Post smol bois

post smol bois

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Daily reminder that this is probably the heaviest 4 cylinder mid-engined two seater in history

It's the best MR 2 for cruising, commuting, dailying, etc. Turbo SW20 is the fastest.

1st Gen is a e s t h e t i c AF

3rd Gen handles the best, but it is kind of cute/girly looking and some people didn't like that. Also the engine was kind of mediocre.

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>It's the best MR 2 for cruising, commuting, dailying, etc.
It's like saying Previa is the best van for trackdays.

Mine is 2,735lbs

Remind me, how much does the new Porsche Cayman weigh?

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Right, thanks for your zero experience opinion.

If you don't have kids, you can daily any MR-2, even the W-30. They are all practical (enough) and reliable vehicles.

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>Remind me, how much does the new Porsche Cayman weigh?

Remind me, which MR2 has the highest Horsepower from the factory and how much is t?

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Please tell me this is photoshopped. Just looking at it makes my eyes hurt.

Is this you trying to move goalposts?

I thought we were talking about weight, not power?

more than you can afford pal

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I want to do an electric motor swap into an AW11 someday. My inspiration was that retarded electric AE86 the hoonigan guys did

Is this a good idea or am I retarded?

that's not street legal.
nor was it produced by the original manufacture.

try again.

Weird, I could have sworn that the Toyota 222d was built by Toyota.

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I think it's hilarious that they left the cigarette lighter in there.

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>gear stick
What the heck is that thing?

Not me. Some other guy.
It's just funny how you take corolla, move drivetrain to the back, throw away half of the glass, half of the interior, make it lower and end up with car heavier by 200-300kg.
Mk1 is lighter, but still comparable in weight with ae86 which is a fucking FR car with solid axle.
Don't even get me started on passive safety of these deathtraps.

A rally car.

Are you confused about the exposed linkages or what?

He asked what is the third lever for.
I am curious too.

Lidl baby

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You know they weigh the same right

Aw11 weighs 2300 pounds
Ae86 weights 2300 pounds. There's more coolant and lines fom front to back to add weight. A better suspension setup, factory sway bars, ftont strut mount, engine fan, more intake piping, t tops option, etc. You can also lighten the aw11 but its already light and nimble

What part of street legal do you not understand?

but nice playing this game with you. Clearly you know you're wrong.

most likely a line lock for fat hydraulic skids

You just wanted highest HP from the factory.
If you want street legal you can just get SP plates for it.

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>Aw11 vs ae86.
Again, driveshaft, solid axle, rear hatch, rear side windows.
>There's more coolant and lines fom front to back to add weight.
Skoda 130 takes 11litres of coolant and weights 855kg
>A better suspension setup
Setup doesn't weight. Better suspension weight usually means less unsprung weight.,
>factory sway bars
Every car has it. The word you're looking for is strut bar. That's like 5kg
>Front strut mount,
Corolla didn't have front strut mount? Was it just thrown under the bonnet?
>engine fan,
I can see you're a big fan but sadly don't know shit about how cars are made.
>more intake piping
Dude... Also, Skoda, again
>t tops option,
T-top by concept doesn't fuck structural rigidity and lets avoid underbody strenghtening

I's funny how you completely gave up on defending sw20.

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what i would give for a suzuki cappuccino with bride buckets, roll cage and slammed to the floor. only smalls would be able to fit in it and that would b my vengence against tall people.
the ultimate manlet mobile!

yeah nah. You're wrong. Don't be mad lad.

stay butthurt :~)

And the turbo was faster 0-60 than the NSX at one point. What about it?

So you're surprised that a fwd NA car weighs less than a MR turbocharged car?

that's some fat turbocharger

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Perfect for your mum

>So you're surprised that a fwd NA car weighs less than a MR turbocharged car?

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Time to stop comparing economy cars with legitimate sports cars m8. A MR2 needs to be built to withstand a lot more abuse than a corolla if you want it to be consistently reliable.

How many other midengine sports cars have the kind of reliability that a MR2 has?

>How many other midengine sports cars have the kind of reliability that a MR2 has?
buzzwords vs facts

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Not really sure what you're trying to say

I'm saying you're out of arguments and you're throwing bunch of catchy bullshit with no backup

>saying a mr2 = reliable is catchy bullshit
>saying a mr2 = midengine is catchy bullshit


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Like 2800lbs

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These are all over Athens, people really like them for some reason.

Toyota did this

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Well I'd say previa is the best van for trackdays. Check mate atheist.

My dad had one of these and despite its shit reputation, I have many happy childhood memories of riding in that pastel green thing.

2,944 to 3,097 lb

>conversation about weight of 4 cylinder mid engine cars
>posts 6 cylinder mid engine car, talks about power

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does it really matter when the Cayman GT4 weighs the same as a MR2 lol

The most reliable thing about an MR2 is its reliability to oversteer into trees and other solid objects.

Which points to a serious fault with the design.

Who dis qt?
>Reliability explains pigfatness
>Midshipness explains pigfatness
Dude literally said that mister two is heavy because it's true sportscar. Lol

>2,888 lb (and that's the heaviest trim, turbo t-top)
>3,050 lb
>the same

Tom's Angel T01
1500lbs with a Silvertop 4AGE

thats nothing
especially when the Cayman isnt an anemic wheezer

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>modern, safe fully equipped car
>80's deathtrap

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