I'm split between buying an f150 or a Silverado 1500 both of which would probably be in the 2000-2008 year range...

I'm split between buying an f150 or a Silverado 1500 both of which would probably be in the 2000-2008 year range. I'm leaning more towards the silverado just because I think it looks better. Which has more aftermarket parts? What are your guys opinions?

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my sisters father in law owns a body shop. He has mumored a couple times that fords aluminium body is causing all sorts of problems. he is a shit talker though- So idk. Not a big fan of ecoboost shit.

Don't buy a 4.6/5.4 f150, 5.0 or egoboost


owned a 2000 Silverado 2500. great truck, would recommend. the 5.3 or 6.0 are both great engines

Get a 6.2

F150 are good commute gas trucks. They have plenty of power if you get the 5.0. I don't think they were aluminum those years so you will be fine. They hold their value well.

Of buying those years Silverado. Of you can save up or get a lower trim 2015 and up, f150 with ecoboost all day.

>2000 to 2008
>aluminum body
>body shop owner that doesn't know GM also quietly switched to aluminum body panels the past couple years

Depends OP, do you want to be:
>hauling big loads
>taking big loads

Be prepared for high insurance rates. Not every body shop is certified to repair aluminum back to"factory" specs. Plus it costs more to work on.

2000 to 2008 won't be aluminum is part of my point

I hate working on Fords. Need to remove twenty things just to change spark plugs.
Personally I'd pick Silverado out of the two, ram out of the three, tundra if I had lots of money

Look at the mexicans and you'll notice most of their punished-but-still-running vehicles are GM vehicles, those shitty soapbar ford pickups of the same era are much rarer to see.

>I don't think they were aluminum those years so you will be fine

>implying the aluminum bodied trucks are shit

>not realizing that in a decade or two all the trucks will be aluminum bodied

Get a Ram Promaster City

the f150 ecoboost is objectively better.

gm btfo


not produced in 2000-2008

My 2015 kingranch is no more expensive to insure than my old 2011 Silverado ltz. Quit lying bitch.

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99-08? Definitely get a chebby or GMC. Far more reliable trucks than Ford and offer much more aftermarket support especially the engine cause
>LS derived and they take pretty much all parts
Transmission is not the best if you're doing towing but upgrade kits can cost as little as 250 bucks or just swap in a 4L80e. Some of the vortec motors do develop lifter tick but thats mostly just an annoyance rather than something that should be worrying.
Ford's triton line does offer a bit more power but they're far more unreliable turning your spark plugs into ballistics (unless you get a 4.6 which is pretty gutless tbqh) or the shitty timing chains. Only Ford truck I would get is a ferd truck with a 5.slow. Plus its a lot harder doing your own work on them because of they way ford designs their shit.

>GM has a wider aftermarket, more reliable (questionable transmission if you tow), more simplistic
>Ford has better power if you go with a 5.4 BUT the 5.4 is an unreliable turd unless you luck out
>Both: Replacement parts are fucking everywhere

>t. own a 01 F150 4.6 and an 05 Silverado 1500 5.3

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Get the chebby

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Honda Ridgeline huh? Not a bad truck if you plan no heavy duty towing. Actually sold a Cuck edition to a guy that worked for Ford dealer truck dealer lol

Get a Honda Ridgeline faggot

i used to be a mechanic, best American trucks IMO are 1999-2006 Chevy Silverado especially 2500 3/4 ton. the biggest issue on those is the fuel pump and you can avoid that by not letting the tank run on under 1/4 tank of fuel. otherwise its the odd balljoint, wheel bearing, and U-joints only

Dodge pickups are a mess of front end parts needing replaced and axle issues, Fords are about the same. Silverado from 99-06 are about the best

EcoBoost are poorly made like most Ford EcoBoost engines. especially in the start they had lots of troubles. i worked with a guy that bought a F150 EcoBoost right when they came out years back and he found sand in the engine oil and Ford told him thats normal. fought it and turns out Ford left casting sand in the engine and the engine was garbage

all because they "will all be" doesnt mean its a good idea. Aluminum is tough/expensive to repair and doesnt have the durability of steel. its fine to haul your patio set but when youre moving logs and bricks you need a steel truck

My 2006 Silverado LLY Duramax is stupidly reliable. 180k miles, haven't done a single thing to it besides regular maintenance.

Got it from my father once he 'upgraded' to a new Denali. Love the damn thing.

this man is right on the money

You're right even with the 2002 1500 Silverado, just had to change the fuel pump again it went out 16 and 8 years ago but my dad drives it almost always on empty

You smell like you're lying


If it’s I. That year range the gm’s definitely beat out the fords. But word of caution if you go gym I would stick to ‘06 and older; the 07+ had the multi cylinder bullshit that would drop cylinders to get better mileage but this lead to the rings shutting the bed causing massive oil consumption. If you think I’m lying look it up; 2 of my bosses had this issue with their 07-11 gm trucks.