Audi allroad cat problems

So I got an allroad like the pic not too long ago, after spending countless hours making it drivable (fuck air suspension) i am left with a single problem...

Throwing a code for warm up cat, passenger side (it has 2 warm up cats and 2 main cats) After making sure O2 sensors and other exhaust components are working properly, I know that the cat must have gone bad.

Since the OEM cats have to come with the entire exhaust system its about $2000 just for parts

Is there any possible way to go catless on this car? I have to pass emissions (Illinois) soon.

I've read about some people tricking the ECM into thinking the cats are working fine when they are not, but have never heard of it working for my car. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Trash it before you sink any more money into it.

>he bought an allroad
>a car well known for its terrible problems

It's in too good condition for me to ditch it, rust free and engine runs great, just did timing belt a few thousand miles ago

Spacers for lambda after cats will make code go away. Secondary air injection system fuck up can make cat warm up codes show up. And for fags who dont know allroad most problems come from air suspension and auto box and thats for not changing oil in it btw kys audi haters

Allroads lead to insanity.

thank you, and i tried to fit spacers but the exhaust is just too damn packed in there...and even if i cut a new hole and weld a bung in there so it will fit I've heard of those spacers only being good for a short while before it throws code again

what broken component of the secondary air injection system would throw a warm up cat code?

What did we tell you about Audi?

on cold start push extra air for faster warm up and most of time holes in system or just dead pump. I just removed whole system and put blanking plates. Anyway try lambda spacers first.
Here l. $50. Ya fuggin junk driving planet ruining jerk. Also desu if you ain't throw in a p0420 or p0430 you probably just need the sensor. The heater is in the sensor. But whatev I'm not gonna argue that. But $50.. It works, 2 coworkers did this to their shitboxes. Only problem could be clearance with the body

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i will try and hopefully succeed

i was just so happy to have air suspension working after replacing all air lines, compressor, valve block, and even the control module... and then this engine light came on to ruin my day:( luckily i have access to a lift so makes it much less difficult

yes i bought those exactly! body is very in the way, going to have to make room...

Just get rid of the cats? What are you gay?

>car is fucked and wont pass emissions, therefore can't register/drive it
>it's in too good condition
lmao OP youre retarded dude

it passed my last emissions test and everything on the car is fine except the cats...
lol and then get pulled over repeatedly for having no emissions sticker and have $10000 in fines from jackass illinois cops

They definitely work. It's actual catalyst material so it's doing it's job right at the sensor. The bung spacers I've seen work before, too.. But this is a sure thing. One I put in was in the desk guy's Camry. There was no space but I just mashed in the underside of the car. If you're comfortable welding shit I'd do that. I've also seen some kind of sensor that just sends the correct signal to the pcm. Dunno where you'd get those tho

jesus christ just fix your shit, I hope you get lung cancer

How about fixing it properly. Pay the 2k. You bought an allroad so if you play stupid games you win stupid prizes.

paying 2k just for the exhaust system then having to drop the fucking engine just to put it on? i dont think so, ill take whatever cheap way i can

you don't deserve a vehicle and you're a shitty human being for half assing things.

little do you know the tech you take your car to does anything other than the "proper" way to fix it

I do most things myself

Dude why everyone who have these cars just pull that air shit out and puts standart a6 suspension

if it ever fails beyond repair thats the plan, but considering i spent 500 on parts with no labor cost to rebuild the whole air suspension system its worth it to repair

what motor 2.7t?


>So I got an allroad

Germanfag here, honestly, why?
You have subarus that fulfill probably all the awd needs you could have, but nope, you go and buy a german car, which is known to be complicated, and you chose the model with more shit to fail, like the quattro system.

Dont tell me you got for the winter, because i drive an fwd and winter never was a problem for me. The solution is, winter tires, and not some fucking awd.

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Fucking run.

Unless you like dealing with fucktons of vacuum hoses, turbos blowing up every 150k miles and having to disassemble just about everything in the engine bay to do any work on it at all.

Ah, who am I kidding, you should've known this already going into it and you probably enjoy it, you masochist.

The AWD system is easily the most solid part of all longitudinal Audis.

This is one of the worst, most problematic, expensive to fix POS you can buy. Get rid of it to save yourself