Car rate thread ? Car rate thread

Car rate thread ? Car rate thread.

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Why not a Z4M?
Why not a Fiata?
Why not a 370z?

forgot pic

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Yeah it's a TTS, i prefer having a 2 +2 rather than just having a 2 seater :)

hence the 3 series

so a VW Beetle in drag?

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yeah :)

Looks like a naked black guy sat on a bunch of razors

alright. so long as you like it and have a sense of humor about it.

Old pic, gettibg new exhaust in shop atm

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Looks nice, driven a few Audi’s, enjoyed it a lot
Sexy but not my kind of car. Still nice
Man The Z4 is so nice
Nice body kit. I got an old 89 MR I’m working on right now

Forgot Pic

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>Nice body kit.
That isn't a body kit. That user lives in Canada. It's a legit imported Evo 5.

Not a body kit. Stock Evo 5

Not from Canada btw

meh. outside the US where such importation would be legal..
In America, people buy Evo half cuts and weld everything to USDM Mirage's to get around the import ban.

Never seen a Honda like that before. Shame about the paint.

Hope the new exhaust will sound good man. Decent truck.

I love it. If i didn't live in such a shitty tax infested country I'd like one of those.

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I'm fully erect/10

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I'm warming up to these


Don't care for the Z cars

HOT if true

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>inb4 grandpa mobile

3/10 can do better
4.5/10 needs some love
5/10 if 1.4 ; 7/10 if 2.0
8/10; 9/10 without front leds

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6/10 not doing much for me
nothing wrong with a grandpa mobile, nice beamer anyway

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>one day of driving in denmark

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>one mildly windy night with your car outside in florida

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Buying this 340i at the weekend hopefully

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tfw moving to Florida

No ecoboost memes here.

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Love this angle

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7/10, fucking ugly exhaust, stupid dragon sticker.

My car looked like that until last week, used it for 1 month on our own salty roads.



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I was considering those same wheels for my car, but i didnt like that the rim has the lettering on it. Love the bronze though.

meme rate

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Fiero is better/10

Cant wait to get my miat back out, gotta fix some some suspension issues once it gets warmer.

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>pls no bulli

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>silver car with dark silver/grey wheels are my fetish

Le mister 2

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please don't post pics without rating the other rides, that will derail the thread

Just bought it for 2 grand, 1995 with 180k with a clogged cat. Between 2 grand nationals, a Mk3 Supra and a Conquest the guy had zero time to work on the thing.

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Should have got a Porsche. 4/10

Should have got the coupe. Awful rims that clash with the paint. 2/10

6/10 for the z4
5/10 for the e36

10/Fucking10 Good job m8

Toyota pickup is best light pickup
But poor condition