Overrated Engines

ITT: Post shitty engines that get too much praise
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>American engineering strikes again

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Any Volkswagen, Hyundai/Kia, or BMW engine is a shit

lol i just bought an accord with this engine and the engine is my second favorite part of the car. great torqueband. VCM sucks though, you can feel it subtley changing from 3 to 6 and back and forth when you're on the highway and it's annoying.


>look at me, I posted it again!

Both of these

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Porsche flat 6.

Horrific NA power for the massive engine size, Laggy with turbo's.
One of the worst engine notes.
Pigfat and heavy.

desu I was just shitposting. I actually like my accord v6.

I'll kick your ass buddy

>laggy with turbos
Lol obviously you haven’t driven one you poorfag

now howd you go and do that

MK7 1.8, 2.0 in Golf, GTI and R live up to the hype.

>only 3 cars in the top 10 specific output list.

does yours have vcm?

These are the retards that think 2jz can beat anything
its overhyped might as well drive a toyota camry!

>"Makes 240 hp at 9k redline bro"
>"fuck torque dude"

Possibly the worst engine conceived.

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>totally makes 250 brah
180 on a dyno...

some of the dumbest shit ive ever read

>doesnt know what a good sports car engine is

By owning a meme engine.

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I'd love to have that engine to row gears with in my car.

2jz's can make plenty power, it's a dead reliable engine but also a dyno queen. I wish they weren't so expensive so I could get a GTE, I also wish people would stop ruining supras with 1k HP builds.
t. 2JZGE owner

3800 and LS

Do the supercharged ones have the same bottom end as the na?
This is a thread for shit engines, m8. Not God machines

>Doesn’t leave his flat state and thinks no one lives in mountainous areas
150 ft.lb is pathetic for anything other than a flat road for fun. I rode in a BRZ on an uphill highway in colorado, that thing was hell.

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I'd find it hell too, if I didn't know how to use a gearbox

Golf cuck here, can confirm the MQB platform handles mods rediculously well

neither are better than mediocre
3800 sounds so bad it belongs in the trash

You like to talk shit don’t you? Have fun being overtaken by stacey’s base ford fiesta while you’re busy sperging about how well it handles and how it doesn’t need a turbo

Listen here you fucking ape
I'll have you know Japan is one of the most developed nations on earth, with one of the highest GDP, per capita income, and they rank consistently higher than most European countries in quality of life surveys. Also, unlike Shitmerica, half their population isn't obese and people consistently live to 85 and older.

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Bet you feel like a stupid asshole now, huh? Maybe next time you'll think before you talk shit about arguably the best country on the planet again.

3800 was fine for its age and price

holy shit

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it was a workhorse engine
not some great engine like people act

same with shit like AMC 4.0 22RE and Ford 300
wowee you mean to tell me giant gutless engines can last a long time?


>makes same power as 1.8L Honda engines

relative to its shitty fucking power yeah it is

>hp/l is a valid metric

lol one of those guys who gets hurt over his favorite engines being shit


I don't even have a favorite engine. Hp/cylinder displacement size a shit tho

only if you like inefficient engines

>inefficient by retarded metric
Wow. I prefer to look at hp/valve desu. Too many valves is inefficient

lol acting retarded doesnt help you much

you only think its dumb because it shows how shit engines you like are

How is cylinder displacement any better a metric than valve number?

I too think a 1L engine has the same capacity as a 8L
why if it has a 5 valve head it will have the same capacity as a 16L

its such a meme engine, but i can respect someone who can take care of an engine and i get that feeling from you
Like Toyota, Japan is overhyped garbage. Not everything is like what you see in your japanese cartoons. I will take American Muscle over ugly ass v6 motors any day.

Nice rambling, m8. Looks like you're all out of arguments

Not the guy you're arguing with, but you're retarded.
The 3800 is a shit engine. The ONLY thing going for it is reliability. it's literally a cut down Buick V8.
It can't rev for shit
It makes shit power
The power it does make doesn't justify its large displacement
>but efficiency
And it drinks fuel way more than any 200 HP 16 valve 2.0L I4 will

Horsepower per valve is a retarded measurement because you're skewing it in favor of engines where the valve area doesn't use all the area of the combustion chamber to its best efficiency. Valve area matters more than the number of valves. It's why multi-valve engines have become the industry standard. More valves = more valve area = more airflow.

I've had a 3800. It was reliable. It was decently quick. It always sounded like shit no matter what was done to it.
It's a shit engine. Get over it.

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k you lost and never had an argument to begin with lol
please learn about cars you retard

Lmao m8. Buick 3.8s were good at their time of release and cost.
>you haven't provided a reason as to why hp/l is a valid metric
>you seem to think that I'm serious about using hp/valve
You're clearly a Sperg, m8
What did I lose? You still haven't provided a valid reason to use hp/l

I lost to this pasta

oh boy its another person literally too retarded to read
or I guess its just because you know nothing about engines

probably both

Where is the argument in this post?

you being retarded and not knowing how to read while having 0 understanding of engines so when you see an argument you cant even recognize it

>Buick 3.8s were good at their time of release and cost.
A 3400 with an intake, exhaust and a PCM tune makes more power.
>but supercharger!
Only shit engines NEED boost to make power.

>uses hp/l
>calls others retarded
Oh wow

>never provided a valid reason HP/L isn't valid.

Because there's no direct negative to having a higher cylinder displacement

This has got to be bait holy shit. 5/5 for making me reply.

But this thread seems to be full of fucktards

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ANY 'muritragic "muscle" "car" "engine".
Cast iron, 600kg, 8 liter displacement, and a fucking pathetic 200hp.
Muritrash "engineering" is fucking caveman.

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except weight, efficiency, and fuel economy, among other reasons.

So why not use hp/weight or hp/fuel usage?
Namefag btfo

oh its this braindead retard again
cant make any arguments himself cant pick up on other arguments
Im done again not wasting my time another night

those are both way more retarded just like your hp/physical size shit

learn engines

>hp/l is relevant because some times it results in increased weight
>but hp/weight is retarded
Just lol. I can't even begin to imagine how fannyflustered you are right now.

>look at our engine! It weighs 200 lbs, makes 400 HP, and has to pull a car over 5,000 lbs!

How is the car's weight relevant to engine discussion?

engine capacity isnt relevant folks
a 50cc has the same capacity has a 1800L ship engine

ahaha I still fail to belive anyone on Veeky Forums is honestly as retarded as this guy

If they both weigh the same, what is the issue?

because how much an engine weighs and thus any HP/engine weight discussion is immediately ruined when discussing the car the engine goes into.

HP/weight only works when you count the weight of the entire vehicle, not just the engine.

hp/fuel usage is also similarly retarded with no real world benefits people can see.

because the 50cc engine won't make enough power to move its own weight.

But we aren't comparing vehicles, we're comparing engines. Putting a little engine into a 5 tonne vehicle doesn't make it a shit engine
So you're saying that displacement/weight is a good measurement of quality engine design?

>So you're saying that displacement/weight is a good measurement of quality engine design?
not necessarily, but it is a factor in why people love the LS V8 engines

So what's the issue with having a high displacement in a small, light package?

doesn't matter. There's multiple variables. No one wants to use a 20lbs 8L miracle engine if its physically huge and makes 20 HP.

So how is hp/l relevant

Are you implying an iron head, iron block monstrosity like the 3800 is fucking light?

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No. Where did I say this?

depends on the person. The only people who talk about HP/L are enthusiasts.

HP per liter is more important to me at least as a guide of how much stress an engine is under.
How much an engine is good for with the HP per litre in mind also gives you an idea how much thought went into the engine design when originally designed by engineers, this is why engines that were in cars that were also intended for racing, as well as engines in vehicles also intended for heavy labour usually are good at handling high HP per litre figures (High stress). They are often much higher tolerances and stronger designs (thicker webcasting, steel construction etc)

The larger the engine and the more cylinders the less this is of concern, which means the engines can be constructed much looser, lighter (More alloy less thick casting) and generally cheaper as well as tuned leaner, this works very well for GM especially. This is why they have a lower hp per litre figure generally but are still powerhouses.

Consider Suicide.

please tell me this is bait.


I've come to the conclusion that Europeans think it's normal for a car to be a useless pile of garbage after 3 years. They don't build their vehicles to last and don't understand why Americans would want a car you can drive for 10 years without having to spend thousands in maintenance per year because it requires a special dealer only tool to drain the fucking oil.

>3800 series 2

Probably an SC'd NA variant

shit happens

Not necessarily. I've seen it happen to unmodified N/A 3800s. Hell, I was driving one when it happened. Was an ex-gf's '98 Oldsmobile Intrigue

t. slav

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you’re fucking retarded and so is anyone that agrees with you

Let’s not forget how a 3800 sc will drink coolant like a homeless guy with a bottle of schnapps

1.9 PD TDI with bigger injectors, 2260 turbo, bigger intercooler and tuned for 250hp 500Nm, it's a great engine.

Yeah? and I drove a CRZ across the mountains in TN, it made it, it just needed some revs.
I love big engines and torque, I have a C6 Corvette in my garage. I also have a CRZ in the driveway that is dirt slow, but is still a good little car.
The S20C and F22C were some of the best sports car engines every to be mass produced. Sure the torque output was low, but thats why it had a high redline and gearing to take advantage of it.

The origins

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More valve area does not necessarily mean more airflow, charge velocity is just as important if not more so when working with a dynamic system like an ICE.

>you are now aware they detuned those engines even in SC form because the transaxles would grenade

People have taken 3800s well into the upper 300/lower 400 hp range. I will agree they don't sound great. Not sure how to fix that.

Having driven all 3 of those and owned 2, the only one that was unbearable around town was the Ford, and I'm chalking that up to gearing (lol 2.75 rear end) and the fact it was a stock 79 motor with the shitty 1-bbl carb. Both my XJ and Toyota are and were pretty zippy.

It’s always someone defending a complete garbage engine who posts this

Right. This is why the LS is such a success. Doesn't negate what I said though

I wasn't paying attention to what you guys were talking about I just wanted to butt in and tell you your hard stop statement of "more valve area=more airflow" was patently false.

If you're wrong on something that simple, I don't need to go negating whatever faggot shit you guys are whining about (piece of shit V6s apparently?) because to negate something I would have to put value in your word to start with- And you've obviously got your head up your ass.

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ebin ex dee

Nah, real think tank like yourself is insulated from curmudgeons like me- So much so that 16 hours after your post when someone disputes a factual inaccuracy in your post you care SOOOOOO little you come back to reassure yourself how right your opinion on some gay V6 is.

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