Ricing out your ride, stancefaggotry and lifted trucks are already old news, what's the next big retarded fad for cars?

Ricing out your ride, stancefaggotry and lifted trucks are already old news, what's the next big retarded fad for cars?

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Not stopping for the police, why try to be famous when you can be fsmous for running from the cops?



Extremely lowered pigfat crossovers as a "sporty" option and all coupes + sedans removed from the market

Detroit is ahead of the curve

Staggered figment with ridiculously small front wheels

Maybe drag radials as well

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Bosozuku style domestics and pvc rings on the rears of fwd shitboxes

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Get off the internet Grandpa. The 70s have already passed.

Positive camber.

Transgendered, mixed-race only bosozuko bike gangs preying on cis white males exclusively.

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exhaust smoke

the next big thing is all mods are illegal
all cars are unmolested
everyone wears grey
then its illegal to drive your own assault vehicle
>Staggered figment
drag cars been had positive camber
this is actually my worst fucking nightmare

Electric only bikes of course.

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Lots of hybrids, sedans becoming a thing of the past that only old people (us) drive, small trucks and utes making a comeback.

>Next big fad
>The Donk fad has already come and gone

Intake manifold swap kits for modern cars to run carburetors and distributors. Everyone sets their own air fuel and timing by hand and says fuck you to the computerized jew. Engine management back in the hands of the people

positive camber, time attack/hillclimb aero, rally car rice, the return of underglow, roof penises, car jousting on drag strips, the return of 4 wheel steering, exaust whistles.

itasha especially, mark my words itasha will become a mainstream thing soon, anime is already becoming mainstream and it wont be long before plastering your car with waifus will be too.

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>tfw i already have 2 cars with tons of positive camber in the rear

oh yesss i am ready baby. gotta go to some car shows and gloat about how im ahead of the curve

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Lifted cars with chambered wheels.

>all coupse sedans removed from market

aren't we practically there already

wire wheels

Electric vehicles with manuals.
Sports cars with 500cc engines and cvts.

pretty cool tbqh, is it raised or is your shit just fucked up?

Hybrid motorcycles

found the one

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>the return of 4 wheel steering
That ones already back

Dazzle camouflage paint job

Autopilot racing just sitting in the cars and letting the Computers do their job

from an aesthetic direction, cars that look bowed, as in slim windows and fender lines that look literally bent upward. From a faggot perspective, assuming 'rolling coal, and drift kulture' are fucking done with I would say the only thing left is rally kulture. Dumb fucking fog lights retarded cross-trek level lifts and overpriced suspensions. Utilitarian aesthetic. I don't think there's anything else that hasn't already been done before on a pop-culture scale.

>It's back
What car has it? The preludes been dead for a while and that's the only one I can think of

There won’t be one. Cars will be seen exclusively as appliances, drone racing will take off (pardon the pun) as the next big thing. I have a kid, trust me the next generation does not give two tugs of a dead dogs dick about motor sports.

Computer senpai is sorry for giving you the optimal AFR for your throttle use

Straight-8 engines...

Porsche 918, base model 911s have them as an option now, AMG GTR, The Cayenne, Panamera, Audi A8 and Q7, the BMW 5, 6 and 7 series all have it, the Infiniti M series, Renault Megane, a ton of cars have it now.

Renault 4control.
3rd gen Laguna, current Talisman and some more.
Pretty neat. Feels like oversteer on tight corners.

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why did they even sell these cunts gas
boom problem solved

>time attack/hillclimb aero
My body is ready

The next generation of modding is going to revolve around comfiness. Camper Crossovers, luxo'd old FWD sedans and hatchbacks, etc.
Cars are too heavy to make fast anymore, but you can make em more comfy.


mid-engine becoming standard

Sound "enhancers" for electric vehicles

Like a big V8 with a lopey cam? Download it to your electric cuck-mobile and voila. You're an even bigger faggot for driving an electric vehicle

Lifted Subaru crossovers
fwd grip cars
ev drag cars
wagon-to-ute conversions

Rotary swapped corvettes

With baseball cards in the spokes to sound cool

hybrid hummer

Dear god yess
Probably, marketed as a “compromise” for car enthusiasts

came here to post this

all that already exists

>what's the next big retarded fad for cars

Lifted sportscars.
Lowered trucks.

Push rods.

Microwaves/fridges into vans and SUVs for the kiddies when they need a snack

Actually practical setup for compact 3cyl engine. Makes even more sense if you wanna built electric version.

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