Normies go auto shopping

>Sister asks for help picking out a new car
>Has to be brand new
>Has to be top trim even though she has no idea what features she wants
>She wants a Honda Accord
>We go to the dealership and look at some
>New 2017 and 2018 models
>Basically no difference between the two
>2017 models are $6k cheaper
>"Hey get the 2017 one, it's a lot cheaper for the same car"
>"But I want a new car user
>"It is new, never driven"
>"But I want a new car. That ones a 2017"
>"Ok, they're basically the same car. They're the same color, same options, same trim level, but one is $6k cheaper because it's a 2017 instead of 2018. They're both brand new, never used, never driven"
>"I want the 2018 one"


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Its her money, let her spend it the way she wants, for good or bad.

Her skills are seducing and manipulating men, not making prudent fiscal decisions

Umm are you crazy? 2018 is a new generation. They aren't the same car. I think I found the normie.

Yeah, i keep quiet when she trades them in every 7 months for the newest model year. I wonder how much she's lost in depreciation and trade-ins in the past few years.

naybe you should just brutally fuck her, that’ll straighten her brain right up

That's not a bad lil brapper in that stock photo

It's a Honda that fell within her price range, that's all that mattered. Literally no idea what kind of engine it has, what features it has, the difference in trim levels, etc. She didn't even test drive them or sit in them. They were shown to us on the lot, and that's it.

I work for a Honda dealer, the 18 Accord is redesigned and has new powertrains for the 18MY, the 17 Accord was on an aging but proven platform, for the 6k difference the 18 is definitely a lot of value considering how improved it is.


OP is the real normie here

Also, the 17 Accord resale value is dragged down cause it dates back to MY as early as 13. Dealers are blowing any they have out but at this point they're basically used cars with ultra-low mileage, lot related damage, test drives (or lack thereof), etc takes it's toll on these cars when they sit on the lot.

I've worked in the luxury segment and they take better care of their inventory, but most Honda dealers sure don't... Most dealer trades we receive already are damaged, repairable minor cosmetic flaws but still nonetheless.

At the end of the day it's just an Accord, but it's actually quite a nice car for the segment when equipped with Touring package and 2.0T engine with the 10 speed auto over the CVT and the 1.5. They are pricey though and there's more appealing options in the used market to me with that kind of money.

I can tell you work for a dealer because you make the 17 seem inferior to the 18 model but at the same time you make both seem to be a great value

>the 18 is definitely a lot of value considering how improved it is
>no more V6

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you get a turbo 4 and a 8 speed transmission instead.
Better fuel efficiency, same 0-60, quieter on the highway.

the 2.0T with 10 speed auto is always in the right gear and in sport mode holds the car in boost and has power on demand, no lag or gear hunting

The 3.5 with 6AT was a good loafer and impressive in it's early days, but the reality is it's days are numbered.

I would be very interested in a clean low mileage Accord HFP package coupe with the 3.5 and 6MT though. It's a proper LSD and good set of tires/brakes away from being a good car.

Not going to lie, I'm a hatchback/wagon person but the current Accord is going to get a test drive when I buy a new car in September.

For a comfortable DD sedan it really is quite good especially for what the lower spec models are priced at given the standard features.

I'm always weary of first model year of a redesign or new platform, as for the car itself it is a major step in the right direction in nearly every aspect.

>better fuel efficiency
Testing shows otherwise
>same 0-60
Seems unlikely given the near 100 hp difference between the 2.0 and 3.5. Even if it's true, there's more to power than 0-60 times.
>quieter on the highway
The absolute state of Hondafags.

>the 2.0T with 10 speed auto is always in the right gear and in sport mode holds the car in boost and has power on demand, no lag or gear hunting
Except the car is programmed for mandatory upshifts at 5750 rpm, 750 rpm before stated peak power.

The 2018 Accord was the first car where Honda brought back physical buttons to control the radio volume.
It's clear that Honda is learning from their mistakes.
And their dedication to keep the sweet short-throw 6 speed manual available at every trim is a signal that they're wanting to go back to their roots as a car manufacturer focused on driver enjoyment.
Honda went too far into the "sterile, safe, reliable, boring" designs to the extent they became the new Toyota.

Every auto publication is praising the Accord as the second coming of Jesus, and while it's not that exactly, it's a sign he's on his way.

You act like this is a bad thing.

if I was a normie i'd just shop at carmax... nobody listens when i suggest it though. even just to get a quote for their trade.

>Seems unlikely given the near 100 hp difference between the 2.0 and 3.5
The 3.5L v6 was 278 HP.
The 2.0L turbo is 252 HP.

>The absolute state of Hondafags.
It's a fucking family sedan. It's meant to be a comfy highway cruiser. Quiet interior is literally its purpose.

Have you driven both? If the 10 AT vs the 6 AT isn't enough to compensate for the power gap the 2.0T won't be hard to squeeze more out of you desire

Now the 3.5 with 6 MT is a different story.

2018 is completely new brainlet
>dat 2.0 turbo
It's faster than the v6. Low 14s in the 1/4 for a family sedan

R&T did a comparo

tl;dr the V6 is better by every metric and was consequently dropped for no reason. Arguably would've gotten better mpg with the new AT as well.

fuck her, let her be a good goy and buy the new one to (((keep up with the jones))) its her bank account going down and not yours

Not your problem. Tell her they are very close, but it is her money.

2017 Accord

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2018 Accord
is OP stupid?

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i was thinking the same thing, for a second i gave him benefit of the doubt thinking this gen was 2019.

nope, OP is geniuinely retarded. i dont blame her sister, and feel bad for being stuck with a retard.

The CRV and Fit have tiny afterthought volume knobs now. No lie, I ruled out buying a Civic Hatchback based on the touch screen, and how stupid they made dimming the guages.

>implying a normie woman would see the difference between these two cars
yeah right

There was a model update in 2018. New chassis, new motor.

Not the same car, user.

>didn't get a camry

Yeah, this. I feel you on needing top trip, new, price, etc etc, but the 2018 is legitimately not the same car as the 2017.

>buying a new car

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>buying a car

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Now you know that your sister is a shallow cunt.
>asks you to come along and waste your time for her
>doesnt even care about your advice
>she just didnt want to do it herself

shes just a girl though she needs people she trusts to ward off faggots

Get her the one with the highest maintenance costs.