Ausfag here, Looking to upgrade my VT commodore to either a VE or VF entry model...

Ausfag here, Looking to upgrade my VT commodore to either a VE or VF entry model. I haven't been keeping up with the latest gen commodores since the VZ days.

Any recommendations in regards to what model I should go for?

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How much do you want to spend


15k max thats why I'm thinking the evoke if I was to go with VF.

The VF is better than the VE, much nicer interior. That said, I'd have a V8 VE over a V6 VF.

Depends what you want. If you want a V8 you could get a nice VE SS or SS-V. Though you should only get a series II VE. Potentially save some money so you can upgrade it too. If you're okay with V6 than you could get an sv6 VF.

>Found dream commodore and colour
>Will never be able to afford it
Feels bad.

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I though timing chains were only an issue for the VZ?

They're an issue for all 3.6s aren't they?

Also >buying a commodore that isn't a V8

Why bother? The point of a commodore is the engine.

Don't get the 3.0, make sure it's at least got the 3.6 (so get an SV6 probably). It honestly won't be much faster than your VT, the VE interiors are shit so try and splurge for a VF if you find one you like. If you're happy with how fast your VT is then get a VF SV6, otherwise spend more and get a V8

So it looks like the SV6 is the pick of the bunch if I don't want to go v8 then?

Cheers for the advice.

Honestly if you really want the Commodore experience you need the V8, if you want a fast Australian car and decent fuel economy then just get an XR6 Turbo

How much do the VE SSV's go for these days?

You can get a series 2 one in great condition with low km's for around 22K, whereas a series 1 would be about 16k for one with higher km's

Why avoid the series 1? What years are we talking here?

That dosen't sound to bad at all. I was thinking more around the 25k+ range.

Get the V8 6.0 mate the alloytec is too abused high ks

Vy-vz are bulletproof in the V8

This, Alloytec is to drive compared to the V8, the fuel usage between the V6 and V8 isn't even that big if you drive sensibly

Can second this. Getting 12L/100km driving one side of Adelaide to the other every day in my landbarge WL. V8 is far more reliable and fun anyway.

The SIDI is worth the extra money. It really is, the engine revs better and is morw powerful. Plus if youre getting an auto, a SIDI (3.6, dont even waste youre time with a 3.0) comes fitted (not all models, make sure you pay attention) with a 6 spd auto that is leaps and bounds better thn the 5sp slushbox
Dont get a VE series one before 2007/08 because they have timing chain issues (check the wiki page for specific year models to buy)
If handling is youre primary concern the VF is a must. Ill admit ive never driven one but its generally agreed it has better weight distro, is marginally lighter and the electric steering gives much better handling and feedback. A lot of people describe it as chalk and cheese between a vf and a ve in terms of handling.
If you can stretch for a vf definitely look for a series 2 because they ironed out a lot of issues, mainly some issues with the electric steering
All series one VE v8s are pretty similar, again, higher model year means less kinks. The VE wasnt perfect on release so stretch to a later model S1 if you can, however:
The series 2 is infinitely better because of the addition of a ls3 which is a better breathing and better built engine.
Again, the same principles with the vf apply, worth the extra money but money is money so do what suits your budget.

Tl;dr : v6 = newer is better, v8 = theyre all very similar but newer is still better, functionally a ve s1 v8 and a s2 v8 will work and operate very similarly

>If handling is you're primary concern the VF is a must
Can confirm, I've driven both and the VF handles a lot better and is just a lot more pleasant to drive in general

They fixed it in 07/08. My mate has an 08 calais with 231k no issues at all. Its been taken care of mind you.

I just wanted to say, when i say stretch for a s2 vf i dont mean to say a s1 vf isnt good, just that a s2 is better.

Dont do a 3.0. Theyre cheaper for a reason, theyre the fuel economy variant and are marginally slower. It looks good on paper but the vf and ve are very heavy cars and that loss of torque isnt a good idea.
Ive got mates that beat 3.0 vfs in street drags with a bf falcon.

It's an issue for the 3.6L V6's until 2009. 2009 was the year they finally managed to fix the issue

I know that with earlier gens like VT/VX the Calais had a lot more features over the Commodore, but what does it get in the newer generations? I'm looking at the VE/VF and the Calais doesn't seem to get any real benefits over the Commodore

Vy-vz Calais looks like it had the same or less features than the Calais vt-vx
Oldest ud go is vx2 Calais with the V8

T. Own a vx1 V8 calais

Don't get a V6 Calais/statesmen/caprice they are just too damn heavy for that puny engine

Its pretty much just luxury features. Interior, alloys, rear sensors and what not.
But as the cars got older they became more standard features across the board.
A calais vs an omega is totally different but a calais vs a berlina or an sv6 is pretty similar.
Mind you all calais are auto.

My friend has a 2000 Statesman with a V6 and it struggles a lot, only has 75,000km on the clock so its not like the engine is worn out

VE Commodores start at SS, anything below that has shit suspension. I believe they fixed the suspension in the VF SV6

Statos are made for v8s. That extra weight needs a v8.

>implying sv6 models dont have the same fe2/3 suspension as ss models

Should have only come in V8. At least the Caprice/Calais. Berlina/Statesman should be been 6/Super6

I never drove a VE SS but I assumed it would be a death trap without upgrading the suspension from SV6 tier. How the fuck did Holden get away with that mushy shit

I've driven a 3.6 Calais. I'd hope that the suspension on the v8 is a bit less like you're floating on the ocean

A little known fact about the super 6 calais and iirc the stato is it can be be driven on p plates with an exemption in some states, because they are 'luxury/family' vehicles.
Same doesnt go for s pack super 6s.
Obviously its no v8 but you can put a pulley and exhaust on it and have a pretty quick rig.
The super 6 motor is highly underrated in my opinion, entirely overlooked because 'just get a v8', but pull off that charger and replace it with a turbo or a bigger huffer and theyre strong engines. Bit of bottom end and theyd chug down most v8s on the road.

VF SV6 goes pretty hard.

Holden/Ford havent ever really been known for well handling cars. The older lighter ones go pretty good but ultimately our cars are very american, big, heavy and boat like handling.
Obviously a v8 would affect the weight distro and other things that would affect geometry, but I was led to believe the only difference in a sv6 and a ss is brakes, engine, tranny, diff and fuel pump.
Theyre essentially the same car.

super 6 are alrite

but its still slower than a barra/5.7
Yeah i got a FE2 pack on mine when i got it corners nice and flat, needed new bushes and new stiffer adjustable front end sway bar links

Coilovers are cheap as piss as well

How else /high km/ commodore?

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In NSW P plate restriction is power to weight ratio, and the supercharged VT/VX's aren't powerful enough to be banned.

No, they didn't. Even VE series 2 has timing chain stretch, your mates was either done or it's a V8.

Probably but my odometer has been stuck at 120,000 for at least 7 years

To be fair it was previously his fathers car and his dad may have had it done abd not mentioned it. However its not an issue on 'all' alloytecs, its just an issue on a lot of them. Its definitely a six, ive worked on it with him.

Yeah when i think about it, it might even be exclusively a VIC thing.

My dad has a vt with 345 last i checked. Shes seen better days.

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I didn't make the thread fuckwad stay mad

A 4 liter beats a 3 liter? Wow surprised


P Plater here. My SV6 is going to make 250rwkw N/A after Cams, intake manifold and tune (already done intake, exhaust, underdrive pulley, manifold spacers.

>My SV6 will make less power than an XR6T and stock SS after a shit load of expensive mods

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Stock SS makes 200rwkw with nesrly double the displacement fuckwit. Also xr6t and SS aren't p plate legal

It might make that much at the flywheel, but it's not going to get there at the wheels. Unless it's on a chassis dyno with some kind of retarded correction.

And I'm sure your SV6 is completely P plate legal with your shitty mods. Enjoy getting raped by Grimshaw.

What part of REAR WHEEL KILLOWATT dont you understand faggot. Also pic related SIDI with cams

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Also the non sidi already make 195kw at the flywheel, you think cams and intake manifold might only add 5 flywheel kw?

my granddad has a vt with 480k km's on it, it's rough. he repaired a dent with lead lol

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