Why the fuck didnt he review a vn-vt 5.0 or 5.7?

Why a na 3800, what a dumbass

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cant not post this every time its too funny

Vs is the only relevant commodore. Only a poorfag would settle for a vp.

jesus christ

>haha only a poorfag would buy a 30 year old shitbox instead of a 25 year old shitbox that is mostly the same
>the bogan heirarchy

someone link this guy's furfag content

That was the joke, retard. But if for some reason you did like the vp-vs aesthetic, there's be no reason to not get a vs.

vx-vz the best cunt

what era was that haircut ever a good look

Completely missed the point about Skylines as well.

probably because he's a philistine.

Because he fucks dogs


Yeh you are right, but they at least half turn around corners.

>furshaming in 2k18

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yiff in hell faggot

>yiff in hell faggot
Nah. But since you mentioned it the idea of jumping on baphometh's snakecock is kinda tempting.


No VP is the superior car, that's coming from the owner of a super low km tidy VS Calais.

Have a look at the panel gaps and fitment around the front of the VS, especially how the front indicators extend behind the front guard by about 3 inches. Disgusting.

Go fuck yourself.

Vt-vz 5.7/6.0> the Aussie 5.0 vb-vs gutless wonders

t. Shit note

T. Makes 300-500hp+ with fuck all mods at most cam and heads
Meanwhile you sweet note Holden V8 struggled to make 150-250hp mate.

They sound good... That's it.

go back to r/yiffinhell


>*poopoo peepee joke*
>*semen joke*

>Why did they review x instead if y?

Because no one offered them one.

Isnt the point of his channel to review REGULAR cars? If it had a badass v8 under the hood, it wouldnt be a regular car


Come on its so fucking lame every 80-90s boat in America had the 3800

Also slot of older commodores here are v8s

He even said in one of his podcasts that he was going to review Regular Cars (shitty/basic ones)

>He even said in one of his podcasts that he was going to review Regular Cars (shitty/basic ones)
Yeah he kinda fucked that up by reviewing a Century.

He loves luxobarges tho that was one of his best videos

T. Crown fan
Why a boomer spec (ex police) lel
bt1/fe2 options are bretty rare outside of ss trim why would cops bother making a 3800 pursuit commo?

T. Aussie I have no fucking idea about old NZ cop cars


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Google RCR furry

Thats the point. A sedan with the 3800 is just an average run of the mill car. REGULAR car reviews.

Nah it's one of the worst commodores ever besides the vp-vl which where all dogshit noodle chassis loved by boomers

He even references the dose meme at the start.

FFS what a waste and he can't even be fucked to make a small flight to Aus whole his there to check out the mainland's cars


This has to be early 2000s but the fashion and film quality look like 1994.

He couldn't pass that one up, since America doesn't have a real luxury car such as that one, the closest luxury car would be a Porsche Cayenne, and even then they don't have recliner seats that treat a passenger seat in front of you as a foot rest, yet everyone still orders "hard" leather for their "luxury" car
He questioned the claim of the veesix commodore of being a police car

Doesn't falcunt's make like 400hp at $10k deep?

>late 80s - early 90s family car has a non ultra stiff chassis
Oh wow. Do you really think it matters with the power it's producing?

>Why the fuck didnt he review a vn-vt 5.0 or 5.7?
>Why a na 3800, what a dumbass
gee maybe because nobody offered him one
and nice reddit spacing, retard

Because he's a closeted homosexual and a furry

I'm ashamed to admit I've listed to some of his "diary" videos, and there are so many things wrong with the guy aside from the obvious things I mentioned above.

My favorite episode:

Why do you care so much?

I don't see that big of a deal with it, as long as he's producing quality content
hate the guy, not the content

i agree with user

>he doesnt know how to drive
>drives slow like a grandma
>reviews are rarely on topic, the POV drives are better
>reviews the dullest cars

Yeah that was an odd video talking about closeted homosexuality in the 50s, but I get what he was going for

lmao what the fuck more that channel is a gold mine
I'd put it around early 2000's

the more i watch this guy the less i like him. used to be different; funny. reminded me of how youtube used to be back in 06, 07. not so commercialized, he tells a story, comfy humor if a bit cringy and misses the mark sometimes

but i've come to realize he is a typical self hating lib-shit that would refer to his state as "pennsyltucky" not in a humorous way, but with unironic derision

>reviews the dullest cars
I think that's kind of the point
it's called "regular" car reviews for a reason

i don like you

they are even dull by regular standards
>but i've come to realize he is a typical self hating lib-shit that would refer to his state as "pennsyltucky" not in a humorous way, but with unironic derision
Yep, welcome to nutube, its going down the drain anyway.

he's the type of guy that if you confronted him about this sad bullshit, he would look at you like you were an idiot for not realizing he was actually making fun of how cringy furries are (even though he wasn't)

>(even though he wasn't)
so glad furries shit craigs list privates got shut down, let those degenerates go get aids the normal way

I never looked at craigslist privates before they were shut down, were there really that many furfags there?

I'm saying you can't get power for cheap on any engine without turning up the boost. Why do Aussie 5ltrs make you so salty?

tonnes of gays,fags.

Let them all migrate to tindr for all i care


No. CL shut down their personals officially to "help fight sex trafficking" but the real reason they did it is because it was 90% scam bots and the rest was a mix of hookers, painfully desperate incels and closeted crossdressers

because browwwwnnnnnn *fart sound*

If you want good handling you need a VF

the 5 litre is all noise and no go, bogans like them but they're objectively a weak engine for a 5 litre v8

the funny thing is the heavier Commodores got the better they handled

1700kg isnt heavy anymore

1900-2000+ is heavy now

Damn thicc tyres and suvs for making that catch on

He reviews what people bring him.
I just want the fucker to review a Twingo already.

I'm pretty sure he's sat on a few dragon dildo's in his lifetime. He most likely got his back blown out by a random at a furry convention.

he wont review anything interesting.

maybe because that would require some effort instead of just regurgitating memes

now that's just a blatant lie

And an auto at that.
VR VS has wider track and IRS. Makes a massive difference.

cunt had shit taste but was that ever in debate

Seriously who the fuck actually enjoys listening to this cringy gay-rambling?
You want to give ma review of a car? then review it go trough specs and give me your objective conclusion
You want to give some opinions about a car then tell me what you like and dislike and give your subjective opinion
NO he goes straight to these retarded parallels
something like
>color green on old american cars is like going to a [some nearly ancient band nobody heard off] concert with a lemon juice while ducks fly by
He wants to be funny? well shit deepthroating mic or farting on it is the kind of humour I would expect from a teenage furry
but he`s now old faggot furry with his gay friend who makes these terrible songs for every video
>the video format didn`t change in 6 years

People unironically watching the videos so they can 'hate on them'.

good god thanks for posting keep it up ahah

aint nothing wrong with hating a furry faggot
This is what happens when old youtube refuses to die, the content stays the same and or gets worse and everyone else grows up, thankfully Youtube itself is almost dead.

What the fuck am I watching

Who gives a fuck, he's a know-it-all pseudo-enthusiast, just like doug.

I will dox you faggot.

>watch a few of his videos
>Base model C4 corvette made 350 hp stock, so why by a ZX turbo?

he has a few good videos but a majority are pretty shit.

>he has a few good videos but a majority are pretty shit.
most youtube channels in a nutshell m8