Redpill me on why I should learn to drive stick shift

Redpill me on why I should learn to drive stick shift.

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You shouldn't. That's the real redpill.

because you can drive any car
>manuals are cheaper

next big step would be to learn how to drive with a big trailer
>driving reverse is a bitch


Gas mileage and low cost maintenace. And it's fun.

Because it’s a good skill to have, you will be able to drive almost any car, also just because you know how to drive stick doesn’t mean that you need to have a manual car

Learning a new skill can only benefit you. Either take a class or get a friend who can drive stick and test drive shitboxes together. Also if you ever want to own a performance vehicle you’ll look like a bitch for not driving manual, but that’s just my opinion.

>Manuals are cheaper

This is literally a meme.

When buying new, sure, manuals are cheaper, but on the used market they are way more expensive than automatic. Hop on CL and compare prices of manual vs auto civics. Manual vs auto mustangs. Really, any car, and the manuals are ALWAYS more expensive. They've got Race Car(TM) tax.

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t. teen

how do I know 90% of Veeky Forums is busriders LARPING as car owners?

the >MUH MANUEL MEME yet nobody ever mentions city driving and/or bumper to bumper driving

Go look on your local classifieds and see how many manuals there are. I bet it's like 15. Also the number of new cars available with a stick are shrinking fast. You might as well take up typewriter maintenance while you're at it.

They do. All the time. But if you're so shit at driving manual that you can't drive in traffic, you should stick to your slush box. It's seriously not bad if you know what the hell you're doing and don't have a 6 puck race clutch in your civic EX.

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No, it fucking sucks

It makes driving more involved, and gives you more control. That's it. Modern automatics are superior by every objective measure.

That said being able to drive one is a good skill to have in case you need it. Driving them in gridlock isn't fun, and limiting yourself to manuals will lock you out if summer great cars. If you drive an automatic that's fine.

Well all that and it lets you avoid cvts.

Honestly there is no point besides mechanical simplicity and feedback

Manuals shift slow but allow excellent control and reward skilled drivers.

Upside great on highways mountain roads
Downside pita to live with in traffic in cities you don't notice how annoying auto cars are until your driving a manual they move like slugs

you sure told him

what sort of weak fucking legs do you guys have, just slighty lift your left foot till its crawling maybe give a tap of throttle if you're not smooth enough

that's true for "race cars"
If you are looking into buying a "mom's car" for example then you might be on the bright side.

A literall shitbox as a manual is almost unsaleable. That's your advantage when you are willing to drive a manual.

you can do this

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They hold their value better and (should) last way longer than autotragics

Don't lecture me boy, my DD is a 13 speed

If you want to vacation in europe and have a car. Unless they changed that since the last time I went.

Other than that some people think it is fun. But if it seems like a hassle, don't do it. It wasn't meant for you.

Do amerimutts really have auto only licences?
Why not learn manual at school and then buy whatever transmission you want?

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Learning manual is considered optional to getting your driver's license in America.

That’s japan, retard.


They always offer automatics for foreigners. Especially if you rent a car in tourist destinations
Dutchmutt here: we have those too. Handicapped people can do their drivers exam with automatic and they get a license only for automatic cars

Cheaper cars, more choice in cars.

Rental cars are auto, sadly. How can I drive it like a rental if it's a fucking auto?

Rev to 6k in N, drop into D at every light

Driving is often boring. Manual gives your hand something to do.

Driving manual is annoying

>A literall shitbox as a manual is almost unsaleable.

In Europe it's the polar opposite. Even school run moms drive manual, while autos just sit forever at dealers.

Only in le 56% land
In Europe cheap shitboxes are 99% manual, which is good because automatic shitboxes are dire. At least you can have fun in a manual shitbox

The trus larpers are the ones recommending to use the hand brake for hill starts

Just do a normal start but quicker, it’s not hard

And your tractors are all automatic

You mean day to day driving I do in my manual shitbox with failing clutch?
At least I'm not one of those faggots burning the retinas in of the person behind me with my brake lights.

I've been on farms a fair bit and only ever seen manual tractors


It's weird. In European cities literal 17 year old girls drive low-powered petrol manuals in gridlock traffic with no problem. Yet talk to a seppo on here and suddenly driving a manual in traffic is an enormously arduous task.

In Europe it is the norm to learn to drive stick
If you get a license extra for auto cars you are either handicapped or literally retarted.

Small underpowered shitboxes get thirsty with an automatic transmission and if you need to drive a shitbox you save money where you can.

Plus manual transmissions usually don't make trouble. If you don't have any spasms you usually don't kill the clutch within the lifetime of a shitbox.

>why I should learn to drive stick shift
If you need someone to tell you why, leave this place and never come back.

No it just sucks and is unessential

Not really, you have literally one more thing to do than in an automatic. If you aren't a complete spastic then it's piss easy

Was that how it was a decade ago? I could have sworn I had a stick shift as a rental car because it was cheaper.

It's not a question of ease, but of necessity, convenience, and comfort. I can understand why euros don't go for autos, it's essentially an American invention. Your engines couldn't power a torque converter, even mb didn't have one until the 60s. Model T ruined everything with no clutch pedal you always have to mash either. Auto is a luxury like power windows and cruise control to us.

You can't rent a manual in North America anymore. If you could, they would just be trashed by people trying to learn stick.

Automatic is faster and harder to master, they dont sell many manuals anymore

I agree that it really isn't that bad in traffic, but any kind of performance clutch can make it a lot worse. It doesn't have to be a 6 puck race clutch in a civic. My car has a decent amount of power and an upgraded clutch & flywheel and the way it lurches even on a very gentle start is a pain in the ass in bumper to bumper and it freaks out surrounding traffic, even if you know exactly what you are doing.
This post is truth. Easiest way to fuck with someone who is learning.

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>harder to master

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It takes a little longer, but not by much, to learn however, once you get the feel for it you'll go far. If you ever get carjacked 9/10 the kid is going to look down at the shifter and think, "The hell is this." Then look at the three pedals and think, "The hell is that?" Before running off with your wallet and cellphone but leaving your car.

Remember its all about the gears you don't shift brainlets need not apply

>shifting gears is hard

>city driving
New Yorkers and San Fran cucks don’t need cars. When your public transit system is so good and your human crowding is so high it’s almost faster to fucking walk.

>every city is just these two cities

>defending not learning a new skill
There's nothing wrong with owning an automatic. No one implied that. Autocucks chill out defending your cars, no one's attacking them.

There's literally no downside to learning something new.

>tfw I drove a really high bite point stuff clutch x type through bumper to bumper traffic every day for about 8 months and it didn't bother me one bit
>tfw I haven't stalled in over a year from this experience
Stop being a little girl it's not that bad unless you have a multi stage 4 puck race clutch or some shit. My mazdas are easy to engage.

Want to travel abroad? Guess what? Almost all cars outside America are manuals.

it's just a nice skill to have.

>white kids


Autos have better mileage now.

If there's ever an emergency and the only car available is a manual, you'll be screwed. And as a man, you should know how to drive manual.

It's a matter of a few grand. Who cares about a few grand?

people will laugh at you at track day if you have an auto

also it's better for inclement weather to have more control over your power output, you dont wanna be that fag who cant even get out of a parking space because there's a two inch mound of snow in front of your tire

Because its a skill

You can never learn too many skills

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if your city isnt that big, it's not a city, it's a town or even village

I drive a stick car everyday, bumper to bumper is annoying if you don't have any torque or it's gutless. Other than that it's fine.

>city driving and/or bumper to bumper driving
What about it?

If you can't drive a 1.0l 3cyl standard transmission in everyday conditions it just means you're weak as fuck

>only a matter of a few grand
>on something that only costs a few grand

Surely you don't mind paying 10$ for a loaf of bread, then, it's only a few dollars more. btw i'm doubling your minimum mortgage payment and your wife's son rent, it's only a few hundred dollars, surely only a poorfag would mind, right?

It shocked me when I found out a Nissan Juke NISMO RS manual was $3,000 cheaper than the CVT

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wtf is going on with the soyboy in the middle? is it a tranny or just so soy'd up it'd make a good trap if it lost the beard? would dress in diapers and rape violently

You buy a manual because you enjoy driving. If you don't want to fork out a bit extra to have a car that's fun to own then that's your prerogative.

Comparing it to living costs isn't a just comparison either, those are necessities. It's more like complaining your house didn't have a pool when you didn't want to pay for one.

literally just because god forbid you ever have to drive some manual shitbox in an emergency situation.

>manuals are cheaper

not even really, depending on the car it might need to be a special order and on popular mod cars like a wrangler or taco is literally the same price

id figure that in an emergency youd want as good control as possible. same reason that in emergencies, people don't rely on sprinklers and halon systems, guys in nomex parkas with fucking hoses attack that motherfucker

>San Francisco has good public transit

public transit is a meme outside the Bos- Wash corridor and Chicago... and even in a lot of places in that corridor

Fun if you're an enthusiast, tedious/work if you're not. I mean even if you're an enthusiast you might not like it. It's just a matter of preference. This isn't the answer you're looking for though.

that's a meme too, you've been able to drop gears in autos for fucking decades, autos are faster, autos are more fuel efficient, a lot of modern autos let you lock in low gears

learning a manual is just preference and a shtf skill if you aren't involved in auto sports. if you drive an auto in competition then you're a fag and removing a huge chunk of the skill involved

so your left ass cheek gets larger than your right ass cheek

If, when driving, you think to yourself things like "gee, I wish I could feather the throttle in this corner for a sec to regain inner-front tire grip without the transmission deciding to downshift," (and I do when driving auto) then manual is for you.

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for the sheer joy of driving

if you own a fucking automatic car and claim to love driving you fucking memed yourself. Soyboys on suicide watch but it's true.

What auto lets you lock in a higher gear?

Well, I guess it's and upshift yes, but the whole intention is to quickly get back on the throttle where the auto would then have to downshift, which can easily upset the car's balance when cornering hard.

A dated analogy as it partains to film but...

Automatic is 1 hour photo at Wal-Mart
Manual is developing your own

Depends on the experience and result you want, but one is clearly for the enthusiast.

just so you guys know, no one that can drive a manual or that is over 30 has ever started a an incendiary argument about how people that drive automatics (not even talking about people who only drive automatics) are cucks. the argument has always been started by autobabbies trying to rationalize their insecurities of being forced to drive automatic for one of two reasons that affects all- fear of failure and soy culture/low testosterone.

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My point was snow/mud/ice, not racing.

My van can be locked in 4th gear with a button press.

What is that gif?

>Redpill me on why I should learn to drive
This is what people who can drive read. Fucking muritards.

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wrong, simply.

pretty pridot

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A hooker who gets more than she bargained for

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not hard at all, purely a meme, I can do it forever, if my leg gets tired, shift into neutral and let it rest. I can reshift in 1 second

brand new autos can be more fuel efficient, yes, but if you're not buying new, most of the cars you will want to buy will still be more fuel efficient as a standard.

EVEN SO, manuals are still cheaper to buy and cheaper to fix. Disregarding all of that, they are more fun to drive. will engage you for the life of the car. unless you sit in rush hour jersey traffic every fucking morning, manual is way better. driving should be a pleasure

The approval of NEET busriders on an automotive subforum of an anime website

Only undesirable shitboxes are cheaper with manual transmissions. Any car worth owning is more valuable if it has a manual transmission.

It's shit, but useful at certain jobs where companies are too cheap for automatics, or when some work trucks don't even have auto models