Post your V8 Thread - Alpha Males Only

Post your cars only if you are an alpha male and have a minimum of 8 cylinders.

Subhuman trash with anything less need not apply.

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Alpha male coming through

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I'd have gone with a VK

who is this dude? lmao

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Unironically good car. I got mine for 1500, used it for a few years, and topped out at 140. Never had a problem with it.

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>jag fag
Lol fuck off I meant manly V8s

does this bullshit small block count

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im cry

a living legend


too bad nerds
im posting this bullshit anyway

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Shitty scoop ruins it, otherwise nice.

Sorry that it is more than you can afford

A real designer purse is also pretty expensive; Any man that owns one is still a faggot.

The 4.6 modular is an embarrassment to the V8 name....legit makes less power than most 6 cylinders of even the early 2000s and doesn’t even get to over 300 lb-ft

Except it will last 3x longer.

Sperg more

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>Waaahhhhh I miss valve float

>tfw tiny aftermarket because Pontiac 350 not chebby

Shitty feel, lads. At least with headers and carb it sounds nice and makes lotsa tork.

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The 3v 4.6's got 315 lb/ft stock. The 4v ones were pretty powerful too.

>being this butthurt


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End my suffering

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8 cylinders
0 working struts

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This is the most autistic picture I've seen on the internet today.

Great job.


Imported badges. Nobody here knows what FPV is, so it's not subject to the usual faggotry associated with upbadging.

how long till your autism progresses to where you aren't satisfied just doing everything you can to pretend you're a cop by looks and you actually start pulling people over and get arrested for actually impersonating an officer

>Hurr it looks like a cop car
Maybe if you're blind and/or retarded.

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>Literally says it isn't a cop car
>Removed "Police" from "Police Interceptor"
>piss-yellow ricer foglights
>retro 50's spotlight
>dumb stickers all over the place
Totally looks like a cop car...

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reminder your v8 is smaller than mine

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1UZ reporting in
>tfw displacelet by v8 standards

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>Alpha Male
>Fewer than 12 cylinders
Pick one manlet.

Explorer/Taurus wheels?

and three times the weight

Both cars have V8s. You can trust me, I wouldn't just go on the internet and lie.

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everyone keeps teasing me about my ls1

5.7" dick


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defensive AF lmao
you def are a wannabe cop no matter the tiny things here and there that are different from what you'd see on a real cop car.

what 2300lb v8 cars you got? lmao

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In all honest that is a pretty gay car. Might as well buy a porsche gaymen or boxster. Also sure its not your car bread on hood? Fyi I can afford one.


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love that little snake pit

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what is this car?

5 liters of slow and oil burning

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i love how that thing looks

i know this feel exactly

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upon reading your post more closely, i'll agree to the "burn oil" part more than the "slow" one

>tfw building a 7.6L v8

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Reporting in.

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Or maybe like his trip implies the car is SUPPOSED TO BE an /aut/istic glory barge of random shit. Sorry you can't get your own or something? Why you spergin so hard dude?

Its been almost a year and i still dont have a car to put my 454 into, been thinking about a 78 Firebird or possibly another turd gen Camaro if i can find one for the right price. Also been looking into resleeving my 305 and making it into a 327

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resleeving? how come? best thing to do with 305s is turbo them imo

I had that idea but then i thought i could get even more power if i bumped up the displacement

stroker kits for 305s are like 600 bucks I think. I looked into stroking mine but it didn't pan out


350 bored .40 over swap into my 85' c1500

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Am I doing it right?

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Actually thats not too bad of an idea. I didnt know that was an option

You expect me to get in that ?

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yep you can stroke them to a 334 i think

calm down cvpi

Smog monster

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Yup. I just ordered the brackets to put GT500 rotors and C5 'Vette calipers on the front, so I'll never be able to go with a wheel smaller than 18" after that.

Lol ok

Breddy much dis


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all anyone has to do is look at your pretend cop dress style

This picture is almost 5 years old. I was a cringy kid. Get a better insult, shit's stale and boring.


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I always love seeing this hunk of shit.

How in the hell do you keep it legal in cali?

>being this much of a newfag
Mercury Capri aka foxbody Mustang

6.2L master race, reporting in.

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Did the fuck out of my research and got all parts that are smog compliant. Also studied the Haynes the factory manual the overhaul manual the Rochester manual and tons of forums. Got all the emissions equipment dialed in now it runs like it's not even there. I basically was like a lawyer on a tv show at the smog place brining up executive order numbers and quoting factory specifications and emissions laws and shit. Burned clean as fuck too.

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Pic related

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baddest V8 coming through

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lawl. oh boy. uhh i guess the 6-cylinder s52 in the bimmer does not pass that standard - fail!

May I kick it old-school?

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Damn rights it fails. 250hp lol get out of here. That's like smog era V8 tier. Gas inline 6's are useless. They make horrible NA power and are lag monsters with a turbo plus take more up room than a V8.

Supercharged v8 is best v8

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The original rape car

Is this /penis compensation/ general?

no there are no honda faggots posting here.