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that chart is retarded, here is some real info

>sports car
Bahahahaha nice bait

>On average, Americans spend 5% of their income on purchasing a car.
What trash article is this? Are they talking down payment?

they are talking about monthly car payment

5% of $2500 is $125 so that's the reasonably safe amount you should set your monthly loan payments at if you make $2500 take home.

when I had a car payment, it was $80 a month on a $6000 loan. Its very doable.

That's less than £1800, Americans are fucking poor.

Why are Germans and Americans so fucking bad at building cars?

>audi most reliable luxury suv
Lexus NX truly is a shitheap

and yet, America still has the highest standard of living and the largest economy in the world.

while you have nothing.

>highest standard of living
Nice bait USA isn't even in the top 10 LMFAO

>ford focus in anyway unreliable
What American bullshit is this?

>and yet, America still has the highest standard of living and the largest economy in the world.

Are Americunts stupid enough to believe that?

Because stupid normies perpetually sign leases and 96 month car loans so their payments are only $150/mo.
>Make $4400
>Car payments are $1200
Real enthusiasts like is are in the minority though.


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The automatics have transmission problems, manuals are solid

>The autos are german and the manuals are american

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>no camrys in england


$2500? Is that supposed to be take home per week?

GDP, bitch! No one cares about you “how accepting of homosexuals?” style measurements that you euros always point to.

>GDP, bitch!
Still not number one.

>but but but, per capita
Even worse.

Stay poor american't

You are wrong nominal gdp (total, not even per capita), USA is #1.

>toyota best: 35/48
>worst: 0/48
How can other brands even compete?

Did they literally refused to buy Lexus because some fictional character drive it?

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If you exclude China.

Buying an overpriced Toyota with worse styling.

lol, no.

Europe also isn't even remotely relevant unless grouped together as a whole fucking continent. Looks like the europoor memes are based in reality, huh.

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>*Sponsored by Toyota

Nice unsourced fake chart.

Now real numbers

Rank Country GDP
(millions of Int$)
- World 126,687,917
1 China[n 1] 23,122,027
— European Union[n 2] 20,852,702
2 United States 19,362,129

16% behind China.

Nice unsourced fake numbers.

Straight from the IMF, actually.

I hope you're in Germoney, France, or the UK because every other EU nation is poor as shit lol. No wonder those three countries are the only ones to actually produce cars to be bought around the world, italian exotics and fiat shitboxes aside.

my sister drives a 2006 Focus wagon with a 195,000 miles on it and is still going strong.

its probobly been 10k miles since the last oil change, i refused to let her drive it after i pulled the dipstick and it came up dry bar some rusty sludge and we had to put 4 quarts of oil in just to get a reading. the brakes have been rebuilt twice (for some reason she doesn't realize that squeaking is a bad thing) and all of the interior lighting and HVAC systems have failed but it still runs every day. i dont think there has been any maintenance done beyond rare oil changes over the past 12 years, all the other fluids and components are from the factory but that thing still fires up every day.

besides that its actually not even in very rough condition, she keeps so much garbage and extra junk in that car that most of the seats and carpeting have been covered and protected since the Bush Administration.

>200 million more people with only 1~billion more in GDP
Not helping yourself

women ruined the used car market because someday she's going to put that piece of shit up for sale and some sucker will buy it

>(((woman owned)))

i hope the engine explodes on her and she has to trade it in for scrap value towards something even shittier like an old Geo Metro or Turcel. she needs to suffer in an absolute piece of shit for a while until she learns to appreciate nice things again.

half the time it looks like this but also has bird cages and discount pet shit from the store she manages.

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The engine won't explode on her most likely. Women have good luck with keeping real shit boxes running. I don't know how they do it. My mom's 2000 Chevy Malibu hasn't had an oil change since Jan 2017 and that piece of junk is still running strong. 185,000 miles and A/C and everything still works despite the neglected maintenance.

Per capita the US of Fail doesn't even make the top 10.

Rank Country/Territory Int$
1 Qatar 124,927
— Macau 114,430
2 Luxembourg 109,192
3 Singapore 90,531
4 Brunei 76,743
5 Ireland 72,632
6 Norway 70,590
7 Kuwait 69,669
8 United Arab Emirates 68,245
9 Switzerland 61,360
— Hong Kong 61,016
10 San Marino 60,359

>Slave economies and tax havens arnt exactly something to aspire to be.

Consumer Reports April 2018 Car Edition.

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That's purchasing power parity which means it's meaningless. Nominal is all that matters.

standard of living, as in comfort in which the average person lives. NOT some retarded liberal values checklist that passes as a standard of living.

>this fucking chart

"Social progress", LMFAO