Fuck off germans

fuck off germans

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>this kills the mutt

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>swap in the panamera v8 chain guides
>perfect reliable v8 on the cheap
What is your point OP?

>pushrod engines are ba...


>That engine is reliable, you just have to spend an extremely $5000!


>still using shitrods
Imagine not being able to rev to 8250rpm from the factory.

I'd rather rev to 6000rpm and make more power desu

reminder Ford's 5.2l Voodoo makes more power than any naturally aspirated GM production engine

Really? Where can buy it?

in the GT350 and GT350R

So it's only available in a car that's objectively slower than a camaro? Surely they sell it as a crate engine.

>muh crate engines
not production, literally irrelevant

Id just like to compare engine to engine so that your ohc ferd isn't hindered by the slow as fuck mustang surrounding it.

see Modular > ls

But what good is it if it's only available in a slow shitbox?

the GT350 and GT350R are some of the most highly praised cars of the past decade
sperg more tho

Too bad it gets spanked by the zl1

Yet slower than a grandpa engine equipt camaro. How did this happen?

too bad the GT350R isn't the zl1's main rival, that would be the GT500
>gm needs a whole extra liter and a supercharger to beat Ford

The zl1 is a straight line hero lol the z28 is the race track oriented camaro. Lmao. So much for that track star gt350r

Are you clinically retarded?

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>572 77hp/l
>5.2l voodoo 111hp/l

Hp/l is a shit metric for ricers. Completely irrelevant to performance.

Sperg more it measures efficiency. Reminder GM can't make an efficient engine.

>Hp/l is completely irrelevant to performance
Nobody is this retarded.

no, literal thermal efficiency is a measure of efficiency

hp per litre isn't necessarily correlated with thermal efficiency

well it's not directly correlated and using too small of an engine just to make regulators happy is butt fucking retarded

>thermal efficiency
Go drive an electric.

wow you make so much sense.. maybe one day i can be as smart as you

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Of course it does. It's not like Ford would ever lie about how much power their cars make.

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His point is he's a retard.

>shit is better than other shit

>thread starts as a shitpost about Audi V8’s
>thread devolves into Ford vs Chevy V8 shitposts and HP/L discussions

Guys, can’t we all settle down and agree that Audis are fucking trash?

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>muh hp/l
>more like muh no torque amirite?

It’s simply an objective measure of how well an engine has been designed and tuned given its displacement. Getting butthurt about it doesn’t make it any less of a useful objective metric.

all your v8s are trash.

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In the trash it goes.

Mein Freund !

>omg 3 chains it's so complicated.

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yet bmw still managed to fuck that one up too

Just looking at that piece of shit pisses me off. Never again...

What is it, the 850 motor?

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My s2k has a higher hp/l than a Ferrari therefore it has better performance

Nope, still gets schlept on by v6 camrys

M62 from an e39 540i or e38 740i. I feel like I had to replace the timing chain guides and vanos controllers more often than the tires on my old 540. Fun car, terrible engine.

German cars was a counter culture meme and counter culture was being shilled by CIA

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Success breeds jealousy

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>inb4 some granny does only 95 overtakes a truck doing 90

How often will these threads be posted? Even as a germanfag i think that people that buy a agerman V8 are retarded.
They are mostly shit to service and expensive to own here in cuckmany.
Taxes and fuel costs will fuck with all the possible fun you could have. Here they tax you on the volume that your engine has.

Most people that have an older V8 convert it to LPG anyway.
Also the autobahn is super boring, you can drive 200 kph easily, its mostly straight roads with slow bends.

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