Times you were bad to your car

>finally clean out the passenger side seat
>4 garbage bags later
>find a receipt from wendys from 2013 at the bottom

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Guess you cleaned it atleast

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how the hell do people live like this
I wouldn't say I'm pedantic about keeping my car clean but I basically never leave garbage in it

Went too fast down my driveway 5mph) and the beached the bitch.

>Put in new radiator.
>Fill with coolant.
>Bleed air out
>Drive around a bit
>Come home
>Next day got for long drive
>40 miles later
>Realize I forgot to check coolant again
>Park, let cool off
>Open cap
>Fuck that's low on coolant
>Oil leaks have gotten significantly worse
>Afraid I cracked the head
>Still haven't ordered head gasket kit
>Poorfag as fuck
>Can't drive truck 120 miles to visit 21 y/old redneck cutie

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i used to work night shift 9pm-5am years back, i went from having a spotless car to a back seat amassed in McDonalds wrappers. night shift fucks with you

I've been bad to my 2005 cavalier for about 3ish years now

When i first got it (right after high school) i thought i was gonna mod it and make it dope i thought i could outrun mustangs in it and so on
about a year or 2 down the road after a turn of events i ended up with a 96 miata for about a grand 3x the car for a third of the price + girls liked it

From that point on i became the typical cavalier owner not waxing it anymore avoid maitnance for very long periods of time 7kish miles between oil changes i had bad struts for at least a year and a half all sorts of road noise ive been avoiding and all the crackling and rattleing everywere ive avoided by upgrading the speaker system so i dont have to hear it

she deserves better but no one would treat her as nice as i did when i first got her who would ever wax an automatic cavalier ?

>3100 miles oil change interval instead of 3000 miles

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I used to own a 3g eclipse, and with how low it sat and how far out the front bumper was, it scraped on any relatively sharp driveway if I didn't go slowly and at an angle. I really felt bad for the car the first time I looked to see how fucked up the bumper had gotten over the years.

>get car detailed and try to get detailer to clean interior
>"user there isn't much to clean, its already clean."
>do oil changes 500 miles before needed
>check coolant, oil, and transmission levels every week
>the worst thing i did to it was do a small powerslide

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Technically i didnt mistreat it but
>I needed a car when i started college
>distant eccentric aunt donates her jeep wrangler
>2004 2.4 chrysler engine auto trans
>told it runs great
>runs great
>make time to do some regular maintenance
>no coolant
>no brake fluid
>no oil
>no air filter
>call aunt to ask when she had it serviced last
>she doesnt know what "serviced" means, insists it never broke down
>fucking christ

>week 7 of not washing muh car

yes it does...


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giving my car stick. head gasket finally blows...

it rained pretty good last night. gonna count that one as a wash. the clock resets

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>hate car for long time
>has some issues, at a point start making up more reasons to think its garbage - stupid brain blows up every little issue as some mountain
>it stays loyal despite my growing neglect for it
>late oil changes, don't bother with repairs, too much money for what I consider is already garbage
>sounds silly but I start pretty much ending every drive saying "I can't wait to get rid of you you piece of shit"
>Family are assholes, they fill it with trash and I don't give a fuck
>Learn previous owners abused it badly
>Feel bad for it now, realize I was its last shot at a good life and I was being just as bad to it
>Clean it out good, start fixing it up
>Always made assumptions about the noises being the engine being fucked combined with shot suspension
>take it to a shop, want it looked over because clearly there's these big issues
>get call back later on
>all the loud noises all this time was just the heat shielding being comically warped and banging against the engine while I drove, I'm a fucking moron
>feel bad about my shitbox now, never gave a shit about it before
>washed it good, going to restore the headlights and fogs tomorrow, detailed the entire inside, fixed some minor issues now between fixing some leaks and minor electical fuckery
>Probably full of shit, but it feels like its driving better now than it ever has
>I'm actually starting to like my shitbox even if no one else likely ever will give them a second thought

I'm gonna carry you as far as you're willing to go you glorious hunk a junk. Sorry I'm a fucking moron

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>do oil change and fuel filter
>let the oil drain and spill everywere because im getting shaky with age
>jack up the rear
>proceed to replace the fuel filter
> put new filter in
>start up the engine and check for leaks
>let it run for a few minutes while checking for any fuel leaks
>there are no leaks so i shut off the engine
>look at oil pan, see it dripping.
>oh shit
>running the engine with no oil
>forgot i was still draining the engine
>tfw ran the thing with no oil in it for a few minutes
>tfw it still knocks the same

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A true car enthusiast

Worst I've ever intentionally been to my car is not cleaning the salt off right away. I don't trust the midwest weather patterns enough, I feel like it,s gonna snow again and my hard work will be for nothing. Other than that, I guess too much mud in the cab? I have floor mats tho so I just shake them out every once in awhile.

Went up to 4.5k revs when engine wasn't warm yet

I found a wet glove under the drivers seat a week ago. It has likely been there since like November, frozen solid until now

>update milage on car maintenance app
>'oil change overdue by 4900 miles'
Oh. Sorry car.

>going through the drive-thru
>have to make a weird U-Turn to get from the order box to the window
>know there's a speed bump them a pothole
>go through this drive-thru every other day
>drive too far forward
>destroyed my front bumper

>ignored squeaking ujoint until it exploded on the highway and killed my drive shaft
>Once had a dry dipstick, which meant I was about 10qts low
>Every time I try to fix something, something else breaks
>Projects for it take months to do
>Timing was so far off it would barely start, and smoked like a train at idle and I drove it like this for a week


>havent washed it in about 2 months

>once went 8000 miles without changing the oil
>previous owner ran it without oil for an unknown (albeit short) amount of time after the oil drain plug fell out on the highway

Still runs strong

20k miles since the last oil change, add another 6k for since the last filter change
>It's a diesel fight me

It's called a vacuum, ladies.

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when i smashed it up and sent it to the junkyard because i was tired of it


who the fuck holds a fork like that?

Good post
>tfw you will never pay 100 to restore your car to pristine on demand

I always eat my cereal on my way to work.

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>eating cereal for breakfast
>eating cereal for breakfast in your car

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Now only if we did this with our girlfriends. Nah fuck them. Im glad i killed you.

I just forget to clean her. It rains every week where I live so I don't see the purpose

>Im glad i killed you

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