Did mummy and daddy pay for your car insurance at first...

Did mummy and daddy pay for your car insurance at first? im 20 and i have enough to afford a car but i dont think i have enough for the insurance

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Nope. Dad sold me the fambly shitbox for cheap when mom didn't want it to be seen around anymore, but the rest was all me.

>i have enough to afford a car but i dont think i have enough for the insurance
How bad is your insurance?

I'm in the same boat as you OP. Just bought a car without really thinking through the insurance part and now I'm thinking I might have to just sell the car I bought and move on

Just get liability what the fuck its not that expensive you can afford it with a part time job. Or you could trade it for a smaller car/baiku for cheaper insurance.

Yeah I was under my dad's insurance for a long time, and the car was registered in his name. He was ok with it and never asked for money, but I'd give him what I could afford when I was in school. Anytime I would ask how much I owed him he'd say that he'd look into it but never actually did. He ended up selling me the car for less than half of what it's worth too.
Definitely helped out in the long run, being continuously insured for a span of years, even under my dad's insurance as a secondary driver brought my insurance costs way down when I got it under my name.

I paid for my own car, and it was insured under his name but I paid for my portion of it every month.

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Not him but my insurance is like 200 a month. Insurance isn’t always something to scoff at

Then that's obviously not basic liability insurance, or you have some kind of crazy driving record.

my parents bought a car from family for 2k. they insured it, i put gas in and after I got a job I paid for necessary repairs.

What? My insurance was $27/month for full coverage when I got my licence.

No, it wasn't.

ITT: americans that don't know the Ontatio insurance jew

Yes, of course. All parents carry your insurance until you are out of college and have a real job (medical insurance too)

Yes it was in 1955

It was. I got my licence at 22.

My gf pays over $200 a month for basic 2 mil liability. She has had no tickets, no accidents or any incidents of any kind. Her insurance is high because she hadn't been continuously insured(her parents would remove her as a secondary driver during the summer), and she lives in a shithole province in canada, and she drives a civic which get bought by retards and wrecked frequently.
Her insurance per year costs nearly as much as the car itself.

>Her insurance per year costs nearly as much as the car itself
I think this when I renew my insurance each year, I could buy another car for what it costs. My policy is $4k/yr, it's ridiculous.

No mom and dad didn’t pay for any for any of cars

wtf gay state do you live in

PA, it would be worse if I went back over the border to NJ.

>amerimutt families

ayo what do you drive? Moving to PA literally cut my insurance into shreds.

Eat shit faggot. Dad also bought me tools for Christmas so I could learn to keep it running.

>been driving without insurance for going on 5 years now

One of these days, God's gonna cut me down


What's the fine in your area if you get caught ?

>Drive 2002 to
>Good driving record since 16
>Lowest I've paid is 311 a month
>Highest was 475 a month

Fuck the GTA when it comes to insurance I didn't think getting a newer car would help but now I'm down to 211 a month with the new car but goddamn. I heard anywhere that's not the GTA gets like dirt cheap rates

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My parents paid for my insurance until I got a job after college. I was driving the old family car up until then though.

>car insurance isn't that expensive

I was out of home shortly after finishing school, they're great but I couldn't handle being under their wings.

Had my car insured under my parents plan when in College but I still paid them for it. Made sense since I lived with them at the time anyway.

Fucking this so hard. Watching movies as a teenager I thought it was just silly seeing highschool kids with cars I always thought they just made it. Literally nobody in high school could afford a car. By the time I graduated I realized it was just a maple syrup shithole thing and pretty much any high schooler in America could afford a car.

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In some states, nothing.

Mommy and daddy pay for everything. they love their bouncy 26 year old baby boy.

While I drove one of my parent's cars in high school, yes.

But as soon as I bought my truck I was on my own

the only correct reply

Yes, when I was 16 Insurance on my car was 180. When I started paying, 230. Now it's $520 a month in USD

Nah I was on my dad's plan, but I paid him. I'm sure I wasn't paying all I should and he probably gave me a deal.

There is an American poster who’s father made him get a loan so he could buy his father’s car

My parents bought me a shitbox and pay for insurance. The reason is that I got an internship at my father’s company which is located outside of reach of public transit.

As long as I don’t smear his name I get to drive it

Wtf how many accidents have you been in

Oh yeah the 11k wrx lmao. Poor kid


Nope I payed the license, the car and the insurance.
It feel better when you pay for yourself

>$206 for zero fucking coverage on a 2004 chebby malibu
I even took a driving course to lower the price. Insurance for under 18s was and still is fucking insane. Thank God my parents helped me pay for it at first.

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>all these dumbasses making their parents pay for their insurance
Are you guys retarded? You'll have to get fucked by first year insurance sooner or later? Better take money from internships to pay for it and stack seniority so insurance rates lower with time.


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Yes, I was a good boy and went to school and made decent grades. Had to pay for gas tho. Mummy had final decision on the car since she bought that also.

Mummy and daddy gave me a car for university, I still had to pay insurance though. 80 bucks per month for a shitty Corolla

Now I insure my 300zx for 36 per month lmao

>tfw 25 and mommy still pays my insurance

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>be britbong
>get fucked by insurance jews

i desperately want an mr2, they only sold na ones in europoor but even then one would cost billions for a 21 yo like me to insure, luckily my mum is ok with putting it on her insurance instead

>paid $34/mo for liability only on my C5 vette
>sold it to buy a blobeye WRX
>insurance tripled

Not only do I have a worse car, but it costs more to own/run/insure. Shouldn't have fallen for this meme.

>You'll have to get fucked by first year insurance sooner or later?
Not always, when I got my own insurance it was cheap because I had been insured under my dad's for a long time

Yeah, dad bought me an old fox body mustang that I painted a horrendous pastel pink terribly for high school but then I went to a 1977 short wheel base chevy van for camping and have just kept it ever since. Not a very sporty ride, but I love it.

but I had to get a car to actually learn how to drive because my parents had previously gotten rid of their older cars just before I was the legal age to learn to drive
I found a $500 shitbox that ran well though so that was good
still have it

It’s all about image lad

>Corollas are for new drivers
>Wrxs are for boi racers
>300zx and Vette are old man cars

Old men don’t crash so even though it’s a twin turbo manual with certed modifications it’s cheap as

A single reckless that resulted in a 3 month suspension. No tickets or violations otherwise. 1 minor accident at fault

At first yeah, my dad gave me his old 4runner when I was 16, but once I had a regular job a couple years later I paid ~$50/month. I drive a Hyundai ShitUV now for about $100/month

the fuck? I've only been driving since 2009, clean record and i pay 72/month

Mind you I'm in 'berta and only pay for 3rd party.


that's what happens when you import hundreds of thousands of "people" from shitholes who think insurance fraud is the lottery