Why are Britcucks so retarded when it comes to pronouncing car brands?

Why are Britcucks so retarded when it comes to pronouncing car brands?

>Wolls Woyce
>Alfer Womayoh

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Low test populace

you just used many different accents from across the entire UK, not just Britain

It's all commieland anyway

Oh good, another /int/ shitfest thread

One of these contains Ireland and N. Ireland.
One only contains N. Ireland.

Do you know which is which?

>as if mawzda is any better
>nobody talks like this
>nobody talks like this
>we pronounce it nissan, not neeesaaan
>nobody talks like that
>we pronounce it 'shit'

Nothing is as bad as the Ohio River Valley accent, it's dominant moreso in Central Illinois and Central Indiana than anywhere else though.

>Ralls Royce
>Alfa Romayah

Lots of other cars are pronounced weird, but it's not that so much as

And so forth.


Christ, I have a friend in Maryland who says worsh.

My group and I laugh about it every time he says it.

They're not

/int/ is what makes this board great

Hey fuck you I talk like that too. Go worsh the deeshes before I squorsh yer hed.

Hearing a british presenter pronounce Seat Ibiza always put a smile on my face.

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say-at eyebeetha



>wolls woyce
>alfer womayoh
I think you have the bongs mixed up with elmer fudd there buddy

>we pronounce it nissan
No, you pronounce it niss-in which rhymes with piss in. Its supposed to be にさん so actually burgers are getting it right

>niss in
Clearly you've never heard an English accent as we pronounce it niss anne

Forgot about that but the niss part is still wrong. And actually the anne part is wrong too anyway actually.




>has a accent in MD
is he black or retarded? MD has abnormal words, not an abnormal accent. Unless he's from Ravens territory, those guys are just fucked in the head.