The New Ford Ranger wont be available with a manual trans

>the New Ford Ranger wont be available with a manual trans
>nor will it be available with a non eco-boom engine

>The new Ford bronco will not be available in manual
>nor will it be available with a non eco-boom engie
>it will also be 4door

>Neither one of them will be boxy

Why the fuck is this happening

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Why the fuck would you want a manual on a pickup or SUV?

dumb frog poster

I bet you have never even tried a vehicle with an ecoboost you dumb shit.

Thank God Ford invented EcoBoost technology. Honestly it's really refreshing that we have a selection of fun and affordable cars that don't have to rely on shit to turbos to make power.

>"save the whales" pro-EPA cuckery-prefix "ECO"
>Done to appease the climatefags
>Convincing people they want a displacelet engine
>Relying on fanboys to jack themselves off to convince detractors that they actually WANT turbos and an intercooler on a tiny ass 2L engine in a fullsize "truck"

Ford 2018 is a fucking shell of itself.

2014 was the last good year. Steel pickups, V8s, the last year of the Chad mustang-look, Superduty looked like sex.


>when your once favorite brand basically went Trans and now makes microwaved BMWs for mustangs, warmed over $400k GT-R "supercars" sold only to friends, and displacelet trucklets for trucks

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you wouldn't, in fact you wouldn't want manual on anything that isn't a performance vehicle

>Not wanting a manual on an offroader
>being this 18years old

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theres a reason they dont offer it idiot, it sucks dick just like you

> hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr frog poster

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>invented Ecoboost

Um sweetie, no. """Ecoboost""" tech is literally rehashed Mazda DISI tech from 10 years ago. Christ, they're still using a variant of the MZR 2.0 and 2.3 engines, they just rebadged them from Duratec to ECOTOOT.

For a company whose father hated Jews, Ford sure does some Jewish shit.

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>Lose argument because your idea was bad
>"HURRRRRRRRRRR, diiiiiiiiiiiiicks"
>projecting your faggotry onto someone else just this hard instead of owning up to being wrong


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Burgerking here :DDDDD
Mazda underrated fugggg :DDDD

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>teacher leaves class to borrow something from room next to ours
>grab permanent Sharpie
>draw giant fucking dick on clear overhead sheet
>throw on projector
>teacher comes back to find a 6 foot penis cumming on the blackboard

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>Being this comfy
>Being this based

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>Lose argument because your idea was bad
you lost the argument right here with that statement

>calling for a recount, losing that too

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I own a manual Ford Ranger, offroading sucks ass in a manual.
>Hurr Durr muh engine breaking on slopes

>he doesn't know that gm and ram also quietly switched to aluminum body panels

>promised by fordfags that all aluminium and boostlet engines are coming
>2019, GM and Ram still have steel in their beds, GMC going to even stronger carbon fiber, Chad V8s still on the menu

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I like driving a manual, it feels nice

In Australia you can get the ranger with a 6 speed manual and a 3.2 inline 5 turbo diesel

dumb frog poster x2

>ford will never again make good cars

>ford bronco won't be boxy

It's also a poverty gook ute tho

It's the exact same truck.

>amerishit soccermom pickup


In Europe you can get a Ford Ranger with manual gearbox and a 2.2 diesel l-4 engine. One of the best on-road pick-up trucks in the market today.

Dont burgers make their own?

what would be the mpg if you were to hyper mile the shit out of this, like 55mph on the interstate

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Forda are fucking garbage and manual transmission is a thing of the past.

I swear there must've been a group like you idiots in the 20's complaining that cars don't have hand operated throttles anymore. Technology improves, get over it.

How do you know it won't be boxy?

Torque converters are god tier for off-road. Stop talking about things you don’t do.

there are so many memes and buzzwords in this post that its hard to decipher. you need to find a better way to get your point across.

He’s probably mad that GM can’t make a truck faster than a Ford with half the displacement of any of the GM trucks he likes.

>retarded chevyfag/dodgenigger cant even spell fords

Have you ever pulled or gone off-road?
Manual is better in almost every situation

It doesn't have hill descent control, which ia pretty handy for not burning up your clutch and brakes.

not him but yes
and no

That’s what torque converters excel at. They literally multiply torque. You’ve clearly never pulled anything more than an empty boat trailer.

Oh yeah, it’s totally nice having to ride the clutch all day instead of letting a torque converter slip in a way it’s designed to. I’d much rather jimmy my leg like a retard to get worse performance than an automatic.

Stop talking about things you never do.

just get a colorado, I was a bit disappointed buy the lack of engine options in the ranger as well

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>lack of engine options
That’s because you don’t need a large range. They provided a budget n/a engine, a diesel, and an ecooost that makes more power and torque than the Chevy’s V6

My mistake. I didn’t know America wasn’t getting the diesel or the n/a engine. Probably a good thing we don’t have the n/a engine though.

>average fuel consumption will range from 36.2 to 43.5mpg with the 2.2-litre engine. The 3.2-litre is a little more costly to run, returning an average of 33.6mpg

so you could get damn near 60mpg if you were to hyperbole the shit out of that thingy???

No one wants this shit maybe a rabbit pickup kind of truck but these trucks no. Theyll collect dust on lots, automakers have no creativity anymore.

If they offered it for us with said diesel I'd honestly totally consider one, manual or not.

>googles more
>engine auto stop/start


I rented a Escape and I fucking hated that, but at least I could turn it off.

>people attacked this post
>t 18 and not that retarded

car companies generally dont try to make shitty vehicles

what you want would make them worse

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>offroading sucks ass in a manual

You're a faggot.

>offroading sucks in a manual

the only thing that sucks about driving manuals is you can't jerk off your boyfriend in the passenger seat while driving

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Instead, you're just jerking off your jeep.

manual makes everything worse

well my jeep is actually a girl so no homo

>riding the clutch while offroading
>trying launches while going uphill

jesus christ how horrifying

learn to drive fag

how the fuck is auto stop/start catching on
fuck this world

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Or just get an automatic and save myself a massive amount of hassle.

not even, real offroad vehicles have a transfer case with high and low range that avoids needing to slip a clutch you moron

It's a way of cheating emissions testing. It would really save fuck all fuel irl