Has anyone ever insulted your car before Veeky Forums? how did you handle it?

Has anyone ever insulted your car before Veeky Forums? how did you handle it?

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They told me that my GS was a grandma car.
> floor mat the pedal and push them back into their seats
> woah user don’t kill us!
> “thought it was a grandma car”

Just remember that they're jealous because they're poorfags that can't afford nice cars. No one ever shit talks down, they let their cars do the talking.

Veeky Forums could shit talk any car in existence. Even their favorite meme boxes

nobody who isn't in the trunk

Yes and I agreed with them. I've owned nothing but shitty cars because I can't afford anything better.

>Has anyone ever insulted your car before Veeky Forums?
t. wrx owner
>how did you handle it?
Most of the time it's just bants so idgaf, but occasionally there's a busrider that's fallen for the memes which is pretty funny.

>your car is ugly
>he drove a base model 2003 honda civic with a taped up window
i wasnt very offended knowing what he drove
t. 01 lexus GS

Yeah peolle here call my car a shitty slow rust box all the time
Fuck you limp wrist faggot

>your car must have shit gas mileage and you must be compensating for something

no shit i didn't buy a charger rt for gas mileage, and sorry i like owning something faster than your dads hand me down 02 corolla

I get this all the time, people don't even have to say it. It's written all over their faces.

Few people told me to kill myself because I drive a Mustang. I said "I've been trying and keep failing."

Gets them to stop every time, plus I'm being truthful

Yeah some old guy at a car show while I was registering
>it’s a Nissan?
>cute little rice burner eh
Yeah, it’s not super cool like your 302/C4 66 Mustang. I know that 230whp must be scary to two wheels, I know my 500 to all 4 can be at at times.
>oh that’s pretty strong
It’s not bad, enjoy the show!

Only time has been when it deserved it because it was shitty.

But another time had a fast loud muscle car and went to pick up a hot girl for first date. First time she had seen/heard my car, and I could tell immediately it would be the last. I loved that car, so she had to go.

They’ll never understand the love bro. Is it a 300 or a 430?

>fast loud muscle car
>inb4 straight piped sn95

300, it might be an NA 2j but I still love how it sounds

300 and 400 are the best because of the e-shift bro. I have a 300 but I’m looking for a 400. If you wanna open up more engine sound get a short ram air intake and port it through the front of the wheel well bro

I drive a volvo, I've received lots of insults
>it's boring
>it's an old mans car
>it's ugly
etc etc.
they don't say anything once they hop inside it and realise it's comfy as fuck inside and has a decent amount of go to it.

no because i don't talk shit to other people about their cars.

and because they're fucking cars, not humans. they're not an extension of my humanity, just a passion/hobby of mine.

>hurr it's slow and not fun
I'm sorry my stock turbo isn't as big as the one on the bus
>durr it costs more to fix
oh no how will i ever afford to pay myself

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some kid told me it was a lame piece of shit, i knocked his ass out.

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mine's a T5 so it's got a fat turbo, especially compared to the low-pressure models.

That kid was right

Bravo, bravo! You win the LARPing award for this thread!

I usually get compliments in my old Volvo, but when it's insults, it's usually the same:
>what a boring car
>that's a grandpa car
>why would you drive that
>it's a box on wheels
Fucking normalfags

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it's a green party voting elementary school teacher's car

or it's a 17 year olds rwd indestructible turbo brick on wheels.

>a green party voting
You got me. My state was going for Shillary no matter what, I wanted to help boost a third party's numbers.

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some busriders yelled that my "car looks like shit" one time and i laughed because my van looks fucking awesome

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Only Veeky Forums insults my car, normies love rx8s.

already have a CAI properly set up and an exhaust, it sounds great.

>"woah dude who's sick Porsche is that?"
>"actually it's a Toyota MR2"
>"oh wow nevermind Toyotas are fucking pieces of shit haha"

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A friend with an sw20 MR2 didn’t know how heavily I modified my Mustang’s suspension and talked shit about being able to leave me in the dust on our back roads. His build isn’t stock either, he’s got a good set of coilovers & lightweight wheels as well as good sounding full exhaust set & tune. So I made him put his money where his mouth was and made him look foolish. I was really impressed by how well the mr2 handles, but since I was able to lay into the gas without fear of losing control in corners it wasn’t even competitive. Got some free drinks out of it so I’ll take the win.

Fun story: when the guy first got the mr2 he was showing off when pulling out of a gas station and saw a cop while turning. He let off the gas and the snap oversteer kicked in. He went across two lanes of traffic and the cop hit the lights. At the time I had never really heard the term or knew that mr2’s had a tendency to do so, so I gave him shit about that for years.

>when you sperg out after getting memed on by an oldman

I get shit for my car being front wheel drive because apparently everyone is this fucking town is a drift king. Had a friend of mine say front wheel drive isn't fun because you can't drift, yet he drives an all wheel drive automatic Subaru legacy wagon that's 19 years old. I know I'm bitching but oh well.

I drive a Hyundai, nobody could possibly insult my car worse than I do.

my dudes

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>drives an ND

if they do, it's probably not directly to my face. Which is probably worse.

you can drift with the handbrake if you're going fast enough ;)

>why do you have a bullbar. It's not a 4x4
>it is when I'm driving it.

I usually just pretend I don't know anything and they stop talking after a while.
It's stock so it usually works.

Eshay dickheads always compliment my car so I guess by definition it’s being insulted

Some hick said it was an overpriced toyota once.

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The closest to an insult I've gotten in muh s2k has been domestics revving at me.

dont care lol

white btw

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Ah, I see you're continuing the age old tradition of mexicans parking on their lawn. Perhaps you can wear a wifebeater all the time, and end every sentence with "cholo" too. a little bit of negroe in their too with muh 300

>Just remember that they're jealous because they're poorfags that can't afford nice cars. No one ever shit talks down, they let their cars do the talking.


I work in a dealership shop. Every facet and detail of my life, personhood, and possessions has been mocked relentlessly, including vehicles.

If you work in a shop never show up on a bike with less than 1000cc or an exhaust quieter than a jet engine

You guys don't actually get angry or offended when someone insults your car, do you?

>friend staying over at my house
>his uncle comes to pic him up
>offer to show him my cars because I know he’s likes cars
>show him my brother’s rusted out, TBI 305, auto turd gen Camaro which even my brother admits is a piece of shit
>he likes it
>I tell him all the problems it has
>he defends it like it’s his own car
>show him my Miata
>he says he hates how miatas look and that he thinks that they’re dumb cars
>he tells me how he was thinking about getting my friend an S2000 as his first car because “they’re getting cheap”
>later I tell my friend how much his uncle pissed me off
>”user you can’t just get mad at someone for having a different opinion”

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People give me shit because i like old chevy sedans.
>hurr its cheap and unreliable. Jus buy a toyota
Thats why i like them. Gives me something to do on weekends

None that I can remember. Everybody loves old trucks

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Or this?

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>Subaru Forester I got from my dad, his old daily
>Driving in downtown Columbus to work in middle of summer, windows down
>Man in suit walks by while I'm at a traffic light
>Calls me a lesbian
>Drove off wondering why
Didn't mean about the meme until a month or so later. I get comments about it every once in awhile, doesn't really bother me. My response is usually justa dismissive "ok" or "sure."

>pull up to buddies house
>nowhere to park but on the dirt shoulder but have to hop a curb
>in my 3.0 ranger so creep up to the curb and get 3 tires over but at a weird angle
>one wheel wonder so when I give it more gas the tire in the dirt just spins
>reverse a little and adjust angle
>get over it and park
>friends Saudi friend makes a comment about how bad Ford's are because I can't clear a curb
>ask him if he's dumb and tell him it had nothing to do with power but the angle
>lol ur trucks weak
Didint really care its not like I don't know my truck doesn't have a lot of power but its also coming from the normie who drives a base dodge dart his parents bought him and thinks the bugatti is the best car ever made

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Maybe if it were a V6 or turbo 4 but people have been generally positive.

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Cringey advice

>talking to cousin's mate
>say I have an mx5
>he says "are you a hair dresser then?"
>wasnt aware of the stereotype at this point
>mfw I had recently dyed my hair blonde
>mfw I thought he was talking about my hair
>mfw I awkwardly laughed because I didnt understand what my hair had to do with my car

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I had a 92 firebird. Black, It looked like hell. The previous owner hit a deer and the right headlight was stuck up. Then I hit a deer that was much larger, the driver side was kinda dented, the hood had dents from the antlers. The left headlight was destroyed, and I replaced it with one from a trans am and the lens was slightly bigger. Parked in the bar next to work parking lot, I'm leaving work and guy walking down the street comes over and tells me "junkyard's that way". I know the thing is beat to hell so I didn't care. But fucker didn't even have a car. I just said "bus stop's that way" he got all upset and walked off

>Thinks Bugatti is the best

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i've never even met a mexican

that's all it takes to make them feel awkward or stupid

>for that money you could've gotten something a lot better.
>why would you buy that?
I'll sometimes humor them by asking what they would've bought instead, and most times I just answer them right back with what they originally asked me. People have a problem understanding that different people like different things. I would by a gen1 sti over the current gen, some people don't like that.

>you must be compensating for something
This will always be the biggest sour grapes ever.

I don't really care what people think, it's a slow wagon that's comfy for cruising. Nothing to get excited about.

i would have thought a PT cruiser driver, one with hideous fake wood trim no less would be used to having his car insulted

I drive a old clapped out '75 and have only ever gotten one insult. And it was some spic girl that said it wasn't MUHCHEBBY.

>called my hawkeye wagon ugly
>told him at least I don't have V6 mustang

What's the hardest thing for me to understand is that there are people that would insult anyone's car for any given reason, like they were insulted by the car first so they had to retaliate. I couldn't imagine something like this
happening. Why would anyone over age 25 who's owned a car for sometime care so mich that they need to voice their opinions?

sounds like he was just having a bant

bitches love my '90 ranger

>at party
>hey lets get pizza
>yeah we can go with anons car
>oh wait you took that sportscar today lmao
>wait he got a two seater, whats the fucking point
I just said it makes me happy and they were "okay but youre at fault for pizza"

>awd fags thinking you need awd for a light dusting
gets me every time

>has snow so light, he only get gets a light dusting
You shouldn’t even be talking, retarded southerners like you can’t even handle a light dusting, let alone real snow.

reddit reply

>drive 2016 genesis coupe 3.8
One guy hates the shit out of them.
He tells me every time he sees it.
Has a shitty mazda truck with less power.