Which one are you taking, Veeky Forums?

Which one are you taking, Veeky Forums?

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The Mustang, I can sell it for more here.

mustang if crusing
subaru if cornering

You do realize that the WRX doesn't corner as well as the Mustang...


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>Headgaskets and Haldex

You're right that it does have a head gasket, as do most engines with cylinders, but it doesn't have Haldex.


What did he mean by this?

the rear driveshaft is probably the skinniest i have ever seen

People think that rally is about cornering and the WRX is a rally car. The WRX did well in rally because it has amazing traction coming out of corners. It sacrifices a lot of speed in the corners to get its wheels pointed property for the exit.

That said I'd take the WRX because you can run it year round a lot better. A mustang is a summer toy.

Still faster than an STI.

WRX for driving. Mustang for plowing pedestrians when I try to show off after a cars and coffee.

Boxer engines are gross

Boosted boxers are time bombs

>thinks the RS is Haldex
Go back to euro threads and post Audi engine mount diagrams like it means anything. Keep your faggotry the slightest bit contained at least.

Until it overheats ;)

You have to cool down after a race anyway. The only people who've experienced limp mode are journalists who were testing drift mode for hours at a time.

Mustang because I don’t want to replace headgaskets and transmissions, also I don’t vape

2017 shouldn't have any headgaskets issues. The lack of vaping is a serious issue though.

I honestly don't think the Mustang is a good car though. I get the appeal of Murica muscle cars, just not that one. Dodge makes louder cars and I've seen to many idiots break traction by gunning a Mustang.

Mustang 5.0 is like 6k more than the WRX though? Why not compare the memeboost?

>The only people who've experienced limp mode are journalists who were testing drift mode for hours at a time.

This is false. Plenty have ran into this issue during track runs. There is a difference between letting your car cool down and having your car shut itself down

Is that your main criteria for what makes a car good? How loud it is? Nevermind that the Mustang is faster, has better suspension, is more reliable, has a better interior, but it's not as loud so it isn't any good.

It doesn't shut itself off if you let it cool down. That's the whole point. If you abuse it by driving 10/10 for an hour straight then yeah it'll get hot. At least they put fail-safes in place that prevent retards from destroying their cars, unlike the Subaru which just decides on a whim to destroy the engine.

That's the appeal of American muscle isn't it? Loud enough so that everyone knows you have penis proxy under the hood.

You go fast on the quarter mile, make a lot of noise, and pretend you are in a classic car movie. Only the Mustang has inferior car movies to the Trans-am, Challenger, Charger, and Camero.

So why own a Mustang? You can get a better handling Jap or German car for that money, and the Murica dream is better with other options.

Have you ever driven a newer gen mustang? do you even drive?

Okay, show me all the German and Japanese cars that are better for $35k. Actually, Japan doesn't have anything close so you can just skip them. $35k only gets you like a base model German car, BMW/Mercedes/Audi don't even have any competition in that class. You need at least $45k to get anything decent.

The fact that you referred to it as memeboost answers that question

There is a difference between pony car and muscle car

Does it? The WRX and EBM are in the same class. The GT is a wildly imbalanced comparison.

Mustang, I'm not into premixing gas 50:01 like I was in the 90's.

>It doesn't shut itself off if you let it cool down


What I'm saying is that if you track the car for 30 minutes or more the car will likely turn AWD off. Are you saying that's not true?

Why spend 35k on a performance car if you have to shut it off after 20 minutes of track time in fear of it overheating and shutting itself down? For that money the focus RS should be able to perform normal track duty.

30 minutes of nonstop high load driving is normal track duty. Under normal track duty, there's no problem. It's only when it's pushed nonstop for hours at a time with no cool down period does it get limp, and lots of performance cars have limp mode, it's not just the Focus.

Ok. Let's pretend the 370z, toyobaru, STI, and Miata don't exist. Heck you'd even save money on most of those. You still have the GTI, the 2 series, and an A3 that all handle better. If you save up for the 40k range then it isn't even close.

Mustangs are great for plowing through pedestrians and that's about it.

None of those Japanese cars are competition for the Mustang. It out performs every single one of them. There Miata and BRZ aren't even in the same class, and they also get smoked by the EBM.
The BMW and Audi, again, aren't even close in performance although they are close in price, and the GTI? I don't know what GTI you're talking about but I know it's not the Golf GTI because that's not even fucking close to the Mustang. That thing is in a different category from every other car in this thread. And if you save up for $40k, you can get the Mustang performance package which makes it even better and blows away anything under $45k.
But I'd love to see you try to find a single import that can stand with the Mustang on a track that costs under $50k. Take all the time you need, you can't. Those German cars have $20k worth of performance and $20k worth of interior. Mustang is just all performance.

Dude, what I'm telling you is that some people are over heating during normal track duty, I'm not talking about driving balls for the wall for hours at a time. It's no secret that the Focus RS was underbuilt from the factory.

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Camaro SS

How many laptimes have you memorized?

When did you realize you are a huge benchracer? Have you ever been a closed track yourself?

>Mustang is just all performance

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Nice examples. Don't bring up performance and then get mad when your favorite badge gets beaten.

Meh, price is really the only issue with the comparison. The cars are so different that you're really just talking preference. Do you want to be a
>vape rally weeb
>tribal tattoo v8 bro

The only difference is price and performance but yeah ignoring the fact that the Mustang is much more expensive and much faster, they're basically the same


Msutang. It's way better bang for buck and the douches of the group are at least alpha douches. Subaru douche boys are betas.

The WRX because I can drive it in the winter

The RS is Euro you dumb fucking muritard. And the AWD system is similar to the Haldex

Obviously the Subaru, for it is the only car of the two


I have friends. It's better if they have their own doors.


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somehow over the years, WRX fans have become even more grating and annoying than Mustang fanboys. Plus it's high time WRX fans get put in the internet shitposting grinder. Mustang fans have already gotten it over the years.

The GNK system is only similar in the way that the front wheels always have drive and the rear axles can be decoupled to save gas. In track mode the rear has up to a 70%bias.

How long are you going to shit up the board with your misplaced Haldex hate.

What car do you even own?

t. assmad mustang fangirl

Nice job user. You ripped them a new one. Keep up the good fight.

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But he's right you know.

>How many layers of muscle vs tuner are you on right now?

> ITT miata owners shitposting about cars they read specs on

The STI peaked in like 1998.

Mustang with Performance Pack 2. Even for the corners.

IMO 300 horse AWD rally car was cool as fuck....20 years ago. Why the hell have they gotten slower and fatter?

This as well, but depends where you live. We're lucky to get snow here once a year. And yea, a PP mustang gt will pull over 1.10 lateral G on the accelerometer easily. Plus you're gonna get over 400 wheel with tune and cat delete. 430 is possible with intake manifold/tb/headers.

To get even more ridiculous, the 2018 is making 430 wheel BONE stock, and is getting optional magnaride or even a more aggressive lvl 2 PP with 305s all around and the stiffest suspension yet. MSRP for base GT goes from 34k to 36k, but you can always find any tier of the mustang for 2k cheaper on the lot.

He likes understeering into trees.