What does Veeky Forums think of el goblino americano Tavarish?

What does Veeky Forums think of el goblino americano Tavarish?

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i fucked his grill in the ass

He says he is Russian.

Trash, normie-tier entertainment. A step above the gonzo vloggers.

videos are boring and he gets nothing done
he also gets on my nerves a bit idk why

literally who?

>fall asleep with the autoplay on watching jay lenno
>bots pull up this faggot
>hello youtubes it is your boy. i will tell u about mi week with kar in background
>thanking you for likes and subscribe. also pease give the patreons.
>i now do the vlog into the sefie stick
>dislike and report so the bots know i'm displeased
>still see this ugly thumbnail;s pop up in my recommended
use the fucking catalog you fucking shill

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I wish I could watch him, he released content all the time doing pretty cool stuff buuuttt
>12yrold tier music
>12yrold tier intro
>Hi guis welcome back to my channel
>Introduces the car and it's whole fucking backstory every vid
>Thanks people for watching at the start of every vid
>Makes shitty meme jokes as a 40 yr old man
>Wow guis this has turned out awesome

He just feels so fake. The stuff he's doing is good and I'm interested. The way he explains it is sometimes annoying and could be more to the point but the editing and wasted time in every video not working on the car drives me bonkers

His written articles on his website and on oppositelock used to be interesting. Never watched his video though, faggot didn't even camouflage his change into clickbait garbage. Also while I respect his "buy expensive broken car for cheap" motto, his face is really disgusting so videos was a fatal mistake.

>wrench everyday bro
>welder does all the work

>rich fags who are born into money and didn't earn a single dime of it who then waste it by making trash like this
He can get shot for all I care

His house looks like shit.

>born into money
Really? He doesn't look rich, and his articles used to be about budget repairs and car flipping.

I dont like him either but thinking he was born into money is silly. You must be really poor to think that.

*Widebody's your car* nuthin personal kid

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i hate how his mouth is open and shit as his avatar and logo, it instantly makes me want to go watch someone else like tommyfyeah or more skids

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I do enjoy his content, although the last few videos on his Lambo with the turbo setup have been pretty lackluster.

Took a whole episode to fabricate a pipe lmao.

I can't believe he gave the RX7 the normie treatment.

I hate how clickbait his shit is, beside that he seems ok
>You'll never guess what i found in my Lamborghini engine
>WTF! Arrows point everywhere over the thumbnail.

he has some cool vids. He is able to snag some good deals, and seems to have pretty good taste. He actually seems to wrench more then 95% of this board too. I don't really watch his videos unless he pops up, relevant to something im searching for.

tommy is objectively the only good Youtuber
reilly gets an honorable mention

i used to like more skids but DJ really comes off like a faggot, and they never post anything worth watching


what is it with these fuckin total nobody threads?

*widebody’s your coin* nuthin personal kid

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