Itt you turn into the car below you

itt you turn into the car below you

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y wud u do dis to me

Wait, if there's one wheel in the middle of the engine bay, where the fuck's the engine?

FMR layout, engine is close to the cabin

nothin personnel

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sorry not sorry

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I learned stick on a 93 corolla, these shit box's will always have a place in my heart.

Blessing the next poster with eternal cuteness

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something about the dog being relegated to the trunk makes me laugh

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could be worse, im okay with this outcome

I remember seeing one of these each day after sixth form back in 2011 and thinking it is the most 'a car is an appliance' vehicle there ever was

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Comfy at 200 mph

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I am surprised and pleased with this

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Surprised nobody posted this oldie

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Saeko best girl!

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Inshallah brothers

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Did equinox get injured in the crash?

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fast AND cool? damn user youre lucky

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Sadly no

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I don't get how it's able to land vertically, but not takeoff vertically
I mean, I get the performance limitations, it probably needs that extra bit of lift to get off the ground safely, but in that case you'd expect safety regulations would bar them from using the vertical landing ability, because you can't abort a landing if the plan is unable to return to steady flight

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As long as the marines aren't driving.

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It's a flying car. Can be driven on the ground, too, you know.

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but not on roads

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Rip sandeep

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Oh boy a chance to post my weird shitbox again. Engine is in the middle

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Where did he go?

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He disappeared.

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It can take off vertically, but it's no operationally viable to do because the aircraft is wet and it uses too much fuel.

Into the...

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Nothin personal, my nigga.

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Oh boy what car will I be

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This is either the best or worst thing ever depending on what you make of it.

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You are a bike.

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Same here. That honestly does not look bad at all.


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Forgot to post an image

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is that the front or the back

It's the back. Look at where the side mirrors are.

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user above can thank me
>turbo I6
>6 speed manual
>based australian ford division

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You can thank me.

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