Yuropoors won't admit that pic related is cuter than the twingo

Yuropoors won't admit that pic related is cuter than the twingo

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nobody drives twingos outside of Veeky Forums

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they're just the american twingos and that is completely ok

Whatever let's you sleep at night, buddy

people who actually own neons seem to hate the cuteness
the few I still see have angry eyes

as shit of quality as they were they were pretty based for a burger shitbox

theyre popular bottom tier shitboxes in Europe
no one shitposts and memes Twingos outside of Veeky Forums

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aren't neons even relatively quick for what they are?

Agreed. The Neon is America's Twingo.

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the only problem is that the Neon ass isn't as plump

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yea. To this day, they're pretty dominant in SCCA racing.

yeah they had 2.0s while most jap shit they competed with had 1.6s
130 or 150 hp

they usually dominate their class in any racing

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as an ameriburger I'd have to say it isn't
but it's a good american equivalent
I want to find a coupe R/T to have fun with
also fuck the second gen neon

yuropoor here, should I get this Burgo?

>155k km
>2.0, 133hp
>driver side e-window doesn't crank
>driver door must be manually locked
>front axis has rust otherwise ok
>650 yuroshekles

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do it.

will probably go check it out

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>2nd gen

but for that price why not

>the most basic American car of the 90s was also better than at least 90% of yuropean cars

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Na du musst aber auch bedenken wie die Ersatzteilversorgung hier zulande aussieht. In DE kostet das schon gerne mal ein bisschen mehr da die ja eh alle Importiert werden müssen. Abgesehen davon wie sieht es mit den TÜV relevanten teilen aus. Wenn die angesammelt sind hast du schnell Merkosten und ein Auto was du am Ende nicht auf Strassen bewegen kannst

neons are absolute shit though

Neons were not built to last, they are slowly dying off

Don't fucking say that. Neons are precious and deserve a place in the automotive world. They deserve to be protected.

So were every burger cars in the 90s, but they had character. Just like kraut cars were in the 90s, they had character. Globalization just made everything into shit. I want fisher price interior domestics again, I used to shit on them because my first car was a e34 which was pretty shit too but marginally better than fisher price plastic quality from the 90's. It's not like cars even have better interior material quality now. Somehow they've managed to engineer the most boring plastics I mean dreadfully boring plastic shit these days.

It's nice but there's nothing cute besides frontend.
dull interior, no "quirks and features", just a sedan with cute face slapped on it.

It's pretty good for a shitbox, and the taillights are even similarly shaped.

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