It's 1984 and you're a successful investment banker living in San Diego

It's 1984 and you're a successful investment banker living in San Diego.

What car do you get?

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i forget the car and create/invest in mortgage-backed securities littered with subprime loans.

308 GTB

and then you kill yourself after ODing on drugs.


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this but I start my own Meme Night. Alpine GTA US

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a 3k cvcc.

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enjoy getting laughed at

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Not enough

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Manlets only need apply, unless you want eventual surgery on your vertebrae.

A lot of machine guns and a peugeot 604

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>successful investment banker
>living in San Diego
I'd rather be a successful Crab Fisherman living in Tulsa

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As most bankers of today buy a 520d or an C200 cdi, I think that I will get an E28 524td

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Oy vey