Negative rake will become the next stance

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This is already a thing in the truck scene, its called Cali Lean or Carolina Squat,also known as squat trucks. Look it up on Youtube.

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Is it on air or something or is it always like that?

that's an air bag behind the front wheel

> make me proud son

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people have been talking about whats going to replace hellaflush for over a decade

>oh its just a trend it will end soon

lol its like hotrodding its gonna be around forever

most are always but they dont go that crazy
I see a lot of them in highschool mall and community college parking lots around here

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ya that was probably a bad example that entire truck is on air suspension/lift kit so he'll raise or lower it on a whim but some of the cheaper ones are static squatted

I cant even describe how faggy this is. Mostly done by flatbrim brahs I’m guessing.

Always heard it called Tennessee tilt, guess every state has their version

usually done by middle/upper class wannabe redneck teenagers and 20 somethings using daddy money

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the demon does this every time you accelerate

Trucks w a little bit of forward rake look so good. I’ll never understand this.

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would that increase drag performance in fwd?

no it would make it worse

If it is my car is already cool cause my lowering springs sit weird

The forward rake is really important if you use your pickup like a.....well, pickup.

As soon as someone says

>Leveling kit

You know that they don't use their pickup for its intended purpose.

looks cool on old gassers, looks weird on modern cars

That looks and undoubtedly rides horribly.

Can't we just have negative camber, a wide body kit, but without the car being lowered like crazy?

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They do this shit in the eastern blocs on Ladas, just remove the rear suspension basically, and do drifts around the city. I forgot what they call it, but its on YouTube if someone can find it.

this. So many fucking country hipsters do the most retarded shit to their trucks.

>looks cool


>How do I make my trukk look more fragile?
>I wanna make any parking job an intimidating and humilating experience for me.
>I wanna feel everyone starring at my cucked face when I try to cross a curb
>I wanna walk extra mile to any place to make sure I parked my vehicle in safe enviroment

My car kinda looks like this
but that's because I cant be bothered to replace the rear suspension

That rake has a purpose though. When you're towing heavy loads with lots of tongue weight it levels the truck and the truck still has suspension travel in the rear to make it more comfortable and stable

>pretending you're actually hauling a heavy load
that's fucking hilarious

what did he mean by this?

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>deliberately moving your car's center of mass to the rear
>in a FWD car, no less
this isn't THE most retarded thing I've seen people do, but it's up there


>fwd car
>front with regular tires
>rear with donuts

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This is actually really fun tho
>drifting around bonneville salt flats in a civic and escort with high psi donuts on the rear
It was a sight to be remembered, plus it's really cheap for how fun it is. Look up pvc drifting too.

This is mostly because of poorfags who buy front long travel kits but can't afford good rear suspension, at least here in southern California

Too Late

Crabbing is now the new hotness. Every oncoming car will look like it aimed at you

I have this setup on my mighty max but only cuz my I'm a dirtbag and have anbumhnof free tires on my truck

>Spot the Veeky Forumstist lol

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Yes the Cali lean and it’s dumb as fuck. Far as I can tell it was guys who would buy lift kits or leveling kits but only do up the front so they can look like long travel prerunners instead of actually doing a long travel kit. Goddamnit California is full of faggots...