I did my first track day last week and I am absolutely hooked...

I did my first track day last week and I am absolutely hooked. Any tips or suggestions you guys have for not blowing too much money and also not getting my car wrecked? My first one was in pouring rain and I still felt like I pushed it to the absolute limit so I’m really looking forward to doing it in the dry

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Don't be a pussy and wreck your car

welcome to the group of around 5 Veeky Forums users who actually track their car.
Basically make sure your car is being reliable as in it keeps getting oil reliably, wheels are properly attatched, doesnt overheat etc etc

And keep going, approach your limits from below. Make friends with other more experienced guys at the track and get to ride shotgun or get them to ride shotgun and give you pointers.
Just keep having fun and stay safe brother.

>actual thread about track racing
>ded thread
"Enthusiasts" my ass. I guess if you just take pictures of your ride and post them or engage in brand faggotry wars, then that makes you Veeky Forums certified™.

Track days are expensive and I only have my daily. No insurance for track, phone home means the manufacturer will know I’ve tracked and warranty claims will be void. I want to get a roadworthy shitbox to track when I can afford it

I greatly prefer a dead thread than one filled with shitters, it's not bad to have to bump it occasionally. I would like to go to some but at the moment my car leaks too many fluids.

This is a board full of autistic weebs with 90s shitboxes. They can't afford a track day, much less a real car.

Keep your tires and oil in good condition
Wheels will probably be the only thing that matters until you have reached the potential of the car. Find someone more experienced, they may tell you about things you've never thought of.

>all these americucks who cant afford track days and glorify muh vee eytes and 0 60 times
>mfw entire time attack race at a track sets me back 25 bucks and I only need a helmet and fire extinguisher

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>tfw carlet with a 4 cylinder 1.6 auto
>Can't even Hoon on the back roads let alone go to the track

Use a high grade oil like Redline/Amsoil/etc.
Use a high grade brake fluid like Motul 660 or better
Get titanium brake shims (they are relatively cheap and save your brake piston seals, so its very cheap insurance)
Focus your mods on cooling (AKA reliability) and seat time.
Try different instructors and explore their lines and incites to build an understanding of what works best for you and your abilities.

If you have a 5.0 Mustang like in your pic, remove the brake dust shields (free brake cooling) and be sure to always use 5W50 when at the track.

25bucks for a lap, for a session, for a day, for a weekend?
Thats awesomely cheap, but what sort of seat time and track availability/crowding are you getting for that?
I mean you can conefag for around $50usd, but thats approx 5min seat time and all Saturday, so its a pretty shit value.

Don't track your DD
Change your oil/filter after every track day
Get tires that match your trackday conditions
Do trackdays that come with free instruction

Welcome to the club, by the way.

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shit I've learned so far
>pay attention to whatever gauges your car offers when you can (is your oil pressure fucky? are you over heating? etc)
>run cool down laps if you're running hot
>pit in if anything feels off to investigate
>take note where the marshals are and give a quick glance to watch for flags
>if your brakes smell go easier in brake zones (I've warped 2 sets of front rotors on an mx-5 because I didn't)
>check tire pressure and wheel lug torque between sessions
>leave the ego behind if the car you're driving is also your ride home

>don't track your dd
I do this, it's not smart and I recommend against it, but I always make a contingency plan in case my car can't take me to work

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Or just sign up at bondurant.com/

You can only learn so much through self taught driving techniques or listening to others experiences. Even Takumi had his Father.

>dont track your DD
pfft, how else are you supposed to test that it is reliable.

The fact that there appears to be a second generation Cayman GT4 coming means that my dream of owning an original Cayman GT4 and tracking it seems to be possible one day.

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Pretty much this.

Also, be aware of domino effects of modding.

Better tires requires better brakes requires better cooling requires some safety shit for when it all goes bad.

Resist the tendency to go into the deep end and make sure you stay on top of maintenance.

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>tips on safety
i can't think of a single place safer than the track. i guess it depends on your location, but as far as i saw it all of the other drivers were as careful to not ruin their car as i was with mine

>how to not blow your money
fuck, i don't know, my student budget is usually ruined at the end of every month. now i've got myself new set of kinda-more-track-oriented tyres (toyo t1r), i can't wait to put them on and see what it can do on the track. it's terrible addiction, but it's also too fun to just drop it

i'm tracking my dd and i don't care, fight me. the only downside is that i can't remove everything to reduce weight, and it's really something i'd like to do after i removed 30-40kg of softtop and felt considerable difference in corners

does the oil change idea makes any sense? if so, why?

Tracking bikes is funner. Much funner. But have fun in your safety cage.

That said, I don't actually go to track days because I don't have a track bike and I'm too poor to rent.

I’ve tracked my bike already. The car is more fun imo. I can carry more speed through the corners

Yes, change your oil after every track day. You're spending huge stretches of time constantly in the powerband of your vehicle, it's a $30 insurance policy

Post tendies

You can Hoon with anything. By a set of r888's for your shitbox and you have a track car.