Burns more slowly

>burns more slowly
>lots of low end torque
>lower worldwide demand
>can pull heavier loads
>triggers le libshits
>sounds fucking awesome when straight piped
why is diesel still not considered the best fuel source?

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throttle response, weight, 5500 max rpm

>sounds like shit
>no revs
>needs 14 turbochargers to make any power
>needs the weight of 6 suns to not rattle itself to death
>weather is under -15?
well fuck you

Any other questions?

>throttle response
turbos have sorted that out
well it needs that much steel to hold the high compression
they don't matter, only Honda shills think rpms matter

>turbos have sorted that out
LOL no

>costs more than regular gas potentially negating any fuel economy gains

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don't forget
>impossible to make one that doesn't drive like shit without cheating emissions laws

>rpms dont matter
t. Bus rider that rides bus with 2000rpm redline

>turns city air unbreathable

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>t. Honda driver

Lower worldwide demand? Nigs...


>triggers libshits

who the fuck buys a car to TRIGGA LE SNOWFAYCKS

dumbasses who bought in way too hard on the contrarian meme that's been ruining Veeky Forums for the past few years

Only in the US where you're terrified of NOx but fuck C02 the atmosphere loves that.

It turns out that the EPA and CARB actually did something right for once by being afraid of NOx and particulate emissions since those are what are actually hazardous to people. Modern gas cars have similar CO2 emissions to diesels too. Small diesels are going to be dead within 10 years

Diesel a best

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The only reason I want a diesel is because when the race war cuts the US in half and everyone's trying to kill each other, it'll be easier to find something to put in my engine if it's diesel instead of gas. Until then, gasoline.

EPA is harder on diesel than Europe

>triggers the libshits
>it'll also trigger the cancer in your lungs though

Only in terms of NOx, everything else is equal to or lower.

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Because its not as energy dense as bunker crude.

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But it can be utilised without a boiler.

>what is a gearbox

Who would win?

>literally every car on earth combined


>16 smokey floaty boys

>burns more corny
>lots of low end corn
>lower worldwide demand, nobody wants corn gas
>can pull heavier loads of corn
>triggers le mudshits
>sounds like fucking corn when straight piped
>smells like french fries
why is corn still not considered the best fuel source?

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Corn is for whiskey, not cars

>whisky spelt with an "e"
Malt is for whisky. Save the corn for internal combustion.

Diesel is for trucks and tractors.

>Cow eats corn
>Cow makes methane
>I eat cow
>I make methane
>Car eats methane
Top of the foodchain

And 4x4s and SUVs

It’s really weird to think the nation that drives the most and has the biggest cars and longest distances and cares the least about nature doesnt use diesel

>he doesnt know about the mileage of diesel ecoboxes

Three words for you: Diesel Particulate Filter. This single piece of equipment ruined the diesel cars. Forever.

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Its loud, smelly, expensive, and causes cancer.

Thank your government and oil companies for that idiot. Diesel is cheaper to produce, gives 30% more mpg and makes your car last 30% longer.
Without government intervention it’s cheaper than petrol

>>triggers le libshits

*loud slide whistle sounds*
t. the sound of a diesel at redline

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And is twice as expensive to fix. You can thank your retarded govt for gas prices also.

It’s not. Once more than 1% of your car fleet uses diesel prices will drop.
Ownership of diesels is cheaper than petrol. There is less depreciation and far less maintenance.

Why do Americans somehow feel like it’s their patriotic duty to pretend diesel is worse for daily usage?

It's 10k for a Cummins rebuild, minimum vs 3.5-5k for a gasser. Ask me how I know.

>>triggers le libshits
Manchild mindset.

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What are you talking about?
If you have to buy a new car, drive it for 5 years and then sell it, you will find that the TCO (total cost of ownership) of the diesel has been FAR lower than the petrol while he resel value is higher.

If you've actually driven a diesel, you'd know why.

>he's too poor to afford gas
Take the bus.

Aka 4500 rpm

I drive a diesel quite often when I have to do long trips. They’re smooth as fuck compared to boyracer petrol

Nobody cares you filthy mongrel, cars aren't meant to be cheap. Go take the bus like the other plebs.

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>cars aren’t meant to be cheap
Then why do we even discuss anything less than Porsches on here?

NOx is the difficult one though, because stratified charge means there are hot spots and cold spots in the combustion chamber. Injecting in multiple smaller pulses helps but the NOx is still way higher than what you get coming out of a spark ignited engine running stoichiometric.

>if it isn't cheap it has to be very expensive
Go make strawmen somewhere else. If you can't afford fuel and would chose diesel fuck off.

ethanol cost much more to produce than gas
also people prefer to drink it

>can’t afford fuel
You really are American aren’t you?
As I said diesel has far less maintenance and makes your car lose less value.
A petrol car with 250k miles is done for. A diesel can easily do another 100k

I'm European you dipshit. This is why I why I hate diesel, because I know what literal cancer it is. Kills people and automobile manufacturers alike.

>sounds like a skeleton wanking in a biscuit tin
>narrow power band
>lots of emissions equipment which costs a fortine to fix
>have to add fucking adblue to the newer ones
>potential to runaway
>modern ones are massively complex so you would have to be retarded to buy one out of warranty
>old ones smell like shit and are slow
Nah m8

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>You really are American aren’t you?
Aren't you? Are you OP? Are you European?

Wew lad

DPF delet my friend

And towing a load all day you'll rebuild a petrol at least twice as often.

A lot of people got fucked doing that in the UK - when the DPF inevitably failed they would get it removed and the car remapped at the same time. Better performance, and better economy so it makes sense. However now a DPF is checked on the MOT (annual inspection) and a car will fail if it was manufactured with one and it has been removed.

At the moment some people are gutting them as it is only a visual inspection (for now) but it is pretty obvious if it has been done so a friendly tester is required. They are tightening up on the shit. Not that it really matters, as most people are moving away from diesel now anyway thanks to all the emissions stuff and improved hybrid / petrol technology. Once the major cities start banning diesel cars in the city centre the market will go to shit and they will be worthless, so I can see why people are jumping ship.

So you tow all day long in your .6l cars in Europe?

you write it with an capital "O", not with a zero

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Fix your own errors now that you've demonstrated your idiocy.

>tfw I live 1km as the bee flies from where you took your picture

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>imblying I'm european

ThisAnd a plethora of other problems
I consider diesel a situational fuel source

I used to get bronchitis every fucking year in europe, every autumn or spring. Sometimes both. I also smoked but the bronchitis stopped when i went back to burgerland while the smoking didnt stop.

Start vaping my dude, it's great.

So how many weeks did you live in Europe

I dont smoke now, i use snus

180ish weeks

Snus is godlike
Oh alright. I have horrible bronchitis too every year but back then I lived very rural

I blame the particulates from diesels there, because back in burgerland theres more emissions but not particulates.

They say cows shit out more particles than diesels.

If the climate is dry then the shit would matter when it turns into dust i guess.

>did something right for once by being afraid of NOx

What do you do about lightning?

Drives like shit
Less power than equivalent gas engine
No revs
Smells like shit
Only advantage is fuel economy

Autism in black boys, cancer for everyone else.

Diesel commercial vehicles are a crime against humanity.

But, disease pays.

Every libtard I know drives a diesel. It’s the official SJW fuel.

What state do you live in where diesels are so plentiful?

>Being this autistic over American Bourbon

You're a fucking pretentious scotch drinker are you? I do enjoy scotch, but American Bourbon is the best whiskey in the world. The typical run of the mill whiskeys that we consider low tier(Jack, Jim, etc) are still better than anything you eurofags can produce. I rather have the shine I make myself than any european bullshit.

>Bourbon being better than scotch

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>Though most people in Kentucky might be reticent to take a compliment from some foodie Britwriter who can't even spell "cue," Murray heaps praise on Kentucky's finest export in the article, making a case for Buffalo Trace as the best distillery in the world, and citing bourbon distillers' tendency to use virgin barrels for aging as a key contributor to quality.
As for the decline in the quality of Scotch, Murray points to craftsmen re-using barrels that were previously used to age Sherry, resulting in sulfur contamination. “Everyone automatically thinks that the best whisky is made in Scotland, but there are too many bad casks rattling around,”

All of what you’ve said is true except the less power than a Gasser. I tried putting a 4200lb pallet in the back of a F250 Gasser and it would struggle going everywhere. We put the same pallet on my 2500 Cummins and instead of struggling I couldn’t really feel it back there.

I also get worse mpg than any other gasser I feel like. Only way I can get good mpg is if I’m going 80 on the interstate.

>destroys rubber hose
>terrible fuel mileage
Your post gave me a chuckle though

because the thought of it indirectly pisses people like you off too

EGR Valve

It's always the fucking EGR valve.

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there is literally 0 downsides of high revs

Don't mind me driving by with 17l/100km and being the safest car on the streets

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>Eats turbos for lunch and shits out computers

>sounds awesome when straight piped
diesel engines sound terrible whats wrong with you?
muh emissions is a legitimate problem with diesel as well btw you retarded burger boomers

They sure get good mileage but diesel in normal cars is killing diesel, even in europe.
Toyota is already giving up on diesel, VW will be doing the same soon.
Diesel options should only be available for trucks, 4x4s and SUVs, because they are just way better than petrol.

>burns more slowly
>lots of low end torque
>lower worldwide demand
>can pull heavier loads
>triggers le libshits
>sounds fucking awesome when straight piped

why is Bunker/Marine fuel still not considered the best fuel source?

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my cars eat turbos for breakfast. Is there a difference?

>tfw clean your egr once a year
>never get a problem
>tfw 43mpg in comfy 17 year old shitbox

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shitskin detected

go back looting for scrap metall
fucking jipsy.

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