Hello frens

Hello frens

Im looking for a car with a budget of 10k

I only have a few preferences
>competent handling
>good sound (preferably a turbo)
>good driver feedback (gearbox, throttle etc)
>preferably two doors but not required

I was considering a cobalt ss turbo but the dealers are being jews and refusing to come down on the price.

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MR2 Turbo or a Turbo swapped AW11

NBs are within my budget and ive considered them. Any reason not to?

Yeah just one thing:
>older car
>good throttle response

Probably not going to get a super peppy and responsive turbo car unless it's more modern with a flatter torque curve.

For $10k, pick 2 of those unless you want to constantly be repairing it

Thats why I used the word preferences and not requirements

Rust, I guess. That's the only major problem I've heard of. If it's just gonna be a summer fun car then the folding roof isn't that important.

Probably gonna be a daily for the summer. Plan on picking up a beater for the winter.

Yea a miat could be fun to daily for the summer! If so, I guess put a hard top on the mod list. NBs looks really good with them imo

There's a stupid clean NB with a matching hard top for sale local to me, but its automatic.

Hardtops should be cheaper than any manual swap, unless you find yourself wanting an auto miat

vx calais

I'm american

>a budget of 10k

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Bamp. Checking out a super clean 350z today with 60k on the clock.

I've seen a LOT of Porsche boxsters for sale during my search, with pretty low miles too. If i wasn't going to use this as a primary vehicle for a few months, id consider it.

If you can actually find one of these fuckers they're affordable and have the Cobalt SS supercharged engine/drivetrain. 5 grand gets you a flat six second 0-60 and 14.1 quarter miles.

With a stage 2 upgrade kit you can get up to 241 hp out of a car that weighs as much as a civic for about as much cost as a decent civic.

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Why do I find cars with prolapses so sexy.

You can daily a Boxster pretty easily, they're comfortable enough and surprisingly practical for a 2-seater roadster. Reliable by sports car standards too, and a galvanized steel shell means they're very rust-resistant.
For winter driving you'd want a hardtop though.

350z, gto, rx8, wrx


I dont really care for supercharged i4s. If I have f/i it needs to be a turbo. Thats very important to me

I checked out a stupid clean 350z today with 60k on it but amazingly there were grinds on 2nd and 3rd gear. I was honestly so disappointed because otherwise it was a flawless car.

GTOs and wrxs are also something ive been looking for. Just hard to find clean ones.

Debating just saving up a few grand more and picking up an s2k, newer wrx or an frs.

s2k is a well built car.. i love the shifters.. dont have much exp with newer wrx's but the motor is less prone to the coolant/head issues of prev gens.. have zero exp with brz/frs but everyone i know who has one seems to love em

If cost is limiting, I'd suggest looking for more modern cars with suspension already geared for performance. It can be expensive and time-consuming to work with something older.

S2Ks might be worth waiting for, considering the simplicity of dressing it up.

Rich kids are blowing up G35s left and right, grab of them, maybe.