Are Tundras a meme?

Are Tundras a meme?

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Literally the soy version of American pickups

in b4 one million miles

1,000,000 (one million) miles

What meme is this?

worst in class payload and towload to the point that I'm pretty sure tacos eat potential sales

Glorious Japanese steel folded 1000 times like the blades of the ancient samurai.

A specific tundra is a meme here. It's blue.

Nissan Titan is better.

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It’s a platform that is in desperate need of a refresh. That and they can’t seem to sell anywhere near what gm or ford sells.

Low tow capacity, outdated interior and exterior, poor MPG

i like them but they are mediocre in almost every aspect to be considered when looking out for pick up

does the yota reliability rep make up for it, or no?

>Yota fags don't know that if you spend most of the time carrying light loads on a highway that, that is an easy figure to hit.

First gen is god tier. Shits all over every competitor from the time period and you still see a ton of them on the road unlike trash from GM/ferd/nissan (lol).

Plus they're finally starting to get some aftermarket love like the tacos do.

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yeah 1st gens are god tier, as long as you get the frame rustproofed, and don't town on overdrive (weak planetary gear)

oh and, on the very first model (2000), if you got the 2wd version (no separate tranny rad) there's a good chance your rad lines will corrode and mix the engine and tranny coolant

A Tundra hit one million miles with its original engine

>Actually built in murica, not Mexico
Nice try Jose

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I'm actually gonna go over the frame with por12 once it warms up. It's been desert southwest truck its whole life so rust isn't a big issue here but I still want to do it. Didn't know about the towing, thanks.

>buying a 2wd trugg

>beaners think texico is america

>Texas wanted to secede from the Union but we wouldn't let them

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One tried to be, but failed.

Soyboys hate trucks.

Tacos eat sales because they aren't dogshit. Tacos can actually be build for offroading. Tacos can maneuver well and don't have an anemic engine that weighs as much as a Yaris.

The Tundra is literal garbage only beaten in terms of shit quality by the Titan. There is absolutely zero reason to buy one over one of the big three.

Hell, I have a BURNING hatred of GM and if rather have a base model Silverado than a fully loaded Tundra.

>1st Gen Tundra
>better than a 360/V10 powered Ram

Mcfucking kill yourself.


Go be gay as fuck elsewhere.

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thats only a factor for its third owner Mexican landscaper 200,000 miles in.

when cross-shopping new models there is little reason to go for a new Tundra over a new F150 or Silverado.

>vehicles are a disposable appliance because it's like 2018 bro

You are cancer and have no place on this board.

My dad got a 2009 new and he hated it and sold it in 2013 for a Ram instead. Pedal lag was beyond atrocious and the truck handled like a large brick on wheels considering its towload. The truck was oddly wide and it made parking lots a nightmare. They seem to have fixed the pedal lag problem in recent model years but that body style is just wrong.

The prices are.

>doesnt understand the new truck market

a tiny fraction of a truck's first owners will ever own them out of warranty or drive them anywhere close to 200k+ miles. fleet vehicles get replaced with new ones because its cheaper to buy new than keep old models running and boomers sell off their King Ranch retirement land barges as soon as they get too old to use the pedels.

the long term reliability of Toyota trucks is a great asset for those people cross-shopping used trucks well into their service life, but it has almost no measurable affect on new truck sales where other factors play a bigger role.

I may be gay, but at least my truck has some fucking guts.

i mean yea, that's my point

not on tundras, between corrosion issues and the weird frame design that has too little rigidty leading to swaying issues when towing, there's a good chance a used tundra is actively trying to kill you

>better than the Tundra
that's a lie

>better than the Tundra
that's a lie
>Muh engine
yeah too bad everything around the engine is shit

Tundra money will get you a diesel domestic which will hold its value just as well.

name one diesel domestic that isn't worth garbage after 10,000 miles

Ummm literally any of the big 3?? They'll all stay together for the first 4 years then it's a bit iffy. That's why you get rid of it and sell it to Chad who goes and lifts it.

So basically you're saying that the build quality is so shoddy for the big 3 that you have to just accept (((financing a depreciating asset))) and then in a couple of years hand off your truck to a real man for a fraction of the price you paid

The GM diesel will easily make it to a million if you take care of it, as will the Dodge but with a few trannies and monthly ball joint replacements. Fords are generally throw away trucks. Go look on your local classifieds for used diesel trucks. The diesel tax is ridiculous, easily on par with the toyota resale meme tax.

>misunderstanding the meme and proceeding to use it incorrectly.

Lurk more, newfag.

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