Cluster bread

Cluster bread
No dashes

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Hijacking: has anyone ever changed the color of their cluster using LEDs? I tried a car with an orange cluster and I hate the green I have now.

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God tier: Tach bigger than speedo
High tier: Tach as big as speedo
Mid tier: Tach smaller than speedo
Shit tier: No tach

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Good luck guessing my car from the dash.

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None of my cluster lights really work any more, can’t say I blame them

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Interdasting, I'm the other way round.


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I smell a Jaaaaaagggg.

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it hurts to live

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Where's the RPM??

something German?

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Skoda suoerb

Close, Italian.

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>that chintzy-ass little cruise control stalk protruding from the steering column
>this passes for """luxury""" in amerishuaiby terms

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That's a Mercedes you twat

Worse, it's a Maybach.

Saab literally has the best clusters of all time

Here’s a daytime shot.

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Does anyone know if the intellitronix 5-6 gauge panels include warning lights?

I concur, that cluster must have seemed mighty luxurious and futuristic in the time it came out. We have touchscreens in cars that tell us less info than is on that dash.

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Jeep Renegade

Guess what I drive.

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Its comf

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tach on the right

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goddamn do i love this cluster

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I love SAABs Night mode switch. All nessecary stuff only and dim it down to zero.

Yes, sometimes the plastic of the cluster is of a different color to compensate for the yellow hue of incandescent bulbs. I like LEDs because they're brighter when they reflect inside the plastics

Why couldn't Volvo make clusters like this anymore

>nessecary stuff only
You need only speedo? For the NG900 it's minimalistic enough all together.

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i wish they kept the tachometer in the middle like they did on the altezzas.
pic related

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Hell yeah that shit is sex as fuck. My only real complaint between the two is that the IS300 shows MPG instead of oil pressure. I get dogshit MPG's no matter what so I'd rather just have the oil pressure gauge instead.

You'd be wrong.

Clean looking shitbox cluster.

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Ovlov power

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Nice night glow too. Disregard the evap CEL. I ain't fixing that shit.

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Lookin like a Lexus desu


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That dash looks awful.

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Look who is talking.

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Considered one as my first car.

Where does Veeky Forums stand on my cluster

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google image search / 10

fucking say that again

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I need to get gas.

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SE or GT?

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I'm tempted to plug my obd reader into my wife's Prius just to see what the fuck is going on in there tach-wise


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I want another one.

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Fight me.

Get guessing

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VW golf. Mid 2000s I’m guessing.

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isnt that a freightliner cargo box of some sort

some kind of jeep? I know the CJ uses those cutouts for the gas and water temp dials.

pretty close

Similar style vehicle. Just not a jeep, heavier and not American.

Ah, its Land rover. What model?

red a comfy

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hot stuff

Taken at a red light, sorry for the quality

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Fast af

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definitely 60's land rover. series 2 or early 3? that 12v socket throws me off

Nailed it. It’s a late Series 2a. 1968. The 12v was added along with a killswitch/immobiliser by the last owner. Never use the 12v though.

I knew it looked familiar. My uncle had a series 2 so i recognized it, but that right panel had me wondering

Yeah the plunger is for the added windscreen washer. Not sure it’s working as I still haven’t had to use it in the 6 months I’ve had it.

My uncles, grand father and desperately my grandmother all had series 1s and 2s

Stupid fun to drive.

Volvo 940 with a B230FT

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>using your phone at a red light
Typical bmw m series driver.

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Of all gauges they could have included, they chose oil temperature? Fine by me, but that's an odd departure from the typical water temperature and or oil pressure gauges.


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Not far off. Believe it or not mine actually has extra switches/features

It may sound extremely weird and distuebing, but is there such thing as a fetish for cluster, gauges etc?

I guess you can select what it displays. Water temp is there already in the tacho, and it's nice knowing when oil temp is at optimal, especially on a turboed engine

this but in kmh

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2007 Stilo Racing

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It looks good if your cluster doesn't have plastic coloring wrapped on it already.
I had a dim faint muddy green on my st162 cluster and i changed it to red for A E S T H E T I C S and to be able to see the damn thing.
feels good when im driving home from work with dark synthwave

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Very retro 80s "high tech". Kinda cool. Should go with it as a theme for the car. lol