Does Veeky Forums like oval?

Does Veeky Forums like oval?

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The local ovals, yes. I run as many enduro's as I have time for.

oval racing is unironically one of the most intense types of endurance racing there is, so of course

It's best in $200 shitbox form.

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im not autistic, so no. only braindead hicks like them.

>backwards American flag

would watch that.

professional ones, nah boring as fuck.

these 2 posts are perfect together

Just wait till you step up to the boat/trailer races. That's where the real fun begins.

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Veeky Forums doesn't like anything

Of course goyim! Why wouldn't you want to watch cars plastered with advertisements that go around in a oval?

The flag is backwards because it's supposed to look like it's being flown from the front

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Not to blog post, but for friggs sack I cant wait until the next one. Got 2nd the last two I ran.

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The stars always point forward or at least are supposed to you can see this on american busses members of the military and of course good ol american racing

>tfw one the local ovals closed before you got your license

>all those union flags
what the hell is wrong with americans

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/dirt/ a best

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North vs South its like shirts vs skins, lighten up sheev

if i wanted people to go around and around in circles id just go to o

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