Change lanes on near empty highway

>change lanes on near empty highway
>bike rev bombs you from a quarter mile back
>you can't even hear it
>speeds up next to you, breaks your mirror, rips open the throttle and speeds off at 150mph
Fucking cager not seeing me lane splitting from 400 yards back, fuck you for changing lanes into my planned path of travel 5 seconds before I even get there.

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>op got cucked by a gixxer

On this note. Did RPSTV lose his license over the shit he pulled? Right after Veeky Forums went for him he stopped making any and all videos for the most part.

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literally who

dude who uploaded a bunch of videos of him smashing mirrors, rev bombing, excessive speeding and hassling police and shit.

Veeky Forums did some weaponized autism on him and tracked his house down in one of his videos, found his plates he forgot to blur and also dates he was pulled over by police and times. He ended up getting on Orlando news because of it and last I heard he was in the process of losing his license.

He had a patron and was pulling about 500 bucks a month at one point uploading videos of him smashing mirrors. Pretty much Veeky Forums reported him to the local/state police and several news networks.

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>speed up to 170 and sit .5mm off his rear tire.
>get number plate and foward the dashcam fotage to insurance compony.

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>say goodbye to family and get on highway commute
>listen to oldies between news radio in comfort of warmth and leather seats
>be in slow traffic
>have turn signal on to change lanes to exit freeway
>getting over early as to be respectful and safe and responsible
>after almost a minute of waiting, a kind older woman flashes he high beams to indicate she will let me merge into her lane
>let off brake and hear screeching and constant rev bomb from 2000ft back as tire begins to touch paint on lane divider
>lane splitting at +90mph speed of traffic
>HEY BRO GOTTA WATCH FOR BIKES BRO FUCK YOU ASSHOLE FUCKFUCKFUCK YOU as he rides past simultaneously flipping me off and smashing my mirror and 3 other mirrors on other cars seemingly for no reason
>rides off to pussy land with other cowards

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Lol almost saw a stupid biker die the other day some mini van changed lanes and he was trying to hoon by me I could have stepped on it and ended him

I thought Veeky Forums was in full support of hooning.

Lol I almost saw some idiot die at the shooting range the other day, a guy started using the lane next to me I could have have just walked over shot him in the head and ended him

Veeky Forums likes hooning, they don't like faggots who property damage for attention.

Jealous cager thread stuck in your box while I'm doing whatever the fuck I want.

Post bike.

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>responding to troll threads
i apologise in advance.

but, when i'm commuting to work on my bike and have 3 or 4 cars, per trip, merge into my lane like i don't exist, it gets frustrating the first few times, then it just makes you angry that these cunts are so lazy they don't even bother to head check or mirror check.

so, when normal people do it, i totally get it.
when vloggers do it after doing dumb shit, well, they're morons.

i mean, picture yourself driving next to a 2-3 trailer truck, and having it merge into your lane like you don't exist. then have that happen 2-3 times within 30 mins. it gets really old, really quick

Then make yourself visible and leave an exit?

LOL, do you even bikes? Why would I look for a bike when I can go weeks without seeing one?

We aren't fucking special. You choose a bike in a sea of cars. Cars are the predators to the motorcycle prey. You choose this. You want motorcycle freedom on the road? Go to fucking India or Thailand where they are the majority.

I commute on my bike too but this doesn’t seem to happen to me that often. It happens but not 2-3 times in the span of 30 mins.

Are you going to fast?
Are you not wearing any hi viz gear?

I'd probably just bump him off and leave.

People are too fucking entitled these days. Like some bitch who jumped off a curb in front of me yesterday. Bitch thinks that because she's a pedestrian she doesn't have to stop for traffic like her feet don't have brakes. So every fucking car has to slam on its brakes to stop for you but you just get to walk in a straight line nonstop until you reach your destination. Fuck you bitch, you deserve to learn the hard way.

>picture yourself driving next to a 2-3 trailer truck
The point of being on a motorcycle is to not let yourself get in those situations. Fall back to more open road or speed out of the death trap.

>claiming proudly to not using his mirrors or head checking
>on an automotive forum
and its because of morons like you, we have insurance

how busy is your commute?

Right, a motorcyclist should never be beside a large vehicle with lack of sightlines, unless they are passing it quickly.

its almost like, there is this thing called, peak hour traffic in a city

I ride into the US city with the 2nd worst traffic

also, you missed the point completely you pleb

>driving next to a 2-3 trailer truck
not riding, driving.

your car next a 2-3 trailer truck is like a motorbike next to ANY car.
so what you're saying is, NEVER go near any car, truck or anything on the road on a motorbike, in peak hour traffic? good advice. don't know why i didn't think of that.

Right, where I am around millions of cars and still find a way, in a (semi) large city, with huge traffic issues, road construction projects, and what's considered the least considerate drivers in the US, I still try my best to stay the fuck away from large trucks.

If you put effort into it you'll manage.

i didn't mean motorbikes VS large trucks.

i mean drivers VS large trucks.

i stay away from large trucks, where possible.

>and its because of morons like you, we have insurance

You live in the real world, not a simulation of perfection. Where there is debris on the highway, black ice, drunk drivers, people on phones. It is on YOU to do something about it. You can't expect others to coddle you because you don't want to take responsibility for your life.

Breaking someone's mirror gives negative reinforcement. It doesn't make you a man; taking responsibility does.

>what is lane positioning
>what is high vis gear
>what is vigilance
>what is safe riding practices and lack of risk taking decisions
Seriously, it happens to everyone, but you need to give cagers their room as much as possible, peak traffic or not. If 5 more merge in front of you in your lane, so be it, 2 second rule nigga.

i do, i accel or brake out of the situation.

so, what your saying is, drivers can do what ever they want to motorcycle riders, break any and all laws, and its all the riders fault? no matter what?

i assume in your country, mirrors and indicators and head checks are part of your driving test and should be used? also that drivers are taught not to merge into lanes occupied by other motorists?

Hey, buddy. I got a story for you:

>be driving my car on the highway
>someone tries to enter my lane without looking and I honk to get them to avoid hitting my car

I didn't say bike there, did I? Silly me, I guess I shouldn't have to look though, right, since I was in a car and not a bike?

Or is it that bike or car, I should always be on the lookout?

>what your saying is, drivers can do what ever they want to motorcycle riders, break any and all laws, and its all the riders fault?


yeah i won't react at all i'll just sit there tooting the pathetic motorbike horn and hope the dumb person with their radio on will hear it as he pushes me into the gutter/concrete barrier

sounds like a good idea.

all i'm hearing so far is drivers excusing bad driving.

if you don't do this, in this order, you're a bad driver.
- decide to change lanes
- check mirrors
- indicate
-head check
-change lanes
-indicators off

not hard.

as an fyi also, motorbike riders are safer than non-motorbike riders when driving cars

how about taking some responsibility and driving properly?

not much i can do about some dumb cunt not using their mirrors, but maybe punching their mirror off might make them think about it next time.

i hope pic related runs you off the road next time you try and pass one and see how you feel.

"oh this is 100% my fault, he did nothing wrong, what was i thinking trying to overtake this truck when he's doing 10mph under the limit? i shan't do that again huehuehue"

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>when I can go weeks without seeing one
Lol, if you were looking for them you'd see them. Having used to ride bikes I now notice 5-10/day. Before I ever rode I rarely "saw" motorcycles.

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I have been ran off the road by one before. I got on with my life.


now imagine if it happened repeatedly

Brother, I commute 2200 miles a month. I almost get into an accident MINIMUM once a day. I'm 5 years in now. From what I have experienced, nothing changed on my bike when I got it. Bike or car, people will try to hit you. Take some fucking initiative and quit crying like a child.

not really, just don't like people excusing bad driving.

blaming the motorcyclist for having cars and trucks merge into them is retarded.
i just hate bad drivers

My mirror mounts broke off a while ago, so I had to pretty much weld them to the door frame. I cannot fucking wait until some cunt tries to fucking break one off.

[I require additional citations]

When did I blame the rider? I blame the idiots who think they can zone out and rule the road. You know, same as the cagers.

telling the rider to just not get in that position, is blaming the rider.
try telling the driver, to check their fucking mirrors and head check like they are supposed to.

also, what about when drivers look at you, indicate and merge into your lane, whilst looking at you? am i able to smash mirrors then? or what? because thats happened a few times too.

Messing about with your vehicle =/= messing with other people's cars

>am i able to smash mirrors then?

Can I smash your mirror when you dangerously lane split? How about when you glide across multiple lanes to get that good line through cars?

if those things have more of a chance killing you than the rider, then yeah sure why not.

how you think they even compare is beyond me.

>rider does some dumb shit and fucks up
rider dies
>driver does some shit
rider dies, driver has a dint

the only time that really changes is when a car turns in front of a motorbike, then yeah the rider and driver might die.

you can drive/ride defensively like you also should in a car and have the foresight to keep yourself well away from that shit

you should be doing it even in a car because you're still subject to stacy flattening you in her boyfriends bro truck while she plays candy crush on her phone

putting the responsibility on yourself is the only sure bet

Those types of bikes have really bad for posture ... Looks like youre riding a computer