Forced Induction Engine Bay Thread

Post your FI engine bays. Turbo/Supercharger/Nitrous all acceptable.

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are you all N/A plebs or what?

It should be called Enhanced or Improved Induction.

so all the fags with their cold air intake kits on their v6 mustangs camaros and hondas post their shit engine bays? no thanks i want to see cool shit

>using forced induction

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not mine anymore but I bought this 92 camaro that had the 3.8 turbo buick swap started and finished it back in 2013.
Sold it last year but it was cool and different. Even sourced a TTA dash so I could have the factory boost gauge.

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Boostt is shit for econoboxes

this isn't Veeky Forums of 2008-2012. This is Veeky Forums of 2018 everyone has NA miatas, BRZ/FRS, and v6 camaros/mustangs/challengers. If anyone has anything modified it's all visual/stance shit.

That sounds stupid cool, i wonder why more people dont do it. I mean it fits on the same mounts and everything doesnt it? I'd think the 3.8T would be a pretty good option for a lot of shitty 305 turd gens wouldnt it?

post more pics of yours too

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>force fuel
>choke the engine out of air

It aint right man.

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It'd be a big upgrade for sure to the stock 305s and v6's but the 3.8T isn't exactly a block that is plentiful in number so they can be hard to find and expensive at times.
It's much more cost effective to swap a built SBC or swap an LT1 or LS motor which just add a few more steps but are super easy swaps with how much free information is out there these days and how much aftermarket support there is especially for third gens.

I was looking for a third gen to put a 5.3 in actually when I got this one I just came across this one with this swap already half done with 99% of the parts there already so I continued with it.

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I love plain old blower setups on old small blocks.

My first car was a 78 Monza with a 305 that i put the cheapest Weiand blower on when I was still in high school in 2004. It ran 12.33@110mph. I tuned it all about 30 minutes after first start on my own on my carb and ripped on it for 4 years until I sold it.

I gots a turbski

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and a blowie

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license plate ruins entire car

requirement here. i got 2 tickets for it before i finally bit the bullet and put it on. the only redeeming fact is where one of the screws is it had a decent crack already so i fiberglassed the back of it so it'd have good area to screw into so I could use plate to hide the defect.

The MacBook isn’t relevant to this thread, i think some guy said something about my driving a Prius because I posted a screenshot from a Mac or something like that.

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How about that oil pressure sensor

What other mods did u have?

it's back there... somewhere.. not as lost in the void as on my old fbody

hard to remember desu.
I had a summit branded cam that was a N/A cam. Cheap thing, had some lope, picked up a bit of power when it was just the cam before the blower. It was small enough though that i think it worked well with the supercharger.
Had some vortec heads off a 90's 305 truck.
305 was stock internally besides the cam. Springs & rockers that came with the summit cam.
Some cheap swap meet headers I think they were hedman branded. They were for a nova or something. We had to cut the ends off to clear and just welded some sharp turn downs on the end because I couldn't afford nor did I have the skill myself to fab an entire exhaust for the car out the back.

Was originally a manual trans but i broke it shortly after putting the weiand on it and I couldnt afford a good manual trans so I put a stock turbo 400 with a FTI 3200 stall I got used.

It was really a budget build. Had no ac. Had heat. Gutted the rear interior.
It was my only car at the time so looking back I was a bit nuts but 16-18 year old didn't mind driving a loud ass obnoxious no rear interior no ac, crank windows, etc car around every day.

Oh boy have fun when it goes out. It went on my C5Z and you either cut a hole in the plastic at the base of the windshield, remove the intake, or use a combination of u-joints and pray it seated properly.

Why would you build a 4.8T when you could do a 4.8T with about the same budget?

probably just remove the intake, on a c5 i cant imagine it taking more than 15-20 minutes considering it only took about 30 on my fbody and half the bolts you cant get out without taping up or having someone hold out while you slide the intake towards you. fucking cowl.

Thats the good thing about the vettes is I've done so much with fbodies nothing looks too bad on vettes outside of their shitty fuel tanks and then swapping belts thanks to the blower.

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Yeah the Vettes are easier to work on until you get into the drivetrain. Changing torque tube couplers is a nightmare. Dropping the exhaust, entire rear cradle, and separating the tube is a bitch.

Hell yea man
I was just curious because that's some dam good time for a malaise 305 I was wondering what the fuck u did to make it run like that. I've got a 350 rebuilt mild street cam with roller rockers, torquer heads, the 142 blower and manifold and hedman street headers mated to a 3500rpm stall converter and a street fighter th350. Stock gears open rear diff though so I lose a lot of power that way. Also if u haven't noticed from all the vacuum lines and shit this is a California smog car

back then people wanted to go fast
now everyone's trying to do everything they can to preserve their 90s shitbox so they dont get in a position where they need to buy some new econbox as working older cars are getting harder to find

>open rear diff
>after all those other mawds
Nigger what are you doing?

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You understand you can go fast without boost, yes?

I refuse to believe my 1.6t would be fast without boost.

My 5.0 will be fast enough to get me in trouble really quickly after I get a non-smog intake manifold, cam, and cylinder heads.

They are in there somewhere... prize for anyone who spots them

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Any chump like me can bolt things on and set timing and shit. Take skill to set pinion backlash and all that shit. I'm a nub

>spark plugs are fouled


>unbolt strut tower bar (6 bolts)
>unbolt balance tube (5 nuts)
>remove coils (12 bolts)
>remove plugs with extension and universal joint
>clean plugs
>pull engine just for the memes

Ezpz. Best thing is now whatever car I get will feel super nice to work on

N54 aka the best modern BMW engine

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Yeah just giving you shit. An old buddy of mine had a Z32 putting down a legit 1000hp, even proved it at dyno day. He eventually sold it because he kept having maintenance issues with it at that power level.

>prize for anyone who spots them
I don't have xray vision m8

dirty boi

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The engine bay has changed a little bit since this pic but Turbo Miata is best Miata

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Maintenance is enough of a cunt at 400hp, I’d rather big end bearings not be a part of my 3000k oil service!

Yeah no prize for u

Need a better engine picture

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Vape all day eryday.

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Nice car senpai, looks good

What kind of power are you putting down? I spent all last fall prepping my miata for a turbo. Got the drivetrain and cooling ready for the extra power. Now i just gotta save some cash for the turbo setup

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>t. posts from the dealership
And no the s54 is now go away. Nothing beats 340hp NA with a redline at 8k that can take boost too.

>4 cylinders
>1 turbo
Pleb tier, desu

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83 rx7

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1jz VVTi
Tomei 264 poncams
Tomei metal HG
ARP hardware
All new gaskets and seals
T4 quicksilver manifold
Garrett GTW 3884r
Bosch 800cc injectors
bunch of other random shit

Went to the fab shop yesterday and hopefully it'll be up and running this week. I'll make a thread once I got the dyno numbers. Should be pretty decent

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>needing turbo to get power
fucking plebs


found the boostlet

Little maintenance before the nice weather gets here.

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my box o shit

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Nice how many psi?


Don’t forget your supercharger belt bro


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Small turbo life sucks.

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yeah, its rad. got a 6466TZ coming this week, so going to swap it in and try to crank it up to 60 this summer.

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Meh, while it doeent look as impressive as a giant snail when you open the hood. Quick spool from a properly sized turbo is fun.

mad. the custom fuel cell is just the cherry on top. may good reaction times and 60 ft s be with you

my bay looks like shit with fucked wiring everywhere. waiting on the haltech and connectors in the mail. then all my turbo bits for the new turbo. a t61. going to play with a few different sized ebay turbos to find what i like spool wise, etc. might just end up with a holset though

thats the tank for the a/w system.

made it with metal from an old file cabinet and a gasless mig welder.

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whats even better is quick spool from a larger than stock ball bearing twin scroll turbo

my garrett gtx makes full boost (18psi) at 2800. Nearly as responsive as the stock turbo and makes gobs more hp.

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Shhh, the turbo is shy and hiding behind the block

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The rear end is a bit more of a concern, wasted axles, shot bearings and seals, not-so-limited limited slip, good excuse to upgrade at least.

everyone goes big and doesn't push the turbo at all. not nearly to where its designed too. trade off? lag.

the vortec turbo truck community is most guilty of this. a t100 turbo, 6" thick ic, and 6psi boost. like, why?

Bs. As long as you have a properly setup boost controller that can keep the wastegate shut until you are approaching peak boost if anything a higher boost will be laggier as it takes longer to build to peak

an oversized turbo at low psi will build boost slower than a proper sized turbo pretty much maxxed out.
the wastegate staying closed won't magically make it spool faster. rotaries like to blow internal wastegates open from exhaust pressure if they don't have a helper spring or adjustable actuator.
a boost controller just helps if the wastegate is sized right in the firstplace. rolling antilag, 2step, nitrous, etc is what makes the lagfest bigturbo spool faster.

same cfm but higher psi is more stress than low psi for the same cfm. that's why. so less money and work into the build of the motor. and a bit less likelyhood of it going pop when tuning. downside is small powerband. going water to air intercooler would help reduce lag with the short pipes and less intercooler core to fill up and less pressure drop. but again work and money.

the boost controller will only help the turbo spool faster going from having the wastegate read straight manifold pressure to using a boost controller. does the same thing as using helper springs or and adjustable wastegate to an extent. but much easier to set at a specific psi with the fastest spool

who here /750rwhp/?

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what kinda spring you running in that wg, nancy? put the right spring in there and you wont even need a boost controller.

Thinking of strapping a centrifugal supercharger to my shitbox but they don't really seem much cheaper than a Whipple. What do?

whats it like always driving around with your IM in vacuum? cuck

6266 methanol injected

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Still pretty much stock. Just recently got it.

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