So I got a speeding ticket a little while ago. At least I should have. 71 in a 55, but right before then I was doing 90...

So I got a speeding ticket a little while ago. At least I should have. 71 in a 55, but right before then I was doing 90, so.... Anyway, instead of giving me a ticket the cop started telling me how it's bad that I put premium fuel in my car even though it only calls for regular.

He even said I was causing engine damage and making my engine run unnecessarily hot?

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You're both retarded. Only the minimum octane the engine is tuned for is needed, but going a few units higher won't cause damage.

If you ever use regular you're a cheap jackass that likes risking knocking your engine into oblivion
Higher octane does not make the engine run hotter
They also burn cleaner and leave less soot. If your engine has knock sensors and fancy shit it also can give you a bit more power, torque, and fuel economy by the engine self advancing the ignition point

You're supposed to run 91 in turbocharged cars. Right?

I hear pinging or knocking in my regular gas engine when I'm in high rpm all the time so now I put high octane and I don't hear it anymore

>there are actually retards out there that don't realize their user manual tells them what kind of fucking fuel to use

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>Paying money for a Velosturd
>Wasting money for needlessly expensive fuel for that shitheap
>Getting pulled over and letting the pig educate you on your own car

I don't know what I expected from an owner of a gookmobile

How about you don't fucking speed in the first place?

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The Veloster turbo should take 91 it runs like shit otherwise but the you could put 87 if you want and its the minimum in the manual.

The Veloster Turbo is tuned for 93, but it doesn't need it. It really doesn't do much but it'll shave off like .4 seconds of your quarter mile and about .2 seconds on your 0-60.

Again, you don't need it, but if you wanna maximize what you got, you should. Also, get a downpipe and an ecu tune. It's worth it.

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A white cop also caught me at 71 in a 55 and let me, a black guy with dreads who was just hitting a one-hitter 20 miles earlier, go with a verbal warning.

I tell everyone not all cop experiences have to be bad.

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I am curious about tuning. I've left mine stock, for 25k miles now. Not sure what warranty is left, but nothing has happened yet.

>t. nu-korean 90s japanese reliability

Similar thing happened to me. Got caught doing 85 in a 45 zone. Country Sheriff roasted me for it, but let me go with a warning. Living in a small town isn't always a bad thing. I'm pretty sure if that was a city cop I would be going to jail and my car would be impounded.

it's because you didn't start flailing out the vehicle excaliming how 'YOU DINDU NUFFIN'.
Cops are mostly okay if you treat them right, but ours are corrupt to hell in Eastern Europe.
Got a shitkicking and 24hrs in a jail cell for having a joint on me as a kid (on foot).
Felt bad man... I wasn't even dealing or anything it was the first day of spring break.