looking car in your opinion?

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Probably Nissan Juke.
It's ugly, but not ugly enough to be amusing. It's a boring ugly.

i fucking hate that car.

>It's a boring ugly.
probably the worst kind of ugly

Any vw golf

Juke or the new electric Nissanal Leafs

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Right? I mean at least a Multipla is so ugly you can laugh at it.

yeah and a Multipla is actually really useful and kinda cool

Truly disgusting.

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This car disgusts me on a level that shouldn't even be possible.
It's like it is the ESSENCE of what is wrong with modern car design.

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There’s quite a few of ugly cars that can be made nice or interesting, but some are just beyond help.

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Veeky Forums is the only place I see people shit on these. Most like how they look, myself included.


Fuck off Pewds, you're on the wrong board

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it's not just this car, though, it's all of toyota's recent front end design.

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Yeah. The whole package looks dull as hell, but not bad. Though, looking at specific parts one at a time, holy fuck that’s horrifying - cars will be shit soon enough.

the current generation of Imprezzas.

Bloated with useless and excessive factory rice. Lacks any sense of trying for original charm. Faggots like to rice it up even more with fart cans and wings. At least awkward looking cars like the Juke can be commended for trying to be original.

honorable mention to this steamy rice.

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That thing is truly mind bogglingly ugly. What were they thinking?

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Definitively the CHR
Nothing about the car makes any sense
It's a terrible family car
It's more expensive than its competition
Wasteful on gas

Next would be the Juke but at least those are priced cheaply, and has the option of manual or AWD. Pretty much it's only saving grace

tesla model 3 is awful too
It's trunk design is garbage and the front end looks like it's simply missing something. Also I generally dont like the fastback design all the family sedans are going for

I tried hard to like the new civic type R but i can't get rpund how hainously ugly it is.

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its so tryhard i actually like it

>fake vents
>fake spoilers
>fin antenna
>fake diffuser
>two mini fins (dafuq do they do)
>OoO exhaust
I love honda but who the fuck designed this

The fiesta st lmao looks like a literal turd

Just about everything Ford puts out these days looks like ass. Same with Mazda.

Yeah, who do they think they are? Pontiac?

It looks like the automotive equivalent of this shoe

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Fun fact, the asymmetrical back window on the Cube means it has great visibility in RHD and and enormous fucking blind spot in LHD.

An user in another thread said he hates """retro""" boomer bait cars and I couldn't agree more

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the Prius, and crossovers in general
not so much for how they look, but for what they represent

also agree. i'm glad for the manufacturers' adventurous attempts but they still look like dogshit.

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then leave

Wasn't posted yet, but I never got the hate for the Aztec, it looks unique without being completely awful unlike most of the cars in the thread

The only one that worked out is the Challenger.

You know that some people are different, now ain't that a cryin' shame?

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I thought I was the only one.

NA and NC are the best miata designs imo

Challenger looks nice but it's still a dodge so it's no wonder that the only people who drive it are idiots who finance it and get way in over their heads paying for maintenance.

>your car looks like ass

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There's a reason why this car is only posted with le 3/4 front angle heavy shopped

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what a mess

la creatura

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el abominacion...

>let's copy the latest civic rearback which is already ugly and make it even worse and paste it in a CR-V

Looks like a dick to me.

CH-R came out first.

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>snooty, sneering mouth that seems to mimic its intended soy-consuming customer base.

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any new audi wagon really

get OUT

The huge plastic skirt would make any vehicle look terrible, not that the Aztec doesn't look like shit without it.

I'm denying you your (You)

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The meme status made it disgusting if anything.

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>picking the two objectively worst designed miatas

>What is the most disgusting looking car
Seeing an unkempt car that looks like its owner has given up on life. You've seen those. Car filled with trash, food waste and maybe even paper plates of partially eaten food inside the cabin. I've seen ones with small pieces of spilled pizza chunks molding on the dash.

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those are NB and NC user

NB and ND are the best designed Miatas

NA and NC are disgusting and belong in the trash

>inb4 m-m-m-m-muh happy popup car!!!1!!!!!!

>someone saved one of my pics

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That’s an invalid assignment, user.

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NB looks like a blobby jellybean and NC looks like it has the gay

Previously it was the Juke, but it sorta grew on me. It's still an ugly piece of shit but hey at least its very rare to see on the road
THIS piece of shit however is everywhere and it looks like a fucking pig. Godawful ugliest piece of shit on the road today.

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Where do you live user ? I live in France, Jukes are common but I've never seen one of those.

It's sitting High as fuck in that Picture.

NB has FD rx-7 lines (it was penned by the same designer), the small oem side skirts and lip completely fixes the jelly bean look

NC3 looks amazing, and it's super easy to make faster by swapping in a 2.5L mzr engine.

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I have to puke when I see this rear end, it's disgusting

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I just like how the NA is an Elan ripoff, and the ND is an angery mini F type

those pipes

southern california, electric cuckmobile mecca

What? You realize the glass and door are swapped for the RHD version right?

This thing

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Fucking hell, even my shitbox Hyundai has real tips.

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This thing...

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Hell no. That thing looks cute as fuck. The only problem is that the rear end is too high.

A true showcase of all the worst modern automotive design trends rolled into a single abomination.

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the next evolution of the pt cruiser

Any SUV """coupe"""

Forgot pic


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Delete this car desu

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and any of the BMW GT x series

looks like a minecraft character smiling.

gtfo with that bullshit
Plymouth Prowler is a badass looking car

Never got the appeal of this.

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why are the headlights so big and freaky


Hey fuck you buddy

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a fucking Leaf

tbqh I think the 11th genThunderbird worked out. It looks retro, but still contemporary. It even went back to the T-Bird's roots as a two-seater convertible. Where it failed was them being forced to price it so high so it wouldn't compete with the Mustang...and then it winding up competing with the Mustang anyways. It had no market niche to fill, it was priced at about $35k, and it only had two seats. It was doomed to failure.

>hmm we forgot to add a door handle in the rear, where should we put it?

renault downs

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Also it was built on the horribly unreliable Lincoln LS/Jag S-Type platform.