Modern Fords

>open door to get in
>close door
>put on seatbelt
>start ignition
>open door while parked

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I can't argue with you there, that fucking chime makes me want to punch people

>have 2017 FoST
>it doesn't make any of these noises unless it's low on gas or due for service

I have a '13 FoST and..same. We did have a '14 Fusion and I could totally see it, it dinged and donged over the smallest fucking thing.. But the FoST is pretty spartan in being a nanny about shit. In fact, the only time I can really make it bitch is when I leave the car running and walk away from it with the Key Fob in my pocket.

I mean I have a 16 and it doesn't do it that often but when it does I hate it.

I also hate that it honks at me if I close the door with the car running.

This is the only alarm I get. It really doesn't like me taking the key away from it with the engine on. Of course, I didn't even know it made a noise until I had a passenger who told me about it.

I miss the old ford chime

my car only makes one constant beep at me if the car isn't running but the driver door is open with either the lights on or keys in the ignition.

So basically, only if I forget to do something before I open the door to get out of the car.

This is the only problem I have with my FiST

ford probably has one of the most annoying door chimes
they sadly used to have a pretty good one back in the day

>own '13 Focus
>want to chill with the door open and the radio playing
>remove key
>radio turns of
>turn radio on
>now it won't connect to my phone via bluetooth

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Why not just have a window open?

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>drive mom's prius because it's in the way
>put in reverse
who the fucks needs a chime to remind them they're backing up?

prius drivers

18 wheeler drivers.

>open 2001 civic dolor

lol alarm clocks

My buddy's manual Celica GTS does the same thing and I laugh every time I hear it.

Like how are you supposed to forget you're backing up you literally just put it in reverse and had to operate a gear shift and clutch pedal to do so.

I just don't like how mine reminds me that transmission isn't in park when I have the P brake on, but it also does that if I'm creeping around with the P brake on halfway to remind me that I have it on. Like cunt, I know the P brake is on, that's how I can creep around so slow.

I also wish they used a different tone for getting low on gas, because I always get chills when I hear it, thinking that something went wrong with the car.

Door open is more comfy

I dunno I think its kinda cute

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>weeb has a shit opinion
gee I'm so surprised

I loaded 4 chairs into the back of one of these once. I almost shot myself.


Ford is-
>Tires tear themselves apart
Ford is-
>Poweshift DCT explodes
Ford is-
>Aluminum frame corrodes because we forgot to put in cathodic protection
Ford is-
Ford is pretty great.

>own a 2000s ford

I have two cars that do this.

I fucking hate the chime.


My GT500 throws the "tire low" "oil change" and "door ajar" warnings and the friggin doodly-doos dont stop

I understand for truckers but the alarm is outside so normies/4wheelers get the fuck out the way. But the back up chime in the prius is INSIDE.

>leave headlights on
>open door

>2008 rav4
>put shit in the back seat
>while driving, randomly starts chiming
>"ding ding" "ding ding"
>cases of beer don't have the seatbelt on
>"ding ding" "ding ding"
>warning light blinks red for remainder of the ride

i want to kill myself

>leave lights on
>"ding ding ding dingding ding"

its kinda cute desu, the ringing is like a small bell

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what is it with 90s jap cars and having that little twinkling noise

it kinda freaked me out the first time i heard it

>friend owns an old mercury villager
>it has that chime
why the fuck didn't it get the normal ford door chime for the time period

bullshit my 2015 fiesta st makes tons of those noises, no warning lights on dash well maintained plenty of gas

>drive dodge on drive on lift
>open door to get better view of tire to make sure it's centered
>slams into park as soon as you open the door
>drive onto post lift leave it in neutral to be able to roll it to a better position
>puts itself in park

>focus ST doesn't have a door chime

Every Ford since the 90s has had the loudest fucking tone.
The only thing louder are the GMs that play it over the radio.

The focus ST is just a regular Focus with a bigger engine slapped into it, there's no reason it won't make all the noises all other Fords do.

So what happens when (emphasis on when) the engine can't run for whatever reason and you need to push the fucker into a garage?

Ha, dunno. I know in drive it parks if you open the door. It will stay in neutral if you leave it running. Don't know about koeo tho.

My 2000 mustang is wonderfully technologically underwhelming. It only beeps for key in ignition and if you leave the lights on with the door open. Modern cars are for authentic cucks.

>Door switch fails.
>Car slams itself into park at 60MPH

i got anxiety on the "lights on" one

this is why I like my fucking direct connection transmission and doors that just automatically lock at 20ish mph

>not buying a scan tool cable and disabling the chimes
>Federation of Retarded Drivers

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>rent rav4 to move as my ute is out of action
>fill to brim with shit
>load up passager seat as well
>fire up
>the beeping start
>seatbelt light
>too much shit to get seatbelt into socket
>Drive 2 hours with shitbox beeping at me at varied volumes and tunes

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At first I thought you said Catholic protection lmao

It's reminding you to make sure the beer is safe

I love that machine. I'd sell something precious like a kidney for owning a new-ish coupe KA8.

It's probably broken, Ford isn't known for reliability.

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>Own a late 90s Honda
*alarm clock noises*

Sometimes I'm really really glad I don't have a modern car. Reading threads like this one is one of those times.

My honda doesnt ding at me at all. Only if i start moving w/o a seatbelt on. 17 model

>disabling it
My Ferd only cares about the driver. Did you turn the car on? DING DING DING. Have you put your belt on yet? No? DING DING DING. Is the trunk open? BEEEEEEEP. What do you mean you're not moving and the car hasn't left park? DING DING DING, then DING DING DING every three minutes until you do put it on. Unless you're the passenger in which case get fucked, you don't even get an airbag.

It's morse code for the letter H.


I like the sound the modern Ford's make.

Now that buzzer in my 96 F150. I hated that sommabitch. It was the most infuriating noise they could've come up with.
>Removing the key is kind of a PITA
>Door open or lights on and it was a constant buzzing sound they wouldn't go away


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Same, the only time my Renault clio 3 (2008) ever beeps is if I'm driving without my seatbelt, and only then about after 30 seconds (which then alternates to a faster and slower beep every 30 seconds beyond.)
And its a normal fucking beep, no chime, no ringtone, no REEEEE. And nothing in the 12-15khz range that really fucks with your ear.

Blame retarded autotragic drivers who kept having their vehicles roll away on them

It would be funny if it wasn't a lie, the only time it makes a sound is when you open the door when the car is running.
>having a key
Just press the ok button on the steering wheel you dumbass

Ha I always want to do the same but my chime is comfy and non-intrusive and even helpful when it comes to alerts from the DIC so I don't want to turn it off.

Because a Mercury villager is a rebadged Nissan quest

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Driver's door alert is not dismissable like the rest of doors.

>listening to radio in camaro
>open door
Ripped that shit out day 1

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I own a 2017 focus and yes it is.

OK bud you know my car better than I do.

Mine is older so they probably fixed it later on.

mind blown

>70s door buzzer 40 years later

I like how you only post euro Fords that nobody buys like it means anything

So why does Nissan have the same chime?

This is exactly what I was referring to .

You haven't heard cancer until you've heard the OEM door buzzer of a Toyota MR2 AW11

obligatory volvo supremacy

I know that but were they really that goddamn lazy that they couldn't change the door chime

It doesn't make them any money to do so, why would they bother?

Truly the greatest.

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I've never heard of any of those fords in my life
I've heard of the chebby spark tho lmao

>cars in the US beeping all the goddamn time for no reason
You must've just awoken from your 30 year coma.

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>aluminum frame

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>closes door while car is running

you can thank fucking Chekhov for that

Man what happened to C L A S S I C Ford chime?

This was such a comforting tone when I was a wee lad in my dad's F150.

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Most nostaligiac sound to me is it chiming then the glorious roar of a powerstrock

Sc400 leave lights open door car turns them off for you. Such a nice feature. It also won't let you luck your self out of your keys are in the ignition

>Own 80's Ford